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The Time My Bladder Saved My Morning

Is this the weirdest title to a blog post you’ve ever seen?  If so, I apologize.  Or if you’re into things that are weird, then you’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

Quick backstory–there’s something wrong with our furnace.  Because of this furnace issue, we don’t have hot water until someone can come and fix it which may not be until next week…

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So since we have no hot water, I’ve been getting up early to go down the street to Boyfriend’s parents’ house to use their shower.  So when my alarm went off at 6:15 this morning, my tired self rationalized that I am just too tired and that I should reset my alarm for 7:00 and just shower this evening instead.

Then my bladder chimed in.

Bladder: Psst!  Lauren!  You have to pee!

Me: Ugh, come on, Bladder.  I’m really tired and just want to sleep til 7:00.

Bladder: Nope.  Not happening.  Get your butt out of bed and to the bathroom.

Begrudgingly, I got up and went to the bathroom.  I realized that since I was already up, I may as well trek down the street and shower.

And then something amazing happened–I looked at the clock when I got out of the shower and realized it wasn’t even 6:45!  I had SO much extra time, and due to the shower, I was now energized!

In the next half hour, I managed to accomplish the following things:

  • Wake up Boyfriend
  • Get dressed
  • Email my mom
  • Take out the dogs
  • Bring the trashcans to the curb
  • Label for the recycling can (temporarily) as trash since someone put trash in it
I know it may not seem like much, but knowing that I had finished all of these things and was still able to leave for work early felt like such a blessing.  It put me in a better mood, and I knew that even if things got crazy at work, at least I had a productive morning!
P.S. I was able to work in a Starbucks stop, as a Frappaccino was certainly deserved after such a successful morning.

Weigh-In Week #1: Weight Watchers in a House with Skinny Boys

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Well, last week was all about doctor appointments and the decision to finally go back on Weight Watchers.  This wasn’t an easy decision.  First of all, I wanted to feel like I could just eat healthy myself, but based on the title of today’s blog post, you could agree that this certainly isn’t easy.  Having a roommate who eats Taco Bell and drinks large caramel iced coffees without gaining a single pound and having a really tall Boyfriend who can’t help but eat more because of his height, it’s so difficult to not join in and eat the fatty gooey yumminess.

But that’s what brought me to weigh more than I ever have in my life.  And I am NOT cool with that.  So it was time for a change.

The first couple of days of being on this new eating plan were quite easy…because I was dogsitting at my mom’s house.  She is now doing Weight Watchers, too, and she stocked the fridge and cabinets with healthy food.  Granola, yogurt, baby carrots, tortilla chips and salsa (as regular readers of this blog know is one of my favorite things)–all low WW-point foods!

And then I went home.

The first day that I was home, we went to an Aberdeen Ironbirds game.  Baseball games aren’t exactly known for their healthy assortment of snacks, and I wasn’t too keen on buying a salad from a ballpark.  So Boyfriend and I split some chicken tenders and I had maybe 2 fries.  Later, when he was still hungry, I went to retrieve food.  I got him mini corndogs and got myself popcorn.  Was the smell of the other greasily delicious ballpark food tempting?  Of course!  But I was proud of myself for limiting myself to only a minor about of grease and then some light popcorn.

Sunday, the boys wanted to order in from Bob Evans.  I ordered the Mini-Sampler: egg whites, bacon, home fries and one incredibly delicious biscuit.  Of course, I had to ride home with the smell of Boyfriend’s blueberry pancakes ๐Ÿ™

But even though they eat whatever they want, the boys have been very understanding.  Last night, Boyfriend made a sandwich with White Chocolate Peanut Butter (yup, it’s a thing) and asked me if I wanted some.  When I told him that I probably shouldn’t, he didn’t press the issue and just gave me a small taste of the peanut butter.  To be honest, one of the toughest parts of starting Weight Watchers was the fear that Boyfriend or others in my life would think that I’m high maintenance or difficult, but instead, Boyfriend has said that he wants to try to be healthier like me!

And in the end it’s been worth it because…I lost 2 pounds in the first week!

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2 pounds down, 50 to go til I reach my goal!


The Joys of Working from Home

Most days go back exactly the same:
6:45–Get up and shower
7:00–Start waking up Boyfriend
7:15–Continue waking up Boyfriend and finish getting dressed
7:25–Let dogs out (with awake Boyfriend)
7:30–Leave for work
7:40–Grab much needed coffee
8:30–Arrive at work
4:30–Head home from work and growl furiously at the traffic
5:00–Remember errand I was supposed to have run all week and take a detour to run said errand
6:00–Walk or run
6:45–Make/order dinner
8:00–Try to quilt but eventually just collapse in bed with Netflix

But those are typical days–they are not the glorious days when I have the privilege of working from home!  Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I knew that one of the pups had a vet appointment and one of the bosses would be out of town, so I asked my supervisor if I could work from home, and she said yes!  To be fair, the majority of my coworkers work from home at least one day a week, but as I’m a new return to the company, I’ve been nervous about making the same request.  Little did I know what a difference being home makes!

