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Why I Keep Some Pinterest Boards Secret (And Which Ones They Are)

Why I Keep Some Pinterest Boards Secret

We all love Pinterest, right? And if you don’t, then you probably should, if for nothing else than finding amazing pins like this:


and this:


and, well, this:


But as much as I love Pinterest, I have found that it does cause a minor problem. If you don’t make your boards “secret,” then everyone who follows you has the opportunity to know your plans. In some cases, this isn’t a problem. I love sharing blogging ideas, vacation plans, and ideas for things that I’d like in my closet. But those don’t revolve around personal, special things, and that’s why I keep 3 Pinterest boards secret.

1–My Wedding Board

My fairy-tale dreaming girly side is always thinking about my future wedding. So I will add pins to my Wedding board with gusto, changing them up as I change my mind as to what type of wedding I would like. But the problem came when I went to a wedding recently and saw one of the ideas that I had pinned for my wedding at this person’s reception. True, this person could have found the same pin herself, but it made me sad, and not wanting to seem like a copycat, I took it off my Wedding board.

Then some months passed, and another friend of mine got engaged. Call it greedy, but I found myself getting annoyed that she was taking pin after pin off of my Wedding board, and I thought, “STOP! That’s MY wedding!!!” Now honestly, I know how crazy this sounds, since I technically found these pins from OTHER people’s wedding, but it didn’t matter in the moment.

So, I made my Wedding board secret. I know that I won’t have an over the top expensive wedding, but the few details that I have discovered through Pinterest are ones that I want to keep for myself. But here are a couple of my favorite pins that I don’t mind sharing 🙂

via Boyfriend loves him some beer, so…
via So cute, right?
via This is just true.

2–Future Baby Board

When women get excited about the prospect of becoming moms, the words “baby crazy” start getting floated around. Seriously? I can’t just be excited about the thought of getting pregnant soon? So this is why I keep my baby board secret…for now. Although here are a few of my favorite pins.

via I love a funny onesie
via Since we include our pups in EVERYTHING


I find some of the greatest ideas for gifts on Pinterest! The problem is that most of my family follows me, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise for their gifts! So I have a Christmas board that’s secret (except I let Santa take a peek lol).

Do you keep any of your boards “secret”?

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Blogger Crushes (Or Bloggers Who I’d Love to Be!)


When in the world of blogging, it’s very hard NOT to be envious of other bloggers. You start looking at the pictures of their beautiful clothes, their gorgeous weddings, their happy families, and you wish that you could just jump right into their lives and join them!

I attribute these feeling to “blogger crushes.” These crushes aren’t like my John Krasinski or Zachary Levi crushes, as there aren’t any romantic feelings involved. There’s just something about the lives of these ladies that makes me wish that I could be them, or at the very least, it makes me wish that I could have their lives (or clothes) for just a couple of days.

Here are some of my ultimate Blogger Crushes:

Caitlin from Southern Curls & Pearls


First of all, Caitlin’s hair is always super perfect. I could spend hours on my hair, and it would NEVER look like that. She also has the most amazing clothes and travels to such exotically fantastic locations. Even her pajamas are adorable. Caitlin, could I just have one of your purses PLEEEASE?

Jordyn from The Fairy Princess Diaries


Jordyn is another one of those gals with an enviable wardrobe (the butterfly sandals from this post are AMAZING). In addition to her gorgeous clothes, Jordyn works as a bridal salon and gets to try on the dresses all the time! That would be a dream come TRUE for me!

Gina from The Fitnessista


When it comes to being fit, Gina is a powerhouse! She teaches fitness classes, comes up with incredible fitness routines, and looks fantastic after giving birth to two girls! She recently launched her Post-Baby Bod plan, which I know I’m keeping in mind for when I have little ones. Oh, and her daughters are just the cutest things ever!

