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Train of Thought on Oscar Night!

Happy Leap Day everyone!

There is one day of the year that I insist on having the television to myself: the day of the Academy Awards. I mean, sure Boyfriend or my roommate can watch with me, but they know better than to try to change the channel. I need my celebs, and I need em now!

Anyhoo, I thought I would give you a little insight into what was going on in my mind during the show. Warning: my mind gets a little judge-y 😉

Oooooh pretty pretty sparkles. Very nice, Oscar intro.

Yes, please just keep connecting Kate and Leo. I’m still not over Titanic.

“How come it’s only unemployed people to quit something?”–Chris Rock. LOLOL

“Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rheanna’s panties–I wasn’t invited!”–C. Rock. Lolz again.

Emily Blunt’s baby bump is adorable (and not just because it’s John Krasinski’s baby)

WOOOOO!!!! Spotlight wins Best Original Screenplay!

Tracy Morgan–“I’m the Danish Girl!” Laughing SOOOOOO hard

Okay, you won Best Costume Design and you’re wearing the outfit you’d wear to Walmart?

“Tina has been drinking”–Steve Carrell. Perfect. But drinking or not, Tina Fey looks gorgeous. She should have had some words with the winner of Best Costume Design.

The Best Makeup Design guy’s one-week old daughter is named Elvira?

Benecio Del Toro is still a thing?

Jennifer Garner–I’m pretty sure Ben Affleck is in the audience thinking, “Mannnnn. I screwed up.”

I still can’t figure out what The Revenant is about.

Awww the real Joy and the reporter from Spotlight are in the audience!

Ugh, aren’t we done with Minions yet?

Jennifer Garner just took a selfie with Common? Adorbs.

Is Olivia Munn wearing orange lipstick?

Yeah!!!!!!! BB8!!!!!!!!!! And Jacob Tremblay stands up to look!

Selling Girl Scout Cookies in the middle of the ceremony! The best thing since Ellen gave out pizza! (celebrities be HUNGRY)

Well, I guess Mad Max: Fury Road didn’t win Best Animated Short.

Toy Story is 20 years old! Dang, I’m old.

Woohoo! Inside Out!!!!

Kevin Hart–um, your tuxedo is VERY sparkly. Oh, he’s owning it, so okay, awesome.

I do NOT understand The Weeknd’s hair. Awesome voice, but confusing hair.

Oooh really Kate Winslet–those glasses? Yikes.

Sorry, Mark Ruffalo and Sylvester Stallone. But I’m sure that Bridge of Spies was good.

Whoopi Goldberg is ALL over the Oscars tonight!

That “Blackbird” performance by Dave Grohl was BEAUTIFUL.

Jacob Tremblay is the cutest thing in the whole world!!!!

Oh what’s up, Mr. Vice President!

 Oh wow…Gaga’s performance with the survivors. Just amazing. I may have to stand and applaud, too.

Sooooo tired…just trying to make it to see if Leo wins…

Brie Larson hugged every survivor from Lady Gaga’s performance. She’s just amazing.

Best Director just kept on talking–music can’t stop this guy!

LEOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Tears in my eyes for sure–he looks so happy!!

Ha! I knew it! I had a feeling Spotlight would beat out The Revenant!

Can’t wait til next year’s Oscars!!!


Five on Friday: Happy National Bacon Day!

A couple years ago, one of my favorite radio hosts said that he was tired of zombies, Betty White and bacon. Everyone was obsessed with all of these things, and while they were all great (except zombies, in my opinion), they didn’t need to be talked about all the dang time.

I could understand what he was saying…kind of. But bacon? The thing that makes breakfast so delightful. Well, and lunch. And sometimes dinner. And occasionally dessert because really, why the heck not?

So today I’m including some bacon-centric recipes to get you ready for a delicious and salty weekend! And I’m including 5 of them since I’m linking up for…

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta from Crafty Morning

chicken bacon ranch pasta

Like I said, bacon just isn’t for breakfast anymore. In this case, you can incorporate it into dinner (and if you have some of this as leftovers for breakfast the next morning, I won’t judge 😉 )

Crispy Cheese and Bacon Potatoes from Barefeet in the Kitchen

cheese bacon potatoes

This looks like just the perfect side dish!

Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs from Damn Delicious

bacon tater tots

I have a really really REALLY strong feeling that Boyfriend is going to start making these a weekly priority, as it combines two of his favorite foods.

Grilled Cheese Bacon Crescent Squares from Mrs. Happy Homemaker

grilled cheese bacon

Why yes, as a matter of face that is a little drool on my keyboard–thank you for asking!

