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Let the Sunscreen In!

You know those gorgeous tan girls you see lounging by the pool in the summer?  Yeah, well, typically I’m the one next to them either hiding under a huge hat or wincing as I’m completely burned to a crisp.  I have tried sunscreen after sunscreen and they either don’t work or make my already sensitive skin break out.

Luckily, I found OZ Naturals Anti-Aging Solar Shield!

OZ Naturals’ sunscreen feels light on my skin, not at all oily like some other sunscreens.  Also, as I’m not exactly getting any younger, I want a sunscreen that won’t cause wrinkles.  OZ Naturals looks out for me in that respect, too!

So this summer, if you’re going to be spending a great deal of time in the sun, OZ Naturals is the way to go.

I received this product in exchange for an honest review.


Do It for Baltimore

When I was in high school, my family moved to Baltimore from Montgomery County in Maryland.  At my going away party, one of my friends asked, “Aren’t you scared?”

I was reminded about this moment last night.  Anyone who watched the news and saw the looting, arson and destruction that ran rampant throughout the city would have thought that Baltimore is a very scary city.  One of my friends who is on vacation watched as her place of business erupted into flames.  The National Guard is standing on a corner just blocks away from my last workplace.  Who would feel safe in a city that is forced to be under a curfew to prevent senseless burglaries and violence?

At times like this, I am doing my best to remember the parts of Baltimore that are far from scary:

  • Watching a stunning performance in the elegant Hippodrome Theatre
  • Having Sunday brunch in Federal Hill 
  • Walking along the Inner Harbor
  • Grabbing a late-night slice of pizza in Fells Point
  • Sitting in the Splash Zone at the National Aquarium 
  • Admiring the history of the Johns Hopkins University campus
  • Cheering on the Ravens and the Orioles
  • Crabs and Natty Boh–truly Baltimore in every sense
The most beautiful thing about Baltimore right now is those who are taking back their neighborhoods–not with violence, but with peace.  Many of my friends are out on the streets today, helping to clean up and offering food and water to those who are keeping city residents safe.  Local community centers and churches are offering food to those children who are missing meals since schools are closed.  This is the Baltimore that I have grown up with–the Baltimore that I want to see.
One of my closest friends introduced me to the All Time Low song “For Baltimore,” and the lyrics for the song beautifully explain why the violence and chaos needs to stop and why those who can help those affected should start assisting now:
“Just do it for the memories–do it for Baltimore.”

Some Wisdom From Kimmy Schmidt That Really Helps

In past blog posts, I have mentioned the amazingness of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt starring the glorious Ellie Kemper.

Image via
The show is very funny, but in one of the episodes, Kimmy said something that truly spoke to my heart.  In the second episode, “Kimmy Gets a Job,” the viewers see a glimpse into Kimmy’s life in the bunker, where she and the other women were forced to turn a crank (which seemed to have no purpose).  Kimmy never seemed to tire of turning the crank because she just took it ten seconds at at time.  Throughout that episode, Kimmy gives out that helpful tip: “You can stand anything for ten seconds.  Then you can start the next ten seconds.”
Image via
As I dole out my UKS episodes by only watching them while running on a treadmill at the gym, I first applied this advice to running.  So at times when I’m just exhausted and think I can’t run anymore, I try counting to ten.  9 times out of 10, I’m able to continue running.  I mean, every once in a while I have a horrible cramp in my side, and then I have to stop and stretch it out, but USUALLY waiting ten seconds will do the trick.
It’s not just about fitness though.  This week has brought some challenges, and while I’m not a person who flies off the handle, I will get so angry that I feel like my insides are turning into bubbling lava.  My inner Kimmy Schmidt told me to give it ten seconds…and then another ten….  By the time about 30 seconds has gone by, things typically seemed a little better and allowed me to go along with my day without developing some sort of head explosion.
So from Kimmy and me, here’s a little advice: give yourself ten seconds when things get rough.  
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Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 2 Catch-Up!

Alright folks, you’ve had enough time to catch your DVR-ed episode of Game of Thrones so are you ready to catch up??

Because of his special guest appearance at the end of the episode, this week’s recap acrostic will be to “Drogon”

D is for Disguise

Arya makes it to across the Narrow Sea!  She even gets a gondola ride to a rather impressive looking building.  She knocks, says the magic “Valar morghulis” and asks for Jaqen H’ghar.  The elderly man who answers the door says, “No Jaqen here” and slams the door in her face.

