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Grey’s for a Gray Day

To my loyal blog followers (yes, all 2 or 3 of you), I’m sorry that I haven’t written in a while.  I know that this blog is supposed to be about finding the happy and good things in the world, but this past week, I lost my grandmother, and honestly, there’s not much “good” and “happy” that you can find in that.

My friends and family have been awesome, providing food and pictures of baby animals.  However, my mind just kept wandering back to an early episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and even though I knew that the premise of the episode was mainly sad, I still felt the need to watch it.  Once I started watching, I remembered why: Cristina Yang.

For those of you who do not watch Grey’s Anatomy (which my brother calls “The Most Wishy-Washy Show on Television”), let me tell you about Cristina Yang (played expertly by Sandra Oh).  Cristina is a surgeon.  Boom.  That’s it.  She doesn’t want to be a mother, she’s a mediocre wife, and she’s an okay friend, but surgery is all she cares about.  And not only that, she wants to be the BEST at it.

Despite her bloodthirsty hunger to be the world’s greatest surgeon (and world’s greatest heart surgeon at that), Cristina has moments when she says something and I think, “Yep, I totally get that.”

In the first episode of season 3 “Time Has Come Today,” Izzie (Katherine Heigl) is lying on the bathroom floor in a prom dress (long story), mourning the death of her fiance.  Her roommates and friends don’t exactly know what to do about this.  I mean, how do you comfort someone whose fiance died and is dealing with it by lying on the bathroom floor in a prom dress?

So, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) starts making sandwiches and Cristina finally gets a grip on what’s going on with this line: “Yeah, I know what to do when someone dies.  I am a Jew.  I know food and death.  It’s Shivah.”

This is the line that struck me because that’s what was going on in my house.  People were bringing us food, and we comforted ourselves by eating.  Even though my grandmother wasn’t Jewish, we still were in essence sitting Shivah.  We didn’t want to work, we didn’t want to change clothes or sit in comfortable chairs–we just wanted comfort by food.

Now, after this week, I’m going to have to find comfort some other way because carbs are not my friends, but in the meantime, at least I feel like a fictional TV doctor gets what I’m going through.


Just Smile and Nod

I’m not trying to claim that I’m the smartest person in the world.  I’m sure that there are at least two or three people are smarter than I am (I did go to Florida State, the Harvard of Tallahassee).  Regardless, I constantly find it hilarious when people do the Fake Understanding Nod (which we will refer to as FUN from now on).

A FUN is rather easy to spot, if you know the telltale signs.  The first giveaway is the wide eyes.  People who don’t understand what you are talking about will widen their eyes to almost comical proportion.  My guess is that this is to exhibit some sort of amazement with what you are saying, but it comes off more panicky than amazed.

The second sign is the SLOW nod.  And it isn’t just slow–it’s a BIG, defined nod.  Imagine if someone tied a string to your companion’s head, pulled back with a lot of effort until his/her head is almost touching the spine and then sloooooooowly letting go.

Hey, trust me, I don’t always understand what people are talking about.  Boyfriend is a computer programmer, and he constantly uses terms that I don’t understand, but I’ve learned to own up to it and say things like, “Wait, JAVA isn’t just about coffee?”

But look out for the FUN–if nothing else, it’ll give you a boost of feeling super smart, even if it’s only for a second.


Don’t Judge Me–It Works

In a previous post, I wrote about my labradoodledoo Linus.  Despite having gone through obedience lessons when he was a young pup, Linus has decided that since he is substantially larger now, the same rules don’t apply to him.  Since the weather has improved, one of the commands that Linus has chosen to ignore is “Come!”  This is especially an issue when I have to leave the house, yet he is still frolicking in the backyard.

My go-to solution with my shih tzu Emmy used to be that I would ask her, “Emmy, do you want to go see Grandmommy?” At the sound of my mother’s title, Emmy would race towards me, ready to get in the car and head to my mother’s house.  When I tried that with Linus, he basically did the dog version of shrugging his shoulders as if to say, “Meh, I see her all the time.”  In recent months, I’ve been able to get both dogs to listen to me if I simply mentioned the arrival of Boyfriend, but the dogs have gotten wise to that, too.  Unless they can physically see a tall, bearded man, they aren’t falling for it.

This brings me to Monday.  Boyfriend and I were going to dinner, but Linus as in complete prance mode in the backyard.

