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Every so often (okay, a few times a day), I think about how I’m going to be healthier and lose weight.  While Boyfriend is the sweetest thing ever and tells me that he loves me just the way I am (cue the awwwwww), I still want to BE healthy and LOOK healthy.  Yes, running helps and so does counting my calories, but I think the hardest part about staying healthy is eating out and ordering in.  It’s just so EASY to have someone else cook for you, but at what price?!

Today I decided that I really do need to cook more and as I am an uber-planner, I decided to make a meal list for next week.  And somewhere along the way, I came across Yummly.

Yummly is both a website and Facebook app that allows you to create a profile based on what you like to eat, any dietary restrictions and what level of cook you are.  Then they send you recommendations based on your profile!  After entering the information about Boyfriend’s lactose intolerance and his wish to try a Paleo diet, one of the recipes Yummly suggested for me was Gluten-Free Fried Green Tomatoes:

Image via

In addition to the saliva-inducing picture, Yummly provides the numbers of ingredients needed for the recipe, the number of calories per serving and how long it will take to prepare.  These features have already proven VERY useful as I was making my meal plan, since I realized that one of the crockpot recipes would happily cook while I was at work all day (score!) and yet another recipe for a side dish was almost 800 calories per serving (sorry awesome-looking baked beans).

I can’t wait to start using these recipes!  Do you all have other suggestions of recipe sites?


My Hero!

One of the best parts of having friends with kids is that the people that would usually scoff at seeing a Disney movie are now ALL ABOUT IT!  Case in point, on the 4th of July, one of Boyfriend’s childhood friends came to the family’s annual BBQ with his wife and 8 month-old daughter.  This tough, wise-cracking former Navy guy asked me, “Hey, have you guys seen Big Hero 6?  Do you want to come over tomorrow and watch it with us?”  I was thrilled because I love any excuse to see a Disney movie and was even more thrilled when Boyfriend said that he wanted to see it, too!

Image via

Big Hero 6 tells the story of a genius teenager Hiro who befriends a robot that he brother created, and he eventually wants to use the robot to help him avenge a family member’s death.  He makes some other genius friends and all together they become superheroes who can use their brains instead of special powers in order to defeat the bad guy.

As you can see from the picture above, the robot doesn’t look like your typical robot.  He looks like a giant marshmallow and is as sweet as one, too.  Seriously, I just wanted to give him a hug the whole movie!

The robot (Baymax) is also delightful because of how innocently literal he is.  One of my favorite parts in the movie occurs when Hiro and Baymax are trying to outrun the villain.  Hiro tells the robot to hurry, and Baymax explains, “I am not fast.”  This also makes me want to buy this shirt:

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If you haven’t seen this movie, do yourself a favor and get out and see it now!  Trust me, as my friends who introduced me to the movie told me, it’ll be a welcome relief from Frozen.


The ABC’s of ME!

I was catching up on all things Bloglovin today, and I came across a post by Chaos and Cocoa that entitled “ABC’s of Me.”

I couldn’t help it–it was WAY too fun not to try out myself!

A- Age: 34 (oh jeez)
B- Biggest fear: Tornadoes.  I had a HORRIBLE nightmare about them as a kid, and now I practically go fetal whenever there’s even a tornado watch.
C- Current Time: 5:36 pm
D- Drink you last had: Skim Caramel Iced Latte from Dunkin Donuts (I blame my friend Macy–her drink looked too delicious)
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: I’m so lucky to have great friends and family to talk to–I could never pick just one!
F- Favorite song: Hmmmm…of ALL time?  It would be “Somewhere” from West Side Story.  But currently I rock out to “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten and “Shut Up and Dance with Me” by Walk the Moon

G- Grossest Memory: Getting a migraine while driving home and puking all over my steering wheel and dashboard…and then STILL having 30 minutes of drive left to get home
H- Hometown: Montgomery County, MD
I- In love with : my amazing boyfriend

K- Killed Someone: Only in video games
L- Longest Relationship: 3 years <3
M- Middle Name: Courtney
N- Number of Siblings: 1 brother, 1 half-brother and 2 half-sisters
O- One Wish: To marry the love of my life
P- Person who you last called: my friend Leslie
Q- Question you’re always asked: Do you mind helping me with something? (story of my frickin life)
R- Reason to live: My boyfriend, my friends, my pets, my family and reruns of Friends on Netflix
S- Song you last sang: “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift
T- Time you woke up: 5:50 am
U- Underwear Color: tan (had to wear them under a white dress today)
V- Vacation Destination: Costa Rica so that I can hug a sloth!
W- Worst Habit: Dropping things on tables instead of putting them away
X- Xrays you’ve had : Only 2–once was a chest xray because I was having pain when breathing and once when I thought I broke my tailbone (spoiler alert, it was only bruised)
Y- Your favorite food: PIZZZZAAAAA
Z- Zodiac Sign: Virgo