Maple Bacon Blondies from Shugary Sweets

maple blondie

Remember when I said bacon isn’t just for desserts? This is what I was talking about!

Do you have a favorite bacon recipe? Have a great weekend, y’all!


Happy National Chili Day!

Let’s face it, winter hit us hard this year. Okay, technically it hit us really hard all in one month, but STILL, it make me realize how much I appreciated something warm and comforting to eat. Sure, hot chocolate is great (especially with the mini-marshmallows), but it’s not going to fill you up.

Even though winter is slowly coming to a close, there’s no reason why you still can’t have something warm in your belly? Lucky for you, it’s National Chili Day!


I love to make chili at home for Boyfriend and our roommate. In fact, it’s been a great way that I’ve been able to sneak in healthier foods without telling anyone (secret veggies?).

Even though chili is a staple in our household, I’m always looking for new recipes. Today I’m including some amazing recipes from the blog world so that you can celebrate this day in delicious style!

5-Ingredient Chili from Gimme Some Oven


Honestly, I have yet to try a recipe from Ali that wasn’t PERFECTION. So I completely trust that this recipe will be spectacular–and it’s only 5 ingredients, so it’s also cost effective!

The Best Chili on Earth from Pip and Ebby


It’s all right there in the name, people.

White Chicken Chili Recipe from Add a Pinch

white chicken chili

For when you want chicken, not beef.

Easy Vegetarian Chili from The Endless Meal

vegetarian chili

For when you want no meats 😉

Do you have a favorite chili recipe? Please feel free to share!


I Win!: My Favorite Game/Competition Shows

Some people may say that I’m competitive. I have friends who refer to me as “The Gamemaster” because I take games really seriously and WANT TO WIN! And I totally get what Monica Gellar loses it a little during competitive situations.


However, as competitive as I am, I have never been on a game show. Not for lack of trying, but if I were to be on a game show or competition-type program, here are the ones I would pick:

Hollywood Game Night

hollywood game night

I am obsessed with this show. It combines two of my favorite things: board games and celebrities! I’m not at ALL surprised that Sean Hayes (Jack from Will and Grace) is a producer because the comedic value of the show has his name written all over it.

Lip-Sync Battle

lip sync battle

No, this is not just because John Krasinski is a producer of this show. And has starred on it…sorry, got lost in a J.K. daydream there. But seriously, when Jimmy Fallon started doing lip-sync competitions on The Tonight Show, I loved them and wished there were more. Now we get them every week! And according to Kaley Cuoco, celebrities REALLY WANT to be on that show! And why wouldn’t you? (Side note: have you ever thought of what song you would do on this show? I’d rock “Sexyback” by Justin Timberlake SO HARD)

The Price is Right

price is right plinko

First of all, I would totally be that jerk to add a dollar to the highest bid or bid $1. But in all honesty, I want to play Plinko, spin the wheel and request that America has its pets spayed or neutered.

So You Think You Can Dance

so you think you can dance

Let me be clear: I am WELL-AWARE that I could not be on this show, but I would love to sit in the audience. And maybe meet Travis Wall (I’m obsessed with his choreography and dancing). Actually, another side note, I walked past Travis Wall at the Baltimore Convention Center once but was struck dumb from a case of the fan girl.

What are you favorite game/competition shows?


Weigh-In #23

Happy Tuesday! I’m certainly happy because at this point I have lost…

27 pounds

Yup yup! 27 pounds are outta here! That means I’ve gotten over the middle hump and am officially heading down the hill towards my goal weight!

One of the items that has helped a great deal in these past two weeks has been snack-sized bags of pretzels and baked chips. I’m truly working on portion control, but it always helps when someone has already portioned things out for me 😉

In regards to portion control, though, I feel like I am getting back into the swing of things, after having blizzards and holidays throw me for a loop. As I was writing about in yesterday’s post, I definitely could have devoured a large container of sesame chicken (especially since it was spicier than usual–also like General Tso’s), but I stopped myself halfway and allowed Boyfriend to finish the rest.

I did, however, make a new meal this week! I made Abby of Winstead Wandering‘s Green Chile Baked Taquitos, and they were AMAZING! I thought that my roommate would scoff at the fact that they’re not deep fried, but he gobbled up five of them ridiculously quickly!