Since work doesn’t technically have to start until 9, there is SO much time in between when I get Boyfriend up for work and when I need to start work myself.  I have time to work out, grab coffee and actually run that errand that I would have forgotten until the afternoon.

Another perk is all of the chores that I get accomplished while at home.  Typically, when I need a mental break at work, I’ll check my email or Facebook.  But when I’m home, I can put a load of laundry in the wash or take the pups out for an extra walk.  Oh, and the pups–well, I mean, who doesn’t love a coworker that looks like this:

I’ve gotten a little more quilting done over the past two days, too, and I can’t wait to show you all the finished product when it’s done!
It’s back to the ole office again tomorrow, but it’s always nice to have a little change a scenery and a lot more time in my day!


Weekending: SO MANY OUTLETS Edition

Happy Monday all!

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That weekend flew by faster than Super Grover!

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But here are some highlights, nonetheless ๐Ÿ™‚
As was mentioned in my last post, I met up with my family and Boyfriend’s family at La Tolteca on Friday night.  As much as I told myself that I was going to eat conservatively during the meal, I was overcome by the glory that is chips and salsa, so that whole healthy idea went straight out the window!  Although, to be fair, at least it was chips and salsa and not chips and queso, so I feel a little better about myself ๐Ÿ˜‰
I tried to go to bed as early as possible after dinner because the next day was Beach Day!  My mom and I had a whole day planned (I am an itinerary gal), and I was so happy that we accomplished almost everything that we had wanted to do!
First, we went to visit a friend of hers in Lewes, Delaware, which is an adorably cute town!  She said she made a “little lunch” which started chips and homemade salsa (yes, more chips and salsa), then chicken salad, pasta with fresh pesto and a zucchini bread casserole, and finally a strawberry and apple pie.  All of the vegetables and fruit was from her own garden, so everything tasted incredibly fresh!  Originally, we were going to go for donuts after the lunch, but there wasn’t even an ounce of room in our stomachs!
Next, we met some friends of mine over at the Tanger Outlets (which it turns out has 3 sets of stores!).  We were able to go to the outlet version of my favorite store (Fossil) and my mom’s favorite (Talbots) along with many others.  I got some super warm Timberland socks that will keep my feet cozy throughout the winter and an adorable little purse from Fossil for only $12!!!
After that, we went to the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.  We stood on the actual beach for only a few minutes because it was a little chilly and we were starting to get tired.  But we got some more shopping done, procured Fisher’s popcorn and Grotto Pizza (a must at the boardwalk) and finally headed home with many shopping bags chockfull of great deals!
How was your weekend?
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Five on Friday (after my month–oops)

Well happy Friday all!  And I suppose “Happy August” because it’s been a month…

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As embarrassed as I am, I’m happy to be back to writing, and here are 5 things that I’ve liked this week!

1. MyFitnessPal had a blog entry this week with a 4-Week walking plan for beginners.  I’m 3 days into it and feel like a walking champion!  As much as I would love to be running right now, it’s just too darn hot in August, and I’d rather feel like an accomplished walker than a failure as a runner.  I’m back to running in September but until then, but if you want a more manageable summer workout, check out the blog entry here!

2. I had food from the fast food restaurant Gino’s this week.  Is it the healthiest?  Oh no.  But treating myself to some of their onion rings was just what the soul doctor ordered.
3. If you read the blog of one of my BFF’s Macy, then you know that she’s a HUGE Pretty Little Liars fan.  Welp, as I have caught up on all of my Netflix shows, I have finally caved and gave the “Pilot” episode of PLL a chance the other night…and I’m hooked!  No spoilers PLEASE, but I’m hoping to get in another several episodes this weekend!
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4. For those of you who live in or near Baltimore, you should definitely check out Bat Boy at the Stillpointe Theatre Initiative.  Boyfriend and I went last night to see the show, and I was blown away by the amount of talent in the cast!
5. Tonight Boyfriend and I are bringing together both of our families for a night of Mexican deliciousness at La Tolteca.  I’m super excited about the chips and salsa (which I will be hesitant to share), but everyone else gets excited about the made-to-order tableside guacamole.  
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