Me: Linus!  Come here!  Come inside!
Linus: *wags tail and then returns to running around with a large stick*

Me: Linus!  Guess who’s here?!  Come and see!
Linus: *sees no bearded man, wags tail and then returns to running around with a large stick*

Now, since Linus is ridiculously fast on his four long legs, there’s no way that I could simply catch up and bring him inside.  Sighing, I looked and my phone and then thought, “Aha!  I’ve got it!”

Leaving the back door open, I walked to the front of the house and opened my YouTube app.  I searched for “barking dogs” and then started a video of a loud barking puppy.  Hearing this, Linus stopped running, dropped the stick and then booked it to the front of the house, searching for the puppy.  As he searched, I ran to the back door and shut it, trapping the dog in the house.  When I returned to the front of the house, Linus was giving my phone a puzzled look.  I imagine he was thinking, “Um, can someone get the puppy out of the phone so we can run around like crazies?”

Is this trickery?  Yes.  Did it work?  HECK YES.  And therefore, I like it 🙂


Lovin’ Lily Aldrin

Warning: if you are a reader of this blog, you will find that I will constantly reference How I Met Your Mother, otherwise known as the television show that all others should strive to become.  When the show ended a few weeks ago, I considered tracking down both the CBS executives and the writers of this hit television show and begging on bended knee for them to give me just one more season.  No, two seasons.  Okay, three because seriously one season with The Mother just wasn’t enough.

But I digress.  Today I am writing about Lily Aldrin, played by the adorably hilarious Alyson Hannigan.  If you were a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, then you will recognize Alyson as Willow, Buffy’s sidekick who was really into witchcraft and werewolves.  For you American Pie fans, you will recognize Alyson as the girl who…you know, I’m going to stop because I’d like to keep this as PG as possible.

Anyway, last night, Boyfriend and I were watching a episode of HIMYM (I’m watching the series with him because it’s a damn shame that he hadn’t learned to love the show before he met me) in which Lily meets her stripper doppelganger, Jasmine.  As I watched Lily gleefully revel in the fact that her doppelganger is a stripper and spout off an insanely detailed amount of knowledge about exotic dancing and strip clubs, I realized that she deserved the highest honor bestowed by me: a top 5 list of reasons why she’s awesome.  So here it is:

Top 5 Reasons Why Lily Aldrin is Awesome

1. Lily full-on admits to taking naps when her kindergarten students take naps.  In addition, when naptime was taking away from the kindergartners, Lily also went to cranky naptime withdrawal.

2. Lily’s crush on Robin.  In the episode we watched last night, Lily describes Robin as a “guest star in some confusing dreams that remind me that a woman’s sexuality is a moving target.” And seriously, just watch Lily’s face when she finally gets to kiss Robin:

3. She’s an artist, but an artist that primarily caters to veterinarians.  In season 3, a veterinarian digs one of Lily’s paintings out of the trash, puts it in one of the exam rooms, and all of the dogs become fascinated by her artwork.  Birds, however, would rather fly into windows than admire her paintings.
4. Two words: Aldrin Justice.  When Lily feels as though someone is being treated poorly, she defends the victim by punishing the wrongdoer.  Technically, the wrongdoer doesn’t always know that she is punishing him, but that’s besides the point.  When someone at the Gap was rude to Robin, Lily stole a pair of khakis and gave them to Ted for his birthday.  She doesn’t like to think of them as “stolen khakis,” but instead refers to them as “justice khakis.”
5. Because she was part of this conversation–
Marshall: If I could nail any celebrity, it would be Lily because she’s the star of my heart.
Lily: Awww…mine would be Hugh Jackman!
But you know…who could blame her?


Boy Meets World is the Best in the World

People tend to wax nostalgic about the shows from their youth.  My friends and I will talk about Punky Brewster, Clarissa Explains It All, My Little Pony, and Full House.  The difference between those shows and the glory that is Boy Meets World is that I could not stomach watching any of those other shows at my current age, but if a Boy Meets World episode is on, I will stop my life in order to watch it.  As in “Sorry, pal, I know that you need a ride to the hospital, but Shawn is trying to prove to Angela’s father that he loves her, so…..”  Okay, it’s not that serious, but let me explain why this show is so timeless and entertaining.

From the early episodes, Corey Matthews (played by Ben Savage) is just adorably awkward.  The curly-haired junior high school student and his best friend Shawn Hunter (played by Rider Strong) are trying to maneuver the halls on their way to popularity (or at least survival from the school bullies and their principal Mr. Feeny, the amazing William Daniels).

funny boy meets world quotes | have failed you | Random Overload

Speaking of Mr. Feeny, he is the moral and intellectual compass in the lives of these teenagers.  He becomes more than a teacher to them–he becomes like a parent to them.