Allison from Allison Holker


I’ve been a HUGE fan of Allison’s since her days as a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. Already the mama of a gorgeous little girl, Allison is now married to Stephen “Twitch” Boss (from Ellen and So You Think You Can Dance), and they just welcomed their baby boy on Easter Sunday! Mainly, I would love to be able to dance like a superstar even while super pregnant (as Allison did as her baby shower!).

Do you have a particular blogger crush? I always love hearing about new blogs to read!


My Ideal Date Night

Boyfriend and I have never really been what you might call “daters.”


We’re super homebodies, and if we DO go out, it’s typically for some kind of special occasion. Even early in our relationship, we were much more likely to hang at home and watch a movie or go out with a group of friends.

But I started thinking about what would happen if Boyfriend said, “Hey, I want to give you the date of your life! It’ll last all day! What should that include?” Well…

First, Coffee


We would start the day by driving to a cute coffee shop in DC. If we’re going to have the date of my life, then I would certainly need coffee first. And because it’s a special day, I would make it a frou-frou coffee drink with whipped cream and chocolate shavings on it.

Call Me An Animal


Next, we would head over to the Smithsonian Zoological Park, otherwise known as the National Zoo, my happy place. Boyfriend would let me watch the red pandas run around for as long as I pleased. Then we would ooh and aah at the adorable otters, grin shamelessly at the giant anteater and hope that we see the orangutans on the O-Line. We’d grab a giant pretzel and then hurry off back to the car to get to our next destination!

Start Spreading the News


At this point, we would start driving up the road towards NYC! The drive to New York has never felt all that long to me, and if it’s my ideal day, there wouldn’t be any traffic, of course. Not even at the tunnels!



After parking the car, we’d grab some pizza. Because first of all, it’s my favorite food and secondly, it’s New York! You HAVE to have pizza!



Because he would have planned this date in advance, Boyfriend would have scored us tickets to see a live taping of The Tonight Show. Now, of course, he would have no control over who was on it, but it wouldn’t matter, since I would be starstruck at whomever was playing some sort of ridiculous game with JF. Oh, and I would be that annoying person in the audience who continues laughing at a joke five minutes after it was told.

Give My Regards to Broadway


After grabbing another snack (I know, I’m all about the food), we’d head over to Broadway to see a show! In an ideal world, it would be Hamilton, but even I know that’s unlikely in my ideal dream date, so maybe we’d see She Loves Me again or Dry Powder. And because he’s wonderful, Boyfriend would make sure that I stand outside the theatre after the show to get my picture taken with Zachary Levi or John Krasinski.

The Lap of Luxury


The night would end with us heading to a very swanky hotel to stay the night. In my fantasy, it has a huge cushy bed with tons of pillows because that’s my FAVORITE thing about a nice hotel. And if there are cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery waiting in the hotel room for us, then I wouldn’t be upset 😉

What would you ideal date be like?



Weekending: Easter Edition

Happy Monday everyone!


This weekend just FLEW by, half because I was so ridiculously busy, and half because I wasn’t feeling all that great (viruses will get ya HARD). But I thought I’d fill you in on the weekend and then hopefully hear back about yours!

Friday night, I was originally supposed to go to Boyfriend’s nephew’s birthday party. But halfway through the morning on Friday, I started to feel really sick, so I went home early, did as much work as I could, and then rested for the remainder of the day. I caught up on Grey’s Anatomy (glad to see more of Backbone April instead of Whiny April) and found an Australian show on Netflix called Dance Academy, which reminded me of a more teenager-ish Center Stage (one of my favorite movies).


Saturday, Boyfriend and I went to the wedding of one of his lifelong friends, Jared. The wedding was held at Jared’s sister’s house and was just perfect for the small, intimate wedding that the two wanted.


IMG_2164 IMG_2165 IMG_2167

On Sunday, it was Easter AND Boyfriend’s birthday! We started the day with a donut breakfast and gifts. And then we headed over to Boyfriend’s aunt’s house for the big family Easter gathering. But even though we were celebrating Easter, we didn’t forget a birthday cake. And if your birthday is on Easter, your cake is going to have marshmallow peeps and a bunny butt on it!


