Five on Friday: Almost Christmas Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Did anyone else TOTALLY need today to be Friday???

Anyhoo, here’s 5 things going on in my world this week, as I link up for:

1. Date Night

Well, technically, it’ll be group date night. C and I are going to the movies with some of our friends tonight to see Rogue One. I’m pretty excited because we’ve haven’t had a movie date since Valentine’s Day, when we saw Zoolander 2 (clearly, we’re all about the romantic movies lol).

2. Falling Behind on Movies


Speaking of movies, I have yet to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. I’m pretty sure that I can’t allow myself to open presents on Christmas morning if I haven’t watched that movie.

3. Westworld anyone?


Is anyone else watching Westworld? My friends recommended it to me, and I’m hooked after the first two episodes. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it’s one of those shows that I have to watch really closely, so I don’t miss important things, which means that it’s not the type of show that I can watch while accomplishing other tasks.

4. Drunk History


And now speaking of television, do yourself a favor and watch the episode of Drunk History that features Lin-Manuel Miranda telling the story of Hamilton. I’ve watched it twice already because I love it so much. Also, if you are a fan of Parks and Rec and/or Arrested Development, then you’ll love the cameos!

5. Wrapping It Up!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to wrap gifts this weekend! I’m going to clear off my big ole desk and turn it into my gift-wrapping station. Christmas music will play, hot chocolate will be consumed, and if I’m lucky, the pups will not get into the scraps of paper too much.


10 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Almost Christmas Edition

  1. I need to watch the Drunk History with Lin-Manuel! It looks and sounds fantastic. haha

    I hope you have a great time wrapping all your gifts. Most of mine are finished – just some last minute ones that I still need to wrap!


  2. I haven’t watched Charlie Brown Christmas yet….nor have a wrapped a single gift. In fact, I still need to pick a few things up. I am so behind this year!

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