What has helped the most these past two weeks, however, has been yoga. With my neck FINALLY behaving itself (sort of) after my trip to the massage therapist, I felt like it was safe to venture back into the yoga waters. I’m so glad that I did, too, because if nothing else, it gives me half an hour to just focus on breathing and strengthening my body. Sure, I pulled a muscle in my knee by overdoing a lizard pose on Friday night, but I’m sure by mid-week, I’ll be back at it 😉

frog yoga

Here’s to more pounds gettin’ the heck off my body!


Weekending: By the Numbers

Happy Monday everyone!

If you’re semi-awake (as I think my status is today), then enjoy reading about my weekend…in numbers style!

2: The number of minutes that passed between walking in the door Friday evening and insisting we order Chinese food. I was SOOOO hungry.


1/2: The amount of my sesame chicken that I consumed…although I probably could have demolished the whole thing.

24: The number of minutes I spent doing yoga on Friday night.

1: The number of steps I took in the middle of the night before realizing that I had pulled a muscle in my knee 🙁

3: The number of trips I took to Target over the weekend

5: The number of episodes of House that I watched while resting my knee

house quotes

2: The number of shows I caught up on (Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder–anyone want to discuss last week’s episodes????)

38: The age of Boyfriend’s brother (whose birthday we celebrated on Sunday)

3: The number of wrestling fans on my couch who were disappointed by the predictability of last night’s Triple Threat Match (yes, one of my guilty pleasures in WWE wrestling–it steps from my childhood and I just can’t help it)

wwe fastlane

1: The number of people on my couch who fell asleep holding a beer and subsequently spilling it on his shirt (hehehe, not me, don’t worry)

How was your weekend? I’m linking up with Biana for Weekending!


Five: A Random Blog Survey

Earlier this week, one of my favorite bloggers Gina wrote a blog entry about five things that fit into a variety of categories. As a perpetual list-maker, I was very excited about the idea, so here’s my go at the same categories!

Five Places I’m Dying to Visit:

grand canyon

I covered this topic in a recent blog post, but here they are again!


One of my friends recently went there for Mardi Gras, and I stalked her Instagram crazily and jealously!


I need the architecture, the culture…and the pasta


This country is so unbelievably gorgeous and quaint at the same time!

4–Umbrella Street in Portugal

It looks like it came right out of a children’s book!

5–Costa Rica

How else am I going to stay in a treehouse and hug a sloth on the same vacation?



Five Foods/Drinks I Consume (Almost) Everyday:



It is necessary to LIFE.

2–Flavored Creamer

This is for two reasons. One–I can never get the correct cream-to-sugar ratio right in my coffee. Two–they’re just so much tastier.


Since being on Weight Watchers, I’ve found that it’s easiest to eat fuller meals if I have chicken instead of beef or pork.

4–Kashi Granola Bars

If I’m at work, I also always have one of these bad boys. My favorite is the sea salt and chocolate almond one…yummmmmm

5–Japanese candy

Yes, this is a little strange, but Boyfriend is obsessed with ordering various types of candy from Japan. Some of better than others, but it’s pretty cool to have a small bite of unique sweetness each day.


Five Talents I Wish I Had:


1–Playing guitar

I’ve tried people, but I just can’t get it.

2–Running long distances

I would like to complete a 10K at some point, but right now it’s a struggle to finish a 5K.


I can’t even draw a circle to save my life. So it amazes me when people can create amazing sketches just like (snaps fingers) that!

4–Food decorating

This is what happens when people on Pinterest make food look so pretty!

5–Sing soprano

I’m an alto for life, whether I like it or not.


Five Food Bloggers That I Wish Could Cook for Me Everyday:

1–Katie from Chocolate-Covered Katie 

2–Jenna from A Savory Feast

3–Cristina from I Say Nomato 

4–Joy from Joy the Baker

5–Ashley from The Recipe Rebel


Five Instagram Accounts I Love

1–WomenIRL (for when I need to laugh)

2–Fitspirationquotes (for when I need to get to the gym)

3–Unlockingkiki (to further my Iceland dreams)

4–Emmalinebride (to further my wedding dreams)

5–Johnkrasinski (you know you’re not surprised!)


Five Things I Wear Almost Everyday:

1–Fun socks

Because life is too boring for plain ole socks


The joys of tech start-up life


I’m lucky enough to own more than one pair…and I love them with all my heart!

4–Merona tank tops

They’re just so comfy!