Oh, and the best part of the day: I got to hold a baby goat!!!!


And also….


I need bloggers to write some guest posts for me that will post the week of April 18th-22nd. If you’re interested, please email me at or comment below!

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Happy Birthday Boyfriend

Happy Friday everyone!

Today’s post is special to me because it’s about my favorite person in the world, my Boyfriend.


For those of you new to the blog, I’ll let you know that I refer to him as “Boyfriend” because it’s both an homage to Gilmore Girls (it’s what Lucy calls Marty in the last season) and Boyfriend isn’t a huge fan of having personal stuff about him on the internet, so I’ve told him for now, I’ll keep him name and picture out of the blog.


BUT that doesn’t mean that I can’t say super sweet things about him when his birthday is coming up in 2 days!


I’m 99.9% sure that Boyfriend doesn’t read my blog, but I’ll let him know about this post, and if he does read it, I want him to know the following:

  1. My days are happier because of him.
  2. He’s the most intelligent man that I know.
  3. The pups and I are lucky that he makes our family complete.
  4. I love him more than words could ever say 🙂


Happy happy birthday to the most wonderful man I know! And may you get all the bacon and eggs that you deserve!


Have I?

So as I was catching up on blogs last week, I came across this post from Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand and not only was it fun to read, but I thought it would give me a chance to reflect on all that I’ve accomplished (or have yet to accomplish).

Have I…

Shot a gun? No.

Gone on a blind date? Yes. When I was in high school, one of my friends set me up with another friend of hers. I didn’t really like him (although he did drive a VW Minibus which was AWESOME). Weirdly enough, I’m pretty sure that the two of them eventually started dating.

Skipped school? Nope. Too much of a goody-goody.

Watched someone die? No. I’ve seen someone immediately after he died, but I think it would be just too painful to watch the actual process.

Watched a baby’s birth? Nope, only on TLC’s A Baby Story 😉

Visited Canada? Yep!! 1/4 Canadian right here!

Visited Hawaii? Yes! One of the greatest vacations ever!


Visited Cuba? No, but really, I’m not interested.

Visited Europe? Yep! I’ve been to England, Ireland and Scotland!

Visited South America? Not yet, but I will make it to Peru to see the alpacas someday…

Visited Las Vegas? No, but I’m dying to go!

Visited Central America? No

Visited Asia? No

Visited Africa? No, but hopefully someday!

Visited Florida? Yep! I mean, I went to college there, and I’m going back in just a few weeks!


Visited Mexico? Yes, my whole family went when I was in high school. Snorkeling there was so beautiful, but unfortunately we all got sick 🙁

Seen the Grand Canyon in person? No

Flown in a helicopter? No

Served on a jury? No

Been lost? Yep. I mean, I get lost while driving all the time, but I once got lost in the grocery store when I was a little kid, too (I wrote about it here).

Traveled to the opposite side of the country? Yes, but it was oh so brief. On my way to Hawaii, I had to change planes in California.

Visited Washington, DC? I used to teach in DC, and I also visit frequently because my happy place (the National Zoo) is there!


Swam in the ocean? Yep!

Cried yourself to sleep? On more than one occasion 🙁

Played cops and robbers? I don’t think so…but I’m sure if I did, then I would have insisted on being the cop.

Played cowboys and Indians? Again, I don’t think so.

Recently colored with crayons? Probably 😉

Sang karaoke? Yasssssss!

Sang a duet or solo in church? No

Paid for a meal with coins only? Oh I’m sure that I have!

Made a prank phone call? My friend and I tried to prank call the Weather Service one time. It doesn’t work too well when you’re trying to prank a recording 😛

Laughed until a beverage came out of your nose? Oh yes…

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes!

Had children? Not yet but hopefully soon!

Had a pet? I mean, if you read this blog, you KNOW that I own the two cutest pups ever!

Been skinny dipping? Goodness no

Been fishing? Yes

Been boating? Yes! My parents live on the Chesapeake Bay!


