A Day in the Life: NYC Edition!

I’m always fascinated by the “Day in the Life” posts of other bloggers, so I thought I would do one myself. Unfortunately, the majority of my days are pretty much the same: get up, shower, coffee, work, more coffee, go home, watch TV, bed. But on Wednesday, I did something out of the ordinary–I went to NYC!! So here is a day in my life when I get to travel!

4:40 am: My alarm went off. I hopped out of bed so quickly because I didn’t want to stir Boyfriend or the dogs too much out of their slumber. The dogs looked at me with confused faces, noticed it was still dark, and went back to sleep.

5:11 am: I get in the car, ready to drive to catch the Megabus! But first, of course, I need to stop at…


5:17 am: Dunkin Donuts! I mean, if I’m going to make it through this long day, a pre-bus coffee (especially one with cookie dough syrup) is completely necessary.

5:45 am: I pull into the parking lot for the Megabus. Even though there were plenty of cars on the road, I definitely overestimated how much traffic there would be and arrived over half an hour early for the bus. So I hung out in my car and listened to the radio for a bit.

6:20 am: After standing in some CRAZY wind, I was finally on the bus (window seat FTW)!

8:40 am: I woke up from a nap in Elizabeth, NJ. I checked my Facebook, responded to some blog comments and checked in with my Mom and Boyfriend. Oh, and I took a quiz and found out that my ideal Pretty Little Liars match is Caleb Rivers (as it should be!)

9:24 am: The skyline of NYC was in sight!


9:46 am: I was in the city…and the traffic. But at least I caught a glimpse of this gem of an advertisement.

(it’s for The Muppets and reads “Finally. A network tv show with full frontal nudity.”)

10:05 am: I was off the bus and quickly made it to my first stop: Doughnut Plant! I had to try their creme brûlée donut as part of my 101 in 1001 challenge! It was realllly good…especially the filling!


10:53 am: Coffee time! Again for my 101 in 1001, I needed to have the best coffee in NYC, so I took the subway to Everyman Espresso (P.S. someone on the subway thought I was a local and asked me a question about the subway system 😉 ). I ordered a latte and it was just what I needed to get myself re-energized (plus it was super yummy!)


11:09 am: A short walk down the street brought me to yet another stop for my 101 in 1001, one of the best bookstores in NYC, Mercer St. Books. It was much smaller than I imagined but was chock-full of books and records! I spent some time debating whether or not I could justify getting an illustrated complete works of Shakespeare, but then finally decided that it would break my back to carry it around all day.


11:39 am: After a quick ride on the train, I was at City Quilter, one of my favorite shops in the city. Typically, I would be shopping for fabrics for a new project, but this time, I was looking for fabric to make more bandanas for Linus, per Boyfriend’s request. Once they’re made, I’ll have to have a fashion show post lol.

12:25 pm: Hopping on the train one last time led me to Rockefeller Center and the NBC Store! I couldn’t help myself–I had to buy myself a Friends t-shirt!

12:45 pm: Because I love Boyfriend so much (and because I’m a little nerdy myself), I went to Nintendo New York next to get him a present. Mario pajama pants seemed like the right answer!


12:58 pm: Lunch time! Whenever I’m in New York, I have to get a made-to-order salad from Just Salad. Luckily, there was one right in Rockefeller Center!


1:41 pm: Time for the show!!! I arrived at Studio 54 for She Loves Me! I’ll have an entire post about this on Monday because of the marvelousness of this production.


4:48 pm: The show is over, and while I’m still in a dreamy haze from all the romantic musical goodness, I walk over to Times Square, where I partake in some pizza and some shopping at the M&M Store and Disney Store.IMG_2068

6:30 pm: Since it was REALLY cold outside, I was so glad that our Megabus driver let the passengers on the bus again early.

7:00 pm:  Bye bye NYC with one last glimpse at the pretty city lights.


10:01 pm: The Megabus rolled back into White Marsh, and I sprint to my car to avoid the cold!

10:30 pm: I arrived home, gave Boyfriend his gift (which he immediately put on lol), showed Linus his new bandana fabric and exhaustedly fell into bed.

If you think I accomplished a lot in one day, my fitness tracker agrees with you!


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6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: NYC Edition!

  1. I’ve never been to NYC but have been tempted to tae Megabus from Toronto. What a fun day trip and way to “treat yourself”. A creme brûlée donut sounds delish!

  2. It’s so funny because I live in NYC and hate it, but reading your post made it sound fun! I walked past Mercer books every day for three years while at grad school at NYU and yet never went in. I have never had anything from Doughnut plant, and don’t often go to Broadway shows. But I do get salad’s from Just Salad all the time, so there’s that I guess. This is making me sound lame. Okay, I’m done.

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