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Saving Grace for Those Who are Gluten-Free!

I feel like I’ve mentioned this recently, so if I have, then please excuse the repeat, but when I had first graduated from college, my uncle and his family came to live with us while he battled Non-Hodgkins lymphoma.  One of the side effects of the cancer was a development of Celiac disease, which caused my uncle (and, well, those of us who could give up the bread) to eat gluten-free.  Back then, there were not many options for those who had to eat gluten-free.  In fact, my uncle tried to make a gluten-free pizza and, well, as a person who will eat almost ANY pizza, even I was out after half a slice.

Today is the birthday of one of my closest friends who also happens to suffer from Celiac disease and must eat gluten-free.  When we worked together, I would make her gluten-free treats, such as cupcakes and muffins, but since we threw her a surprise birthday dinner last night, I knew that I wouldn’t have time to make her a gluten-free breakfast for this morning.  That’s where Sweet 27 saved the day!

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First, I wanted to find a bakery that sold gluten-free items.  That was difficult enough without a special order, and it was even more difficult to find one that would be open when I was available to pick up the treats.  Sweet 27 told me that they would be open until 11 at night, which meant that I could pick up cupcakes and muffins after last night’s dinner!

As soon as I walked in, I marveled at the variety of cupcakes.  German Chocolate, Vanilla Birthday Cake, Tiramisu, and one that looked like a Hostess cupcake!  I asked the woman behind the counter which ones were gluten-free.  “All of them,” she replied.  I think my jaw dropped and I said, “SERIOUSLY?!”  I ended up grabbing 4 cupcakes and 2 muffins (that’s not overboard for two people, is it?).  And let me tell you–they were DELICIOUS!  First of all, you would never know that they were gluten-free–they were just as moist and tasty as ones made with regular flour.  And most regular bakeries don’t have a variety like Sweet 27!

So if you’re in Hampden, stop on over!  I highly recommend it!


Weekending: Busiest/Best Weekend Everrrrrrr

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m sorry that it’s been over a week since my last blog, but since last week was my first week at my new job, I was pretty busy and just trying to get back into the groove of the company.  But my super busy week led to a super busy weekend which just happened to also be completely amazing!

Friday Night: “Theatre” with my Mom

Now that I write theatre reviews as well, I took my mom to Montgomery College’s Summer Dinner Theatre to see the opening night of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.  On the way, we stopped and had a delicious dinner at Thai Pavilion in the Rockville Town Square.

After dinner and some frozen yogurt (hey, it’s summer after all!), we headed over to the theatre.  I used to act in productions at this theatre, so I was able to say hello to a few familiar faces.  We took our seats and then heard a BANG!  And the lights went out.  After a few minutes, the Company Manager came out and told us that all of the lights on campus and in the surrounding area were out, and since the electric company wouldn’t be able to get the lights on in time for the show, they would have to cancel.

We were definitely disappointed, but what could you do?  Well, someone in the audience asked, “Can we hear one song?”  With that, the cast of the show came out and performed the entire opening number to the show, choreography and all!  It was magical and they definitely earned their standing ovation!

Saturday: The Wedding of the Year!

On Saturday, one of my closest friends Macy married the love of her life, Dave.  I was their program attendant, so I arrived early to hand out the programs and was able to catch a glimpse of them taking pictures.  My eyes welled up at seeing Macy in her gown–finally her perfect day had arrived!  Also, I coudn’t help but smile when both she and one of her bridesmaids (my friend Allison) started waving excitedly at me!

I don’t want to give away any details of the wedding because Macy will undoubtedly be blogging about it at, but I will say this: the minute I saw Macy and her dad approach the aisle, I started BAWLING!  And then I cried during most of the ceremony.  Oh my poor boyfriend having to deal with all the tears, but he knew when he met me that I’m an emotional fool sometimes!  And I couldn’t help myself–there was so much love all around me!

Congratulations Macy and Dave!!! Love you!!!

Sunday: Father’s Day Crab Feast!

Even though we were COMPLETELY exhausted on Sunday and may have slept in until noon (which is rather unheard of for me these days), Boyfriend and I went to two Father’s Day celebrations.  First, we visited my mom and stepdad for a crab feast.  We were lucky enough to have received crab mallets as a gift from the wedding the day before, and we put them to good use!

After that, we went to Boyfriend’s parents’ house to deliver some goodies from Richardson Farms to his dad, including a chicken pot pie, which is his favorite.

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend!

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Friday Favorites: Last Day at Work Edition!


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Welp, I’ve reached my last day at work.  Even though I’m sad to leave my current coworkers, I’m also SOOO excited to start my new position on Monday!!
But you’re here for the faves–so here they are:
Favorite Song
“Bad Blood/We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Mash-Up
Video via
Several of my friends are going to see Taylor Swift this weekend, and I must say that I’m quite jealous.  However, I feel like I still got a T. Swift treat this week with this mash-up!
Favorite Modcloth Items (all from

Favorite New Netflix Binge

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I really really really really reallllllllly wanted to stay up to watch Orange is the New Black last night (and didn’t find out that it was released early until it was too late, womp womp), so I gave Bloodline a try and it did not disappoint!  Give it a try!
What were some of your faves from this week?
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What I Can’t Live Without This Week…Awesome Coworkers!

