Happy Thursday folks! After reading Tina from Carrots N’ Cake‘s post about the highs and lows of her Memorial Day Weekend, I decided to give a High-Low-High recap of this past week!




High: Found out that there was a sale at Uptown Cheapskate, where you could fill a bag with as much stuff as you wanted for $15!

Low: By the time C’s niece Molly and I got to the store, almost all of items that qualified for the sale were sold out.

High: Still snagged 2 shirts, a dress, a pair of pants and a necklace for $33!


High: Attended my friends Carson and Sveta’s wedding over the weekend at a lovely winery in North East, Maryland.


Low: A torrential downpour started in the middle of the ceremony 🙁

High: Everyone rushed to the tent, where we rallied, dried off and danced the night away!

My future niece and cousins 🙂

Monday Dinner:

High: Found a great recipe for Barbecue Chicken Pizza!

Low: After buying all of the ingredients, I got a massive headache and didn’t feel up to making dinner.

High: C ordered Chinese food and the chicken and broccoli with an eggroll on the side truly helped 🙂

Tuesday Dinner:

High: Once again planned to make Barbecue Chicken Pizza for dinner!

Low: C didn’t get home from work until after 8:00.

High: I made the meal anyway, and it was delicious!!


What have been some of the highs and lows of your week?


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