My 101 in 1001 Update!

Happy Wednesday folks! I know this was supposed to be posted two days ago, but things have been a bit cray, so here’s my update!

Sooooooo here’s the sad thing…some of the places/events on my list have closed. So I’ve had to modify some things in order to TRY to get close to 101!

I’m breaking out my planner and figuring out how to accomplish some of these items before the next check-in! Here’s how things are looking so far:

Visit the Best Zoos (2/10)

Plan: See the Bronx Zoo next Mother’s Day and possibly the Cincinnati Zoo sometime before then.

Eat the Best Pizza (0/10)

Substitution: Mother Dough in L.A. has closed, so it is being replaced by Bella Pizza in North East.

Plan: Snag some pizza from Bella Pizza next week, Pizzeria Beddia in Philly in June and Tavola next Mother’s Day.

Visit the Best Coffee Shops (3/10)

Substitution: Joule Coffee in Raleigh is closed, so it is being replaced by Bean Hollow in Ellicott City.

Plan: I don’t work too far from Ellicott City, so I should be able to try that out very soon!

Visit the Best Independent Bookstores (2/10)

Plan: I think we might have our babymoon near DC, so I should be able to check off Kramerbooks.

Visit 10 Castles in the U.S. (1/10)

Plan: Before getting Pizzeria Beddia, I’ll have to hit up Grey Towers Castle and Fonthills Castle.

Eat the Best Donuts (4/10)

Substitution: Verna’s Donut Shop has closed, so it is being replaced with Sugar Shack Donuts and Coffee in Alexandria.

Plan: Before June is over, I will have Sugar Shack Donuts!

Run the Most Fun Races (0/5)

Plan: Sigh…the category may be a wash…

See the Best Christmas Displays (1/10)

Plan: Definitely checking off at least two of these next Christmas!

Experience the Best of Baltimore (3/10)

Plan: I might need to grab some fries next week…

Complete the Best Crafts of Pinterest (0/5)

Plan: Once the nursery is more complete, I’ll spend some time on these this summer.

Have the Best Blog Possible (4/5)

Plan: Just keep bloggin!

Enjoy the Best in Live Entertainment (3/5)

Substitution: Since Fun Home closed on Broadway, I replaced it with Waitress, which I saw on Mother’s Day!

Visit Charleston (0/1)

My mother, daughter and I are going next Spring!

How is your list coming along?


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