Image via

Arya decides to spend some time ratting off her kill list as she sits on the steps of the building and finally goes off in search of some food (who’s up for pigeon?).  She sees the elderly man again, follows him home and with a flick of the wrist (and some well-timed camera work), we see that it IS Jaqen H’ghar.  C’mon writers, give Arya a break.

R is for Ruh-Roh

The Khaleesi’s week has not been great.  Since Jorah Mormont left, she has been struggling with being the “Mhysa.”  Sure, Daario has some great ideas (and a great body), but with gold-masked men killing the Unsullied and then her “loyal” subjects killing prisoners in her honor, Daenerys is just plumb confused.  And frankly, having one of her subjects murdered in front of all of the former slaves and instigating a riot didn’t help matters.

Luckily for the Khaleesi, the prodigal dragon son returned, if only for a brief visit, and we could see how much sweeter a dragon is when he’s not locked up in a dark vault.

O is for Oberyn’s Family

Yup, they’re mad.  Even though Oberyn was killed in a “fair” battle, his former love Ellaria Sand still blames the Lannisters for his death (via head explosion, in case you forgot).  Prince Doran (Oberyn’s wheelchair-bound brother) is forced to listen to Ellaria’s ranting regarding his son being betrothed to the visiting Princess Myrcella, but despite all of her fuss, Doran isn’t going to kill an innocent girl just because her mother is horrible and Oberyn is dead.

G is for Getting the Win

We were all getting tired of hearing how Jon Snow knows nothing, but apparently he knows how to choose friends.  It’s time to elect a new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, and the only two being considered are two older guys (one of whom is relatively evil and cowardly).  Just when the crows are about to vote, Samwell steps up and nominates Jon Snow.  And the whole world wants to wrap Samwell in a giant hug when we see Jon Snow win and smile for the first time in, um, well maybe ever.

(no smiles here)
O is for Oh there you are!

Remember Bronn, Tyrion’s ole sidekick?  Totally forgot about him?  Yup, me too!
Image via
Well, Bronn is back to help Jamie Lannister save Myrcella from Oberyn’s family.  Sure, the Lannisters already gave Bronn an okay-looking girl and some land, but Jamie (who looked especially handsome this week) promised him a hotter girl with better land.  Welp, Bronn couldn’t turn that one down.
N is for No Thanks

Poor Brienne.  She told Catlyn Stark that she would protect her daughters.  Arya turned her down, so that left Sansa, who would SURELY take the protection since she was a scared and overwhelmed girl when Brienne last saw her.  Well, now that she’s all dark and twisty (thanks for the phrase, Meredith Grey), Sansa is going to let Littlefinger speak for her and continue to make the rest of us shake our heads in worry as she turns away Brienne’s protection.
Image via
Thoughts on this week’s episode?  Anyone else want a pet dragon?

Weekending: Less than 1 Week Til 5K Edition

Guys, get ready.  I’m serious.  My 5K is in less than one week!!!

Next Monday’s post will most certainly mention the 5K, but now for this weekend’s update.

Friday night started the weekend off right with the Food Truck Rally at the Baltimore Museum of Industry!  Boyfriend and I met up with some of our friends and chowed down in a not-so-healthy but oh-so-delicious way.  The lines were really really REALLY long, but we managed to hit up two of the many food trucks.  We went to the truck for the Crusin’ Cafe where I got the Crabby Patty (a burger with crab dip on top).  Sooooooo yummy.  Since it was a warm pre-summer night, I thought that ice cream was definitely in order, so I got a gummi bear sundae.  My brain was silently judging my lack of sticking to my diet, but come on–it was food truck night!

On Saturday, I started my day by attending the Bridal Shower of the beautiful Macy (blogger extraordinaire from To Travel and Beyond).  I’ve known Macy for over 10 years, so it was really touching to see her get excited and prepared to become a wife.  The decorations for the shower were gorgeous, but I don’t want to step on her toes since I’m sure she will write about it in her blog, so I’ll just show this one picture of my favorite simple touch.  There were bottles on the tables with pictures of Macy and Dave in them, and this was my favorite:

After the shower, I met up with my bff from college Leslie and her little boy at the Robinson Nature Center in Columbia, Maryland.

