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And THAT’s How You Protect Castle Black!

Game of Thrones is amazing.  There is rarely a “bad episode,” although this past week’s episode “The Watchers on the Wall” was not my favorite.  Oh wait, hold on, I almost forgot:


Okay, back to the blog post.  So anyway, almost the entire episode (except for a short moment when Ygritte and creepy guy whose name I can’t remember were talking) took place at Castle Black, where the Night’s Watch members were getting ready to defend themselves from Mance and the Wildlings. Jon Snow was all kinds of brave and gorgeous, Sam finally manned up and kissed Gilly, and they finally let Ghost out of his cage–but still I was underwhelmed, since almost the whole episode dealt with the battle.  I’m not super girly, but enough with the fighting already!  And they just had to throw in one more “You know nothing, Jon Snow”–good grief, Ygritte.

But just when I was about to declare the episode as completely “meh,” Jon Snow told the men on the wall to “drop the scythes” when necessary.  I seriously thought that this meant that each member of the Night’s Watch would actually drop a curved sword over the wall.  It didn’t seem very effective or exciting, until Snow’s replacement yelled, “DROP THE SCYTHE, BOYS!”

And then this happens (BEWARE: GRAPHIC NATURE AHEAD):

As I watched this, my jaw dropped.  That may be the most incredible way to defeat opponents that I have ever seen!  My mind then wandered to wondering how they would replace/reload the scythe, but I try not to think about it too much because the magic of Games of Thrones (including its weaponry) never ceases to amaze me.


The Big Reveal!

When I was a kid, I was completely amazed by my grandfather’s ability to predict whether my soon-to-be born cousins would be boys or girls.  While the rest of us would wait in anticipation to find out whether or not he was right, he was calm and collected, just knowing the future baby’s gender.  And dang it, he was right every time!

I thought of this recently with the emergence of bigger and more creative ways that parents-to-be are revealing the gender of their babies.  I thought that these Gender Reveals would take away from the excitement of finding out the gender, but if it’s done right, then the parents invoke just as much anticipation as they would if they waited until the baby’s birth!

The first occurence of a Gender Reveal that I witnessed came several years ago when I was on vacation in Hawaii.  I was staying with some friends, and one of my friends opened his email to see a picture of pink balloons.  To be fair, this is also how he found out that his sister was pregnant, but hey, it was a Gender and Pregnancy Reveal in one!

Kevin and Danielle Jonas recently gave birth to their daughter Alena, but several months the pregnancy, the future parents announced that they would be doing a Gender Reveal online.  To be honest, I’m not a huge Jonas Brothers fan, so I didn’t tune in live, but I did watch the Reveal later and I must admit, it was pretty cute (you can skip to 4:00):

Around the same time as the Jonas Gender Reveal, one of my best friends thought of a really creative way to let people know the gender of her baby.  I didn’t really need a big reveal, since I was 99.9% sure that the baby was a girl.  She had scratch-off cards made, and once you scratched the ticket, then you found out the gender of the baby.  Turns out, I was wrong and her baby boy was born in November.  Her announcement didn’t look like this, but click here for an idea.
Currently, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to hear whether Danni Starr (one of the hosts of The Kane Show) and her husband DJ Bigg Slim are about to have another girl or their first boy.  All week, Danni has been posting pictures from her Gender Reveal photo shoot, and I just can’t WAIT to find out tonight!   Click here for one of my favorites from their photo shoot.
I’m sure that my own little one is a couple years away, so that gives me time to have Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake rap my baby’s gender on The Tonight Show.

Salad Chop!

Bart Simpson once spoke the eloquent words “You don’t make friends with salad.”  In the past, I would have agreed because seriously WHY would you have salad when there’s pizza in this world?

All this changed about a year ago in the Big Apple (nickname of the city is in no relation to the salad).
My mom was being given an award at the Waldorf Astoria (yep, we felt like the Mayors of Swankytown that day), but the award was being given at the end of the day, after many conferences of which I had no interest.  So I strolled around Manhattan, only getting lost once or twice (stupid phone battery died on me), and when I made it back to the hotel, my mom and one of our friends were going on and on about this amazing salad.
Me: Seriously?  Salad?  You’re in New York City.  There are a zillion different options here, and you went for SALAD?!
Apparently, I didn’t understand the miraculous nature of this salad. Mom promised that the next time we were in the city, she would get me one.  I was not overly excited at this thought, but I just agreed and let it float out of my mind.
Eleven months later, Mom and I were back in NYC on our yearly trip to see all of the Christmas wonder that New York has to offer.  This day in particular was less than magical, as it was freezing and pouring down rain.  Ever the over-planner, I had made an itinerary, and I had dutifully planned a trip to get a chopped salad.  Sopping wet, Mom and I entered Just Salad, a place where they chopped their salads, and we each ordered one.  I ordered soup, too, because I was frozen to the bone and figured that this salad would not fill me up for an afternoon of continuous walking.
Mom was right.  This salad was delicious.
Here’s the trick, Restaurant Owners: chop your salads!  If you have fresh ingredients and you can taste each of those ingredients in every bite, then your customers will delight in the healthy and happy deliciousness of your salads.
I write about this today because after months of sadness surrounding the fact that the closest chopped salad-oriented restaurant is an hour away, I finally found a restaurant that makes made to order chopped salads right near my work!  Au Bon Pain, you French genius!!!  Thank you for supplying not only delicious sandwiches and desserts, but you have brought salad happiness back into my life!