Been downhill skiing? No, and I don’t think that I ever will, since I don’t like the cold or heights.

Been water skiing? I’ve attempted it. We’ll leave it at that.

Been camping in a trailer/RV? We used to do it all the time when I was a teenager!

Been camping in a tent? Yep!

Driven a motorcycle? No…it terrifies me

Been bungee-jumping? Remember what I said about heights?

Gone to a drive-in movie? Yes! One of the oldest ones in the country is in Maryland!

Done something that could have killed you? An ex-boyfriend convinced me that it would make more sense to walk across the top of a dam instead of going around it. I hate myself for doing that because it was so so so stupid.

Done something you will regret for the rest of your life? See above.

Rode an elephant? I would forgo my fear of heights for this one!

Rode a camel? No…but I’m also not very interested

Eaten just cookies or cake or ice cream for dinner? Oh yes!

Been on TV? Yes! I was interviewed as a teenager about the newest school fashion trends. It was hilarious because I was the least trendy person EVERRRRR

Stolen any traffic signs? No

Been in a car accident? Yes, a few

Been in the hospital in the past 24 months? No (knock on wood)

Donated blood? Remember how I’m scared of heights? I’m even more scared of needles.

Gotten a speeding ticket in the last 12 months? Sigh. Yes.

Gotten a piercing? My ears are pierced. Actually, they were pierced when I was a baby, but those holes got too high, and every time I’ve tried to pierce them since, they’ve closed up 🙁

Gotten a tattoo? No…ya know, the needles.

Driven a manual transmission vehicle? No, but Boyfriend is supposed to teach me how to do it!

Ever owned your dream car? Not yet 🙁

Been married? No, but hopefully soon!


Been divorced? No!

Fell in love? YESSSSSS

Fell out of love? Also yes

Paid for a stranger’s meal? Does coffee count? Because then yes

Driven over 100mph? I’m pretty sure that I have

Been scuba diving or snorkeling in Mexico and Australia? Snorkeling in Mexico!

Written a published book/story/poetry? Does an article count? If so, then yes!

Eaten snails? Nooooooo


Share some of your fun facts with me!


Happy National Puppy Day!

Those of you who regularly read my blog know that I am lucky enough to be the mama to two precious pups. As it is National Puppy Day, I will celebrate by sharing some of my favorite pictures and stories of these creatures 🙂



Breed: Shih Tzu (allegedy–the person that we bought her from insisted that both her parents are shih tzus although they could only provide a picture of the father)


Age: 8 years


Likes: Playing fetch, letting her complaints be known through whining, and tacos. Yes, tacos. Once we went to my mom’s house for tacos, and she made one for Emmy and set it on the floor. When I protested, my mom said, “I know you don’t want her eating people food, but Emmy likes tacos.”


Dislikes: The stairs in our house, sirens and being cared for my anyone who isn’t Boyfriend, my mom or myself. Seriously, when Boyfriend and I went to Florida, my roommate tried to take care of her, but she allegedly stayed under our bed for almost three days 🙁





Breed: Labradoodledoo (3/4 poodle, 1/4 labrador)


Age: 2 years


Likes: Playing fetch, running, being chased, and Double Cooked Pork. Okay, I don’t know if that last one is true, but he does seem EXTRA interested in our dinners whenever Boyfriend orders that particular dish.


Dislikes: Sneezes. He HATES them. If any of us sneeze, he leaves the room.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 4.16.41 PM

I’m so lucky to have these pups in my life! Happy National Puppy Day cutie pies!


10 Ways That My Zodiac Sign Fits Me

Happy Tuesday all! I’m so excited to link up with Karli for the first time today!

So, I’m not really big into astrology or fortune-telling (although I do get a kick out of fortune cookies and will keep the good fortunes on my fridge), but I was curious to find out more about what a typical Virgo is like. So I traveled across the interwebs to What’s-Your-Sign.Com and found a description of Virgos! Here are some of the ways that I fit the Virgo personality:


1. My “Keen Mind”

I’m someone who always wants to keep learning, so I guess you could say that my mind is “keen.” I’ll even get wrapped up in trivial things like E! reports and Buzzfeed articles, just to feel like I’m getting more info into my noggin.