Image via

Luckily, Leslie convinced me to change out of my heels from the shower because the trails were a little more off-roady than I expected.  Still, it was great to catch up and see her little guy grow.

Sunday was about sleeping in, running and then chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool (but not shootin any bballs outside of the school teeheehee).  I wanted to get some quilting in, but after the busy schedules on Friday and Saturday, I was just too beat to do anything requiring fine motor skills.  I feel like there was something else…oh, of course, GAME OF THRONES!!! (more on that later this week).

How was YOUR weekend?

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I’d Like to Thank the Academy…

So not only did one of my favorite people Macy (author of the blog To Travel and Beyond) include me in her incredibly lovely bridal shower today, but she also nominated me for an award!!!

I love being a part of the wonderful blogging world, but to be recognized as one of the sisterhood is just amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course, winning this award comes with some rules, so here we go:

1. Thank your nominator.
2. Post the logo/button somewhere in your post.
3. Answer the questions you were asked.
4. Come up with questions of your own.
5. Nominate other bloggers and have them answer your questions.

So here are my questions from Macy:
1. What is your favorite season?

I would have to say spring.  Flowers blooming, weather warming up, and saying good-bye to the bitter cold of winter!

2.  If you could have any job, what would you want to do?

I would be an actress on Broadway, singing and dancing to showtunes every night!

3.  If you could own a house anywhere in the world, where would you pick?

Oooohhhh…I would have to say a small beachside town in California.  Somewhere that’s warm all year, near the water but also quiet.

4. What is your favorite food?

Pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza!!!

5.  If you could have any animal in the world, what would you choose?

Red panda!!  I would snuggle the heck out of one of those little guys!
And now to share in the joy, I would like to nominate some of my blogger friends to join in the fun.  I nominate Kay from The Kay Times, Brittany from A Healthy Slice of Life and Kylie from Counselor with a Cape, and here are the questions for you: 
1. If you could spend the weekend rewatching of your favorite shows, which would it be?
2. If there was a private jet waiting for you, where would you visit?
3. What is one thing that you would like to accomplish in the next 6 months?
4. What is your favorite item in your closet?
5. If given the opportunity to meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

Happy weekend everyone!

What I Can’t Live Without This Week: Almost 5K Edition

Guess what folks?  It’s just over a week until my first 5K race!!

Image via
With the race coming up faster than a speeding bullet (yikes!), there have been a few things that I have DEFINITELY needed this week in order to prepare:
My iPhone 6

Image via

Last week, I was without my phone for about 12 hours.  TWELVE.  HOURS.  It was awful, and I felt like I had lost an arm.  I know, I know, it’s a complete first world problem, but considering my running playlist, my 5K trainer and my Map My Run app are all on my phone, it would have made my running experience feel much more difficult (and MUCH longer) without it.  Plus, come on, you know you missed texting me during those 12 hours ๐Ÿ˜‰
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Theme Song

It’s a really short song, but the autotuned news broadcast about the fictional Kimmy Schmidt really puts a pep in my step.  How could I not run faster when I hear the words “Females are strong as hell”?
“Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon

Video via

One of my running mentors is my friend Aileen.  She is also a huge fan of this song (and the above dance routine to the song), so I made sure to put it on my running playlist.  Whenever the song comes on, I find myself speeding up because it’s almost like DJ Snake and Lil Jon infused Aileen shouting, “Run faster!!!” into the mix.
Eos Lip Balm

Image via
Only incredibly fair-skinned gals like myself get their lips sunburned when it’s barely spring.  Regardless, over the weekend, as I was running, my lips got sunburned and chapped.  Luckily, I had been given an Eos Lip Balm ball which has saved my sanity (and my lips) this week.  They really work, and it doesn’t hurt that they smell and taste good, too!  
What have you been enjoying this week?

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Let It “Fall” By the Wayside

This blog is called Oh Hey! I Like That! for a reason.  I only want to write about things that I like and steer clear of the negative.  Because of this, as a Blogging for Books reviewer, I do my best to choose books that I think I’ll enjoy.  Unfortunately, I missed the mark on this one.

