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Five on Friday

Happy Friday one and all! Time for another edition of Five on Friday!


1. Name Fail

Honestly, sometimes I wonder why celebrities feel that they need to gain more attention by given their children crazy names. OR in general, I find that people don’t think about their last names when they choose their children’s first names. Case in point: Nick Cannon’s new baby, Golden. The kid’s name is Golden Cannon.


2. Sweet Corn Chili

One of my favorite things about reading blogs is finding new recipes. I can’t thank Shay from Mix and Match Mama enough for her delicious sweet corn chili recipe. It was a HUGE hit at my house!

3. Struggling Through a Book

I’ve said time and again that if a book doesn’t keep my attention, then I won’t keep reading it. Life’s too short, ya know? But there’s a book I’m reading now, and I’m so close to being finished that I feel like I have to, even though it really should have ended ages ago. I’ll let you know more about it the next time I do a book review. In the meantime, is there anything else I should be reading?

4. Bachelor Thoughts

I’m now officially Team Raven. She’s adorable, and Vanessa has just been too draining for me. And, of course, she’s not flippin’ Corinne. Ughhhhhhh the worst.


5. Our New Quilt!

The best part about this week was getting this new quilt from my mom!

When we got our new bed, every other quilt we had suddenly became WAY too small. And the comforter we bought for the bed had me sweating at night. So now C and I have the most beautiful quilt, made by my mama! Are we lucky or what?

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Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day

Happy Monday, folks! As a government employee, I’m lucky enough to spend today at home, cooking up a storm for the week and hopefully getting some cleaning done. That is, if The People vs. OJ Simpson doesn’t lure me away. Anyway, I realized that I forgot to write about my Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day last week, so here we go!

Galentine’s Day

On the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, my friends Caitlin, Susie, Kim and I celebrated the most sacred of holidays: Galentine’s Day.

We started off with brunch at Miss Shirley’s in the Inner Harbor before making our way to get mani-pedis. During our mani-pedis, we became rather engrossed with the episode of Property Brothers playing in the salon, so we hung around until the episode was over.

Valentine’s Day

C and I have only celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14th ONCE, and that was the first year that we were together. Since then, there were two years that snowstorms kept us from celebrating the holiday on its intended day, and so we made a new tradition of celebrating on a day other than the 14th. This year, it was the 13th.

We both took the day off of work. Most of the day was spent with errands and such, and then we took a nap. Lemme tell you, no one does romance like the two of us!

After our romantic nap, we ordered in from La Tolteca (our favorite restaurant) and watched The Emperor’s New Groove, which I had never seen before (and loved it!). Quesadillas and Disney–ya can’t beat it!


I hope you all were able to celebrate these glorious holidays as well!


Thoughts for Thursday: TV Thoughts

It’s that time again folks! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on some recent TV occurrences on Thoughts for Thursday!
Thoughts for Thursday

I’m going to warn you now, there WILL BE SPOILERS in this blog post, so if you’re not caught up on The Bachelor or Grey’s AnatomySTOP READING (but, ya know, come back tomorrow!)

The Bachelor

First of all, one of my gals is gone 🙁 I mean, I knew that all 3 of my faves couldn’t win, but I was hoping that neonatal nurse Danielle would have lasted a little longer. But I think that she’s still not ready to be in a relationship, and if I had her past, I’d probably feel the same way.


Which leads me to the part of this post where I FLIP OUT! Y’all know where this is going…HE GOT RID OF KRISTINA AND KEPT THIS FOOL??????????!!!!!!!


I mean, I’m really really REALLY beginning to think that he may be the worst Bachelor yet. Sure, the producers probably want Corinne to stay around for ratings, but at a certain point, you have to let her go. On the other hand, I’m kind of jazzed about the thought of Nick meeting her nanny…

Grey’s Anatomy

The end of last week’s episode led me to a Hamilton quote, “I want to be in the room where it happens…”


Seriously, don’t you want to know what went down between Bailey and April???!!! April has tried to be a leader before, and it did NOT go well. Plus, she’s totally a trauma gal, not general surgery. It makes me think that Bailey threatened her job, and with an infant at home, I wouldn’t blame her for taking it.