5–Victoria’s Secret underwear

For the cuteness factor


Five Songs I Listen to on Repeat:


“I See the Light” from the Tangled soundtrack (hopefully will one day be the song I walk down the aisle to)

“I Wanna Hold Your Hand” by Chris Colfer from Glee

“We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus

“Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor

“Ex’s & Oh’s” by Elle King


Five Movies I Could Watch on Repeat:

Father of the Bride

My Neighbor Totoro

A Muppet Christmas Carol


The Princess Bride


Five Books On My Reading List:


The Raising by Laura Kasischke

The Ramblers: A Novel by Aidan Donnelley Rowley

The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin

The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

The Fever by Megan Abbott

(funny that these all start with “The” lol)


Five Random Foods That I Ate Yesterday:


Birthday Cake (for my mama’s belated birthday)

Rold-Gold Mini Pretzels

Baked Lays

Smartfood Popcorn

(yes I ate real food, too 😉 )


What would you put under these categories? Any book or movie suggestions?

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My A to Z of TV

Time of another of my A to Z lists! These are really fun for me to write but because I especially love TV, this one is even more fun. Here are 26 things I love about TV…in alphabetical order 😉

A is for Animaniacs

Do you remember this show? When I was a kid, it used to crack me up! Especially the Wheel of Morality.


B is for Beverly Hills, 90210

I wasn’t a huge fan of the reboot (except when they performed Spring Awakening, but we’ll save that for when I do A to Z Broadway), but the original really holds up. Donna Martin graduates!!

C is for Canadian Television

Is it just me, or does Canada have the best shows for teens? Radio Free Roscoe, anyone? And of course…

D is for Degrassi

I started with the original Degrassi as a kid, but at the time, I felt like it was a bit too inappropriate for me (they talked about sex for goodness sake!). But as an adult, I got weirdly addicted to with Degrassi: The Next Generation. Jimmy in a wheelchair–the early days of Drake!

E is for Ellen Degeneres

The world’s greatest female talk show host. Heads frickin’ down.

ellen degeneres

F is for Fuller House

I loved Full House as a kid, but I’m hesitant about Fuller House. Can it live up to my expectations? Only if Steve and DJ get back together <3

G is for Grey’s Anatomy

I have seen EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. Quick thoughts: I love Jackson, Bailey and Alex, miss Mark, Derek and Lexie, and wish April and Jo would stop whining.

H is for How to Get Away with Murder

Because Shonda Rhimes is a genius. I watched the whole first season and the first half of the second season during Winter Storm Jonas and was SO sad when I had to wait until last week to watch more!

I is for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I’ve written about my devotion to this show before. Boyfriend got me hooked, and I wish they were full seasons instead of 10-episode seasons.

J is for Jeopardy

I will make it onto this show one day. I will probably fail miserably, but I will make it!

K is for Keeping Up with the Kardashians

I’m not PROUD that I like this show, but I am proud of the fact that I don’t watch it religiously. If it’s on though, I will watch like 6 straight episodes in a row. Thank goodness for Khloe’s wit because Kim is just too much to handle.

L is for Lorelai Gilmore

One of the greatest characters in all of television.

lorelai gilmore

M is for Muppets

I love the new Muppet show! I thought that it would be weird after all these years to have them in an Office-type setting, but the show is still hilarious, and the get the best guest stars!

N is for Nickelodeon GUTS

When you were a kid, let’s face it: you wanted to climb the Agro-Crag.

O is for The O.C.

The home of the one and only, Seth Cohen. And honestly, as dramatic as the show got, you could always count on Seth or Sandy for a good zinger.

seth cohen

P is for Parenthood

I’m still not over the finale.

Q is for Queen Margaery

It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite Game of Thrones character…but she would definitely be in my top five.

queen margaery

R is for Real World/Road Rules Challenge

I like The Real World and I like Road Rules. But nothing beats the incredible drama and craziness that erupts when all these fools get together for competitions!

S is for Saturday Morning Cartoons

Did you have favorite Saturday morning cartoon? I enjoyed Rainbow Brite, The Smurfs, The Snorks, and yes, even G.I. Joe.

T is for The Office

One of the best comedies of all time. And that’s not just because of John Krasinski.

jim the office

U is for Underdog

My brother and I always rooted for this guy–who wouldn’t root for the underdog??

V is for Van Der Beek

I used to be obsessed with Dawson’s Creek, and while I was always more of a Pacey girl, James Van Der Beek did a solid job with his role as Dawson.

W is for What About Brian?

I don’t know if anyone really watched this show (besides me), but it was really good. And it starred Matt from 7th Heaven!

X is for X-Files

I was nerdily into this as a teenager, but I haven’t watched any of the new ones. Are they any good?