Michael Christie’s If I Fall, If I Die is about a young boy named Will who lives alone in a house with his mother.  I mention “in a house” because for years, he never went out of his house to “Outside.”  In a possible attempt to make her son feel as though he is not missing out on the world, Will and his mother refer to different areas of the house by different areas of the globe (Paris, Cairo, etc.).  I thought this was weird, but then I assumed that maybe Will had some sort of illness that would keep him inside.  Nope.  Nothing like that.
The character of Will reminds me of the young boy from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, a character who seems way too adult for his years and makes me very uncomfortable.  Will makes me uncomfortable, too, and the way his thought process switches from youthful to awkwardly adult made me uneasy.
In truth, I could not even finish the book because I just could not enjoy it.  If you happen to give it a read and end up liking it, let me know!
I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

Still in Awe

For regular readers of my blog, you know about my intense love of books.  This all came from my grandmother, who brought me to the library weekly (and sometimes daily) when I was young and encouraged me to read enough to win awards and many many Book-It pizzas.  Because my grandmother was always reading, listening to the news and killin’ it when watching Jeopardy, it really hurt my heart when she began to develop dementia soon after I graduated from college.

For the years following her initial diagnosis until the day a few years ago when she peacefully died in her sleep, my grandmother lived with my mom and stepdad, who found her the best nurses and treated her like she was a queen.  I sat with her and sang old Broadway standards, but I always wondered what it must feel like to be in her head.  It wasn’t until I recently read Lisa Genova’s Still Alice that I had any idea (side note: my grandmother’s name was also Alice).
Still Alice is the story of Harvard professor Alice Howland’s struggle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.  This disease is horribly painful for anyone, but especially someone whose life is full of lectures, traveling and academic advising.  At first, Alice thinks she’s becoming forgetful due to menopause, but once she becomes disoriented only blocks from her house, she knows that it’s something more.
What is so compelling about this book is that Genova puts you in Alice’s mind.  For example, after meeting a colleague’s wife at a party, Alice forgets who she is a few minutes later and considers introducing herself to the “woman in the red dress,” who is the person she has just met.  I finally felt like I had a little more of an idea of how my grandmother, my Alice, must have felt as her memory slowly slipped away.
Have you read this book?  Or have you read a book that had such a profound meaning to you?

Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 1 Catch-Up!

Oh heyyyyy everyone!  Did you hear?  Game of Thrones is back!!!

Image via

So, I’m going to attempt to use an acrostic each week in order to discuss the episodes (we’ll see how creative I can be for two and a half months).  This week’s acrostic will be for the name CERSEI, since the first character we encountered in season 5 is mini Cersei (btw, spot on casting pic for young Cersei).

C is for Charred

As in, the Khaleesi was almost charred when she went to visit the two remaining dragons that she locked up last season.  I definitely cried in Season 4 when she put them away, but maybe she just should have visited every once in a while?  Queen Daenerys better find a dragon trainer and find that 3rd dragon.

Image via
E is for Elaborate

King’s Landing sure is keeping up with the Joneses when it comes to decor.  The headboard is Sir Loras’ room is elaborate and gorgeous.  I can’t safely show a picture of it, as there were naked folks on the bed in front of it, but trust me, it was really pretty and I wonder if I could get one for my room…
R is for R.I.P.

It was not a good week for staying alive on the ole GoT.  The episode started off with Tywin’s funeral, including the creepy stones with eyes painted on them.
Image via
Next, one of the Khaleesi’s Unsullied was murdered by a man in a gold mask while being sung to in a brothel (you can’t make this stuff up).  
And finally, Mance Rayder, the leader of the Wildlings was set aflame by the scariest character on the show (in my opinion), Melisandre.
Image via
S is for Sloshed

After being “sloshed” across the sea in a small wooden crate, Tyrion Lannister’s first out-of-the-box idea upon reaching land is to, well, get sloshed.
Image via
E is for Enough!

Enough already, Gilly!  Sam does everything for you–STOP COMPLAINING!
I is for Ick

Littlefinger, seriously, leave Sansa alone.  She isn’t Catlyn, and it’s going to be REALLY awkward when you accidentally call her by her mother’s name someday.
All in all, I liked the first week’s episode, and it definitely opened up some speculation about the rest of the season.  What did you think?