2. I’m A Delightful Conversationalist

Wanna test me out? Let’s have coffee sometime! I’ll talk to you about whatever you please, especially if you want to talk about celebrities because I have SO many opinions.

3. I Am a “Champion for the Underdog”

My brother likes to say that my families ARE underdogs, but I don’t necessarily believe that. What I do believe is that I will always root for the underdog, and I love a good Cinderella story.

4. I Am Inquisitive

Is this just a nice way of saying “nosy”? Because, I must admit, that’s kind of true. I don’t HAVE to know what’s going on at all times, but I must admit that I’m a very curious being, and when things seem a little out of sorts, I will ask many questions (as politely as possible) in order to find out the answers.

5. I Am Compassionate

I truly want to make other people happy, and if anyone is having a hard time, I’ll do whatever I can to help them, even if it’s just by listening (or bringing froyo and gummy bears).

6. I Have a Great Memory

Do you need to know the song that Tori Spelling sang as Violet Bickerstaff on that choir episode of Saved By The Bell? It was “Beautiful Dreamer.” You’re welcome.

7. I Am Analytical

I’m the daughter of an psychoanalyst. I was born into this.

8. I Am Impatient

It’s not the best quality in the world. And what’s weird is that many people have told me that I am patient. But sadly, they are wrong.

9. I Am an Good Teammate

Need someone in your corner? I’m there for you, babe!

10. I Am Short-Tempered

Many people don’t see this, but I actually am. My screaming is often in my head, but occasionally I let out a frustrated growl. Ask Macy–she’s heard me do it and responded with a laugh and a “What was that?”

Have you ever looked up your zodiac sign?






Liebster Award!

Woohoo! I’ve been nominated by Jacquelyn of The Lowcountry Mama for a Liebster Award! I’ve got to say that Jacquelyn is one of the best people that I’ve “met” through blogging, and I’m so touched that she would nominate me for this award 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.28.31 AM

So, here are my answers to Jacquelyn’s questions for me!

What Is Your Favorite Holiday and Why?


Thanksgiving, hands on. I used to jokingly say it’s because I appreciate any holiday where your only job is to eat, but as I’ve gotten older, I love the fact that it’s a time for family to get together and bask in the thankfulness we have for our lives and each other.

What Has Been One of the Best Days of Your Life So Far?

A few years ago, when we were watching a movie with some coworkers, I got scared and turned my head away from the screen. Boyfriend (who wasn’t my boyfriend yet) took my hand. I felt all kind of butterflies in my stomach and a surge of happiness rushed through me. It was truly one of the happiest moments in my entire life 🙂

How Would You Describe Your Personal Style?

Pajama chic. Lol just kidding…kind of. I’m very much a jeans and t-shirt gal, but at the same time, I love to look cute, so I’ll do my best to pair my jeans with a pretty or cute shirt.

What Is Your Favorite Blog Post in Your Archives?

I think my favorite posts are ones like this where Linus “takes over the blog.”

What Motivated You to Start Blogging?

Almost two years ago, I was in a bit of a rut. Work was tough, life was in a bit of flux, and I really missed writing. Then I started reading Macy’s blog and thought, “THAT’S what I should be doing! Blogging!” After some expert advice, I eventually made blogging part of my everyday and I just love it now!

The Best Trip You Ever Took?


Hmmmm, that’s a toughie. I’m going to have to say Hawaii. The beautiful beaches, incredible weather, green mountains with horses running along them–could it BE more perfect? (had to go Chandler there for a second teeheehee)

What’s Your Favorite Cocktail?

I’m not much of a drinker, but I have recently learned that I really like Blue Curacao. Because of this, I would have to say that my favorite cocktails include that ingredient.

What Time to Do Wake Up and Go to Sleep Each Day?

