Mama Monday: 14 Weeks!

Happy Monday everyone! It’s time for another edition of “Mama Monday!”

Baby Girl is the Size of a…


What’s Going On In There?

This week, Baby Girl is starting to grow hair (although C and I were both bald babies, so I don’t predict there will be much there), and she is starting to make facial expressions!

Any Cravings?

Spicy things always seem appealing! But no HUGE cravings this past week.

Anything Making Me Sick?

Add the smell of cabbage to my no-go list 🙁

How Am I Sleeping?

Still sleeping well! Except the night I went to see Beauty and the Beast…but that’s more because I insisted on seeing it opening night and got home late.

What Do I Miss?

Still coffee. And the luxury of just eating things without feeling like I have to Google them to find out if it’s okay. Sigh.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms?

Pregnancy brain is real, y’all. I went into stores twice over the weekend and got to the register before realizing that I didn’t have my purse.

One of the places I remembered to bring my purse this weekend was Carter’s, where they were having a sale! I bought Baby Girl this adorable top, which her camping fan of a dad loved, and this precious tunic and jeans set.


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