Also, I loved me some Jackson this week…well, and every week.

AND I’m hoping that tonight’s episode starts off with Richard tearing Catherine a new one! The truth is going to come out!!


Any TV thoughts of your own this week?


Wedding Wednesday: First Look with the ‘Maids

It’s hard to believe that we’ve now been married for four months! I’m a bit behind on my Wedding Wednesday posts, so let me show you the moment when my bridesmaids finally saw me in my dress!

One of the must-haves for my wedding day was a first look with my bridesmaids. I had somehow managed to keep my finished dress a secret, and even when one of my bridesmaids picked it up the day before the wedding, she promised that she didn’t look! And the reactions of the girls is just priceless!

This picture cracks me up because Kim (far right) is telling the girls that they’re all going to turn towards their left hands




My 101 in 1001: A Day Late!

Happy Tuesday all! I can’t believe how quickly time flies, and it’s another update of my 101 in 1001 list! I’m happily linking up with Macy and Emelia to share my progress!

Visit the Best Zoos: 2/10

No progress here, but maybe soon?

Eat the Best Pizza: 0/10

BUT I’m going to New York on Mother’s Day, and I’m going to have to insist that we check one off of this list.

Drink the Best Coffee 3/10

I guess I need to book a trip to CA to knock two off of this list.

Visit the Best Independent Bookstores 2/10

I’m going to grab my niece and get her to join me in a visit to Kramerbooks.

Visit 10 Castles in the U.S. 1/10

Clearly, I’m not meant for royalty…

Eat the Best Donuts 4/10

AHA! Finally checked another donut off the list in December! My mom and I went to a friend’s wedding in Chicago and had a DELICIOUS donut at Do-Rite Donuts. Federal Donuts in Philly is still number one so far, but there’s 6 to go…

Run the Most Fun Races 0/5

Can I walk these? I haven’t run in forever…

See the Best Christmas Displays 1/10

Well, there’s always next Christmas…

Experience the Best of Baltimore 3/10

Seriously, someone come with me to eat some pasta and fries!

Complete the Best Crafts on Pinterest 0/5

Go ahead, Jean Ralphio…


Have the Best Blog Possible 4/5

Still have a ways to go to 2,000 posts…

Enjoy the Best in Live Entertainment 2/5

Since both Fun Home and Disaster closed on Broadway, I decided to change those to any other two Broadway shows…and I saw Hamilton in January!!!!!! Talk about your life-changing amazing experiences. One of these days, I’ll sit down and write out a whole post about the magnificence of this show, but for now, it’s another one checked off my list!

Here’s to experiencing more in life and to checking off to-do lists!


Five on Friday: I’m Back, Baby!

Happy Friday all! I’m sorry for such a long blogging absence–it’s not you, it’s me!


But now it’s time for Five on Friday! Today I’m focusing on the world of pop culture because let’s be honest, it’s way more fun than real life!

Baby Clooneys!!!!


Yes, I was super jazzed about Beyonce’s twins, but I’ve gotta say, I’m even more THRILLED for George and Amal Clooney! They’re such a fascinating couple, and those two little kiddos are going to be both gorgeous and worldly!

All the Single Babies?

While her pregnancy may be temporarily overshadowed by the Clooneys, I’m still SUPER excited about Beyonce’s lullaby album! Ya gotta start your kids off loving Beyonce early.

American Revival?


Okay, there was a reason American Idol went by the wayside in the first place. No one was watching it!! Does NBC really think that people will start watching if it’s on their network? Also, isn’t Seacrest busy enough?

Oh, Corinne


Seriously, Nick, send Corinne packing. She went from super obnoxious to semi-entertaining, and now she’s back to just plain awful. Marry Vanessa or NICU-nurse Danielle and get it over with!

Timberlake + Walken


While many disagree, I think the best Superbowl commercial was the one starring Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken. Walken doing a dramatic reading of “Bye Bye Bye” made my former-college heart so happy!

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