I try to sleep in on the weekends (if possible), but I usually get up between 7:15-7:30 am during the week. I go to bed between 10:00-11:00 pm, but then Boyfriend comes to bed sometime after midnight, so that wakes me up and then I have to fall asleep again (good thing I love him lol).

Favorite Thing About Where You Live?


The cows. Seriously! Living in the country means that my neighbors across the street are adorable cows. It’s especially great when there are baby ones.

Do You Plan on Living Where You Are Permanently? If Not, Where Do You Want to Move?

Boyfriend and I were just discussing this the other day. We will probably stay in our current home for at least the next few years. Maybe we’ll eventually move somewhere else close by, but in their will, Boyfriend’s parents will leave him their house and all their farmland, so we know that eventually we’ll just be moving down the street 😉

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

If you sometimes tell people “no,” then when they get a “yes” from you, it’ll mean so much more! In other words, you don’t have to do every favor that someone asks of you. I need to learn to follow this advice more lol.

11 Fun Facts About Me:

  1. I went to 3 different elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 2 high schools. I wasn’t expelled lol, we just moved a lot.
  2. My favorite breakfast food is chocolate chip pancakes.
  3. If I could change anything about my body (besides my weight lol), I would have curly hair!
  4. My ultimate celebrity crush is John Krasinski.
  5. I sometimes consult a Magic 8 Ball to make decisions.
  6. When I was a child, I learned my multiplication tables while jumping up and down on my bed.
  7. I knew the letters of the alphabet before I could speak.
  8. I have a HUGE issue with needles. They make me pass out or throw up. And I can’t watch other people (in real life or on tv) get injections either.
  9. My favorite flowers are yellow roses.
  10. I fall…a lot.
  11. When I was a kid, my mom wouldn’t let my brother and me watch Married with Children. Now that I’m an adult, if I come across a rerun of the show, I still feel as though I can’t watch it.

And now it’s time for my nominees!

Meg from My Borrowed Heaven

Megan from Soup of the Day

Annie from The FREE & WILD Blog

Kristin from Mama & Mou

Hope from Hope in a Blog

Whitney from Polka-Dotty Place

Jessica from The Newly

My Questions for You:

What were your favorite and least favorite subjects in school?

What is your favorite home-cooked dish?

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

What is your biggest pet peeve?

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

What is the biggest thing you have ever won (if anything)?

What do you miss most about being a kid?

What is the first thing you notice when meeting someone new?

What is your favorite movie?

If you had a day all to yourself, what would you do?

If you became president, what is the first thing you would do?

Rules for the Liebster Award:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to his/her site.

Display the Liebster Award logo on your blog.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.28.31 AM

Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.

Tell your readers 10 random facts about yourself.

Nominate 5-11 bloggers with less than 1000 followers for the Liebster Awards

Ask your nominees to answer 11 questions.

Thank you again to Jacquelyn for the nomination! Make sure you stop by The Lowcountry Mama!


Five on Friday: The Kelly Kapoor Edition

Happy Friday boys and girls!

I’ve been reading Mindy Kaling’s new book Why Not Me? I’m loving it so far. She completely cracks me up, and I’m liking it just as much as her first book.

In honor of Mindy, and my favorite character of hers, I thought that I would share five of my favorite Kelly Kapoor moments from The Office with all of you this Friday. Because honestly, doesn’t the weekend start so much more pleasantly with a little laughter?

1. When Kelly’s ex-boyfriend asks if anyone has any questions…

kelly kapoor

2. When Kelly tells that same ex-boyfriend that she’s pregnant, but let’s the audience know the truth…

kelly kapoor

3. When Kelly explains the difference between smack and trash talk…

kelly kapoor

4. When Kelly channels Gwen Stefani to describe her day (you will totally sing it in your head)…

kelly kapoor bananas

5. My favorite Kelly moment: After being reminded that you shouldn’t wear white to a wedding, Kelly explained that she had an emergency…

kelly kapoor wedding