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D is for Dead Poets Society

On my phone, I have the E! app.  Yes, I’m a pop culture news fan, but the main reason that I keep this app is for the push notifications because E! uses the term “Breaking News” very loosely.

Until Monday.

I was just returning from a walk with the doodle on Monday when my phone buzzed.  I looked at that E! notification and gasped.  “Robin Williams Dead at 63.”

Since this announcement, there have been many tributes to the great comedian. People have talked about his work in countless movies, but I was most affected by him when I first saw Dead Poets Society.

Dead Poets Society takes place at an all-boys school, and it focuses on a specific English class, led by the impeccable Robin Williams as Professor John Keating.
Through his unconventional teaching methods, Professor Keating not only taught the boys to love the written word but also to love life. With his encouragement, the boys were brave enough to act in plays, talk to girls, and speak in front of the class. He taught them the phrase “Carpe Diem” and insisted that each of the boys “Seize the Day!”
Another very cool thing about the movie is that it stars many current celebrities before they were household names.  Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson from House) is one of the main characters and Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles (most recently recognized from The Good Wife) play secondary (yet very important) characters.
I don’t want to give away the ending, but I will say this: if any of my students ever appreciated me in the way that Keating’s students appreciated him, then I would feel so blessed.  I am so sad to say goodbye to Robin Williams this week, but I also want to thank him for being a part of a film that touched my soul.
RIP Robin Williams.  And thank you.


C is for Capybara

And now I will start yet another blog entry with a story from Trivia Night.  On the same night that I showed my extreme knowledge of Neil Patrick Harris, there was a question regarding a football stadium and the largest rodent in North America.  I excitedly exclaimed (well, whisper exclaimed since I didn’t want others to hear the answer), “CAPYBARA!”  Unfortunately, the answer was wrong, but everything about the adorable capybaras is so right.

While capybaras aren’t the largest rodents in North America, there are the largest rodents in the world.  Typically, when I think of rodents, I think of infestations of rats.  I used to live in Baltimore City, and I would have been thrilled to have an infestation of capybaras!

The Rocky Ridge Refuge (a non-profit animal rescue in Arkansas) melted my heart recently when they announced that they had two capybaras at their facility named Cheesecake and Cobbler (cue melting heart and squeal at the names alone!).  I already am a huge fan of RRR because their animals live happily together, despite being different species.  But when I see the capybaras thrown into the mix…I mean, just look at these pics from their Facebook page.

Seriously–cutest rodents ever 😉


B is for Barney Stinson

If there is one weekly activity that I do everything in my power not to miss, it’s Trivia Night.  I’m on a team with my boyfriend’s family, and it’s ridiculously fun…not only because I’m ridiculously competitive.

However, today’s blog is not about Trivia Night–it’s about the topic of a question from Trivia Night.  Because I have a plethora of useless celebrity and pop culture knowledge, my boyfriend’s brother asked if we would join him at his other Trivia Night.  One of the questions started with the words “Neil Patrick Harris” and I held out my hand for the answer sheet.  My boyfriend’s brother looked skeptical, but come on–it’s NPH.  I know my NPH.  The question ended up being about Doogie Howser (still knew the answer, by the way), but I most fondly think of NPH as the lecherously adorable Barney Stinson.

Barney Stinson is one of the main characters from one of my favorite shows How I Met Your Mother.  A steadfast bachelor and ladies man, Barney uses tricks from his Playbook in order to coerce women into going home with him.  Yes, it sounds deceitful and disgusting (and it is a little bit), but throughout the series, we learn that Barney does have the capability of being in a committed relationship and that his humor surpasses the ickiness.

Here are my Top 5 Barney Moments:

5. Practice Makes Perfect

In season 2, Barney earns a spot on The Price is Right so that he can meet his biological father, Bob Barker.  You see, when asked by her son who his real father is, Barney’s mother just glanced at the television and said, “I don’t know…that guy” and pointed to Bob Barker.  For years, Barney chose to believe this lie and practiced learning the prices of things so that he might one day succeed if he were to get on the show.

Now, if you’ve seen The Price is Right, you know that one of the contestant’s crowning moment is the run from his seat to his place on Contestant’s Row.  Normal people are just excited and show sincere emotion in being chosen.  Then there’s Barney.

Click here and you’ll see what I mean.

4. Everyone Loves a Christmas Carol…Except Ted

The writers of How I Met Your Mother realized that Broadway veteran NPH has a beautiful singing voice and so they gave him countless opportunities to sing on the show.  One of my favorites is when Barney decides to sing Christmas carols. Inappropriate Christmas carols. About Ted’s sister.

3. The 3-Day Rule

As someone who has dated around (understatement of the century), Barney is a big believer is what works when trying to keep a woman’s interest and therefore is a huge proponent of the 3-Day Rule.  For those of you who didn’t see Swingers, the 3-Day Rule is that a man or woman should wait 3 days after a date before calling someone.  Like I stated in the last sentence, I believe that the 3-Day Rule became popular after the release of the Jon Favreau movie Swingers, but Barney believes that it comes from a much more famous person.

And you’re welcome for that knowledge about the inventor of the high five, too.

2. Grab Some Tissues…Just Do It

Womanizer Barney does not seem as though he would be the ideal parent.  In the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, however, Barney’s sexual escapades catch up with him, and he gets a woman pregnant.  He’s horrified and is praying that his partner was mistaken when it came to the baby’s paternity.  But then he meets his daughter and…I’m sorry, I just can’t.  Just watch.

1. How I Knew Barney and I Had Something in Common

I’m quite the goody two shoes, so if I tried to find something that Barney and I had in common, it would be nearly impossible.  However, in the episode where Marshall and Lily have their first baby, Barney’s day is made in a fashion that would have brought me a similar amount of joy.