Y is for Yanic Truesdale

Otherwise known as Michele from Gilmore Girls who uttered this amazing line:

Z is for Zoobilee Zoo

This was one of my favorites as a kid! I still have fond memories of trying to catch a whole episode before rushing to the elementary school bus!

Are you a fan of any of these shows? What would you have put for some of these letters?

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Valentine’s Day Recap!

I know that it probably seems like Valentine’s Day was a million years ago at this point, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with spreading out the Valentine’s Day stories!

valentine candy

First of all, we celebrated our Valentine’s Day on Saturday. With the exception of our first V-Day together, Boyfriend and I have always celebrated on a day other than the 14th. He’s not exactly keen on going out to crowded places, and since Valentine’s Day brings out the masses, I knew that he wouldn’t be down for waiting forever for a doubly expensive prix-fixe meal. So, this year we considered Valentine’s Day to be the 13th.

The day started out with a gift to myself. I don’t believe I’m mentioned it in the blogging world, but a week and a half ago, I started my weekend with HORRIBLE neck pain. I made the joke that my neck must be Matthew McConaughey because its turns were “all right, all right, all right” (teeheehee, you’re welcome). But in all seriousness, the pain was awful, and after a bunch of ibuprofen, heating pads and sleep, things were finally getting better. Until, that is, February 12th when the pain started to spread to my left shoulder and upper arm, and it was once again excruciating. Which leads me to my gift to myself–a session with a massage therapist.

well being

True, it was about 10 degrees outside but once I stepped into the Odyssey Salon and Day Spa, I knew that braving the cold was the right decision. The massage therapist was amazing, and I’ve had almost no pain since my session with her. She really worked on my shoulder but massaged the rest of my body as well–even my abs! She made sure that the massage table was heated, too, which was soooo needed on that frigid day. I even made an appointment for 8 weeks from now because the experience was fantastic!

After the massage and a run to Target (because it’s the weekend), I went home to shower and rest up before our actual Valentine’s plans. I put on a cute red shirt and a white infinity scarf and when Boyfriend asked what he should wear, I handed him a red shirt. Hey, it’s one day a year–it’s okay that we match. While we got ready, my mom texted me and asked if I had checked the mailbox that day. I sprinted to the end of the driveway and saw that she had sent me a card and had sent another one for Boyfriend and me 🙂

valentines card

We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant La Tolteca for dinner. Even though it was actually Valentine’s Day, the place was PACKED. We were told that it would be 25 minutes to wait, so we went out to the car and watched an episode of Friends on my phone while we waited. As you can see by the amazing guac in the picture, it was totally worth the wait!


Because we’re such romantic fools (lol), we decided to see Zoolander 2 after our meal. Yes, we both liked the first one and didn’t have the highest hopes for the second one, but our trivia team is named “Blue Steel” so we knew we needed to catch this sequel. It turned out to be MUCH better than I expected–soooo funny and the celebrity cameos were priceless.

We exchanged small gifts and gave each other a kiss at the end of the night, thanking each other for a great Valentine’s Day but also reminded each other that we don’t need a special day each year to show our love, since we love each other even more everyday (cue mushy music).

How was your Valentine’s Day? Don’t forget the giveaway!!

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Celebrating Your Bestie’s Birthday…With a Giveaway!


There are some friends that when you think of them, the first words that come to mind are “Oh, I’ve known her my whole life.” Well, that’s how I feel about Macy.


When I was in college, my parents moved to Macy’s neighborhood. When I would come home from college in the summers, and for a few summers after college, I worked at a nearby kayaking, windsurfing and sailing center called Ultimate Watersports. Eventually, as I was getting ready for graduate school, I knew that I couldn’t use my summer breaks for manning the front desk at UW anymore, and that’s when Macy took over. Right away, I knew that I liked her. She was 11 years younger than I am, but I knew that she was smart as a whip and would have no trouble in taking over for me.


Fast forward several years to when I started working for a tech start-up in Baltimore. I was started in the data department and was told that there would be another girl starting soon after me. I was thrilled when Macy walked through the door.

Despite our age difference, I consider Macy to be one of my closest friends. She is always ready to listen when I’m having a rough time and celebrates with me at the joyous times. We trust each other with our secrets and are never hesitant to bare our souls to one another. Most importantly, she became my inspiration to begin blogging! I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

Annnnnnd in honor of her age hitting the quarter-century mark, a bunch of us are hosting a giveaway! By participating in the Rafflecopter giveaway, you have a chance to win a Firework Box and $120 in Paypal cash!


So what are you waiting for? Help to celebrate Macy’s birthday with a chance to win something for yourself!

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