Mama Monday (on a Tuesday)

Yesterday, I really wanted to make sure that I focused on my weekend, so we’re back to Mama Monday. Even thought it’s Tuesday 😉

Baby Girl is the Size of a…


What’s Going On In There?

This week, Baby Girl’s eyes are darting around behind their lids, and she can hear even more clearly!

Any Cravings?

I wanted chocolate milk something FIERCE this past two weeks! I finally had some on Saturday…it was heavenly.

Anything Making Me Sick?

Luckily, only really greasy foods are upsetting my stomach right now.

How Am I Sleeping?

I’m definitely having to get up and pee more during the night, but I think that also might have to do with the fact that other factors wake me up, and then I have to pee 🙁

What Do I Miss?

I really really REALLY want a pink drink from Starbucks, but I gave up caffeine. I wonder if they do one that’s caffeine-free…

Almost halfway to meeting my little gal!! And don’t forget about the giveaway!!!

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4 thoughts on “Mama Monday (on a Tuesday)

  1. A few days ago I looked up Starbucks drinks you can have while pregnant! The pink drink is actually really low in caffeine, it’s 30-100 mg depending on the size and you can have up to 200 mg a day! I definitely think it will be worth it to get one once the weather gets warmer!

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