Boy Meets World, Goodbyes to Mr. Feeny -- aka "how to make me an emotional wreck in 2 seconds"

But he also had to put up with QUITE a bit from them:

"Detention, Mr. Matthews."

Corey and Topanga are possibly the greatest love story ever told.  Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but a couple that falls in love in junior high (although sometimes the show makes it seem like it was earlier) and sticks together through the hard times is incredibly admirable.  When Topanga’s parents move the family to Pittsburgh, Topanga catches a bus in the rain to return to Corey.

You know ur a 90s kid when u remember Cory and Tapanga in Boy Meets World. THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER TOLD. Visit our online store here

And the way Corey talks toTopanga–I mean, go ahead and swoon along with me.

Boy Meets World-Wedding Vows.. Future husband: you may use these exact words and I won't be mad :)

Corey and Shawn also have a very J.D. and Turk-esque relationship on the show, i.e. they’re practically married.  I love a good bromance.

Corey and Shawn. The real best friends anyone could have.

And while there are other characters and other reasons why this show is wonderful, you can’t top Eric Matthews because…well here:

And the absolute best best best Eric moment of all time:

So go home, find Boy Meets World on somewhere and watch the heck out of it.  Or go to YouTube and spend hours watching the best clips.  Either way, your day will be infinitely better.


They WANT You to Take the Rolls!

Okay, restaurants, let’s have a talk.

The best part about going to eat at a sit-down restaurant is the rolls.  Seriously.  Sure, the other food is good, but every meal is better if there are rolls as an appetizer.  Rolls, biscuits, bread–they all work, but a pre-meal carbohydrate is just delightful.

Have you been to Bertucci’s?  If not, get in your car, sit at a table (knock people out of the way if necessary), and then place an order.  Don’t worry about your main course–whether you like it or not, you will LOVE the rolls.  Several years ago, my parents threw a Christmas party and thought getting rolls from Bertucci’s would be a nice touch.  I swear on my collection of Friends DVDs that one of my friends ate twenty rolls. TWENTY.  But there was no judgment…well, there was a little judgment, but then another one of our friends showed up with a shaved head and looked like a space monkey, so then excessive roll consumption was quickly forgotten.

So, restaurants, if you don’t have rolls, add them to your table.  Even if you’re a Chinese restaurant, trust me–people will thank you.  Just look at the wait at Bertucci’s on a weekend night.

And bring a big bag because as Corey Matthews will tell you, they want you to take the rolls.


Sometimes Mice Are Romantic

I admit it–I’m a hopeless romantic.  I get mushy and gushy and melt when I hear romantic stories. When many people think “romantic,” they think about The Notebook or William Shakespeare, but seriously, no one gets romance like cartoon characters.  Think about it: Belle and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip, Ariel and Prince Eric!  But the other night, I had a romantic blast from the animated past!

Last weekend, Boyfriend went camping.  P.S. I’m taking a page out of the Gilmore Girls book by calling my boyfriend “Boyfriend” to protect his privacy, even though he knows that I would never say anything that would be offensive or embarrassing (but maybe a little mushy lol).  I hope that our relationship works out MUCH better than that of Lucy and Marty on Gilmore Girls, but we need not go down that road (I was always more of a Logan fan anyway, but that’s for another blog post).

Anyway, Boyfriend and his friends went camping last weekend.  They were going to be gone for 4 days, and I was a little sad, knowing that it would be several days before I would get to see him.  In addition, with him in the wilderness, I wasn’t sure how often I would hear from him because the reception in the depths of West Virginia is spotty.

On Thursday night, I was lying in bed and looking out the window.  The sky was so clear, and I gazed at the twinkling stars.  I immediately thought of the classic animated feature An American Tail and the song, “Somewhere Out There.”  In the song, a cute little mouse is thinking about his girlfriend and sings, “And even though I know how very far apart we are, it’s nice to think we might be wishing on the same bright star.”

As I thought of this, I texted Boyfriend, telling him that I was looking at the stars and thinking of him.  I didn’t expect a reply, figuring that he was busy or didn’t have service.  Almost immediately, he wrote back and said that he was looking at the stars, too!  I must admit, my mushy self got a little teary-eyed.

Here’s the song–try not to cry.  I double dare you.