Weigh-In #20: And We’re Back!

You know what’s cruel and unusual punishment? Having your skinny skinny roommate ask you to pick him up a Venti Vanilla Bean Frappaccino with whipped cream. On the night before weigh-in.

As I drove back from Starbucks, I just stared at that drink and the tiny bit of whipped cream popping up through the top of the cup. Would he REALLY know if I just took off a little of that delectable whipped cream??

But no. I didn’t do it. I delivered his drink in its original state, and I’m glad that I did because…

I’m back baby! Back to the weight I was before Christmas!

celebration cat


The iffy thing is that I go on vacation at the end of this week, but the GOOD thing is that I’m going on vacay with my family, and since my mom is also on Weight Watchers, I think we’ll be good to go!

Home Cookin

To be fair, I haven’t done a whole lot of home cooking this week, but I did make some salsa chicken last night. There’s a great recipe from Gimme Some Oven here!


I’m still on the ball with my #100DaysofExercise! True, I did have to count doing some squats as my exercise one of the days, but all of the other days, I’ve done yoga or ran/walked at the gym (cuz baby, it’s cold outside)!

24  pounds down–28 to go!!! Almost halfway there!

The giveaway is ending soon–have you entered yet?

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