I’m in my last days at my current job.  While I’m excited to get started at my new job next week, I can’t help but feel a little sad about leaving my amazing coworkers here.  It’s especially difficult when they throw you a good-bye party…

A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Good-Bye Party!!!!
Image via (I was doing too much eating to take a picture of my actual grilled cheese sandwich)
Two of my coworkers brought in griddlers and with lots of different types of bread, cheeses (including a spicy jalapeno cheese which I wimped out on), bacon, ham, turkey, tomatoes and other condiments, we were ready to party!
Of course, you also need chips, fruits, and veggies.  Oh and when cookies are brought in, that is also a bonus!
The very best part, however, was that my friends made me chocolate stout cupcakes with Bailey’s buttercream frosting (stop drooling on your computer!)
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Weekending: All the Babies! Edition

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Monday!

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I figured some Grover might help to perk up my Monday morning, and as per usual, Muppets help everything 🙂  And Grover will help me be ready to talk about the highlights of my weekend!
Friday night, I went out with two of my friends to eat Thai food in a little hole-in-the-wall place in Baltimore City and then helped them to prepare for a catering event they had later that night.  Would I mind taste-testing cilantro chicken balls, watermelon-feta-mint skewers, and orange dreamsicle cake pops?  Um, that’ll work!!!
Following the Thai and tasting, I went to review the show Born Yesterday at the Vagabond Players in Fells Point.  Did you know that they’ll be celebrating their 100th continuous season this year?  Crazyyyyy!
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Saturday was slightly more laid back.  I got to sleep in (ish) and then Boyfriend and I went to look for a new (used) car for him.  The car he wanted to see was still being inspected, so we’ll have to go back on Tuesday, but on the plus side, the car salesman was just awesome and entertaining in a way different than your typical car salesman.
Saturday night was all about the BBQ!  Boyfriend’s brother had made some sort of pulled pork thing and DELICIOUS spicy baked beans, so we gathered some friends and some extra food and headed over to Boyfriend’s parents’ house for a BBQ!  The best part (to me) was two of the friends brought their 7 month old baby girl Scarlett.  When the mama needed a break from holding her, I walked her back and forth until she fell asleep, and then proceeded to sit around with a sleeping baby on my chest for almost an hour (HEAVEN).
Sunday was more baby time!  My friends Jason and Carrie were celebrating their younger son’s first birthday!
I ended up getting him one of those corn popper toys that I used a ton when I was a baby, and he seemed to really like it!
I wrapped up the weekend with Game of Thrones (whew, that is for another blog post), and the first steamed crabs of the season!
How was YOUR weekend??
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Friday Favorites: New Job Edition!

Happy Friday y’all!

So, I know that I haven’t written a whole bunch lately.  I don’t like to talk about things I don’t “like”, so here’s things in a nutshell.  My current job was scheduled to end on April 30th.  
The supervisors said, “Nope!  We can keep you longer!”  
I said, “Yay!”  
Then they said, “We can keep you permanently!” 
I said, “Yay!”
Then a project fell through.  They waited to see if another one would come around that fit my skills.  None did.  So they said that my last day would be June 30th.  And my brain did something like this:
Because of this, I’ve been searching and searching for jobs.  Suddenly, though, my former company let one of their employees go and asked me to come back!  So I start there on the 15th!
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So yes, I am in a less stressed place, which means back to blogging and even more importantly, back to my Friday favorites!!!
Favorite Gift: Wally

Since I’m leaving my current job and my supervisor will be away on my last day, she sent me this gift from our offices in Boston.
For those of you who are not from Boston and/or are not Red Sox fans (I’m not, but I love this mascot), this is Wally the Green Monster, who allegedly lived in the wall at Fenway Park for 50 years.  I think he’s adorable, and I’m told that I should be feeding him hot dogs and ground-up pieces of Yankee fans.
Favorite Snack: Orange Dreamsicle Cupcake

One of the best parts about this current job was meeting my friend Caitlin, who I knew would become one of my BFFs as soon as we met.  Her wife is a baker who runs a catering business, and when they try out a new recipe, Caitlin brings it in for me!  This was an orange dreamsicle cupcake with real whipped cream vanilla bean frosting.  It tasted like summer and happiness.  Lego Hulk was also interested.
Favorite Song: “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor

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Not only is this song incredibly catchy, but it keeps me hopeful, as my third anniversary is approaching 😉
Favorite Modcloth Items (all from
Favorite Cute Animals

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And the thing I found funniest this week and laughed a lot more than I should have:

What are your faves for the week?

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Book Review: Bread and Butter by Erin McKenna

In the summer after college, my uncle and his wife and two children came to live with us.  It was not for a summer of fun, however—it was because he was being treated for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and he and his wife needed extra help during this time.  In addition to his cancer, my uncle had developed celiac disease, which required him to eat gluten-free.  This was over ten year ago, and gluten-free wasn’t typical and certainly wasn’t a fad.  Because of this, we had to forgo anything with flour, and the one time that we tried to make a gluten-free pizza, it was…well…it was definitely NOT pizza.
If ONLY Erin McKenna’s book Bread and Butter had been available in 2012!

Bread and Butteris written by Erin McKenna who runs 3 bakeries in NYC, LA and Orlando.  All of her delectable desserts are not only gluten-free but vegan, too!
The first thing that I appreciated about the book was the listing of all different types of gluten-free flour.  Because one of my best friends cannot eat gluten, I’ve tried different recipes and have found that some types of flour are better than others.  McKenna breaks it all down.
And then the food…oh the deliciousness!  I am very excited about making gluten-free chocolate croissants, but before I had the chance, my friend borrowed the book and made McKenna’s strawberry bagels!  Honestly, Panera needs to watch out!
With easy to follow recipes for baked goods that you wouldn’t know are gluten-free, Bread and Butteris an incredible resource for your kitchen!

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.