April 2017 Monthly Recap

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I’m giving you a recap of my April, and of course linking up with Macy and Emelia:

Beer, Bourbon and BBQ

April started off with the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival at the Timonium Fairgrounds! While I couldn’t partake in any of the beer or bourbon, I happily indulged in some yummy barbecue and went to town on some hush puppies.

Dining with Friends

I joined my friend Jessica for a delicious brunch at Food Market in Hampden. I managed to behave and not get the French toast, but I still had a few of the complimentary donut holes. My friend Aileen and I happily chowed down on Mexican food at Don Pablo’s (gotta love them chips and salsa). Mom and I met up with one of our favorite mother-daughter combos, Bev and Cait, for dinner at the Mt. Washington Tavern, and I got to have my favorite pizza from Pasta Mista with my cousin Robin.


C’s brother and his wife just bought a new house a few miles from us and have been spending tireless hours fixing it up. We were so excited that it was finally ready for our eyes and we encouraged a housewarming party which coincided with my nephew’s birthday. I can’t wait until they open up their pool!


As is tradition, we spent Easter Sunday with C’s family at his aunt’s farm. The girls lost the scavenger hunt this year, but next year, we’ll have another baby girl in the mix to help us out!

Celebrating Baby Veech

My mom, my niece, my cousin and I threw a Harry Potter-themed baby shower for our friends! You can read more about it here.

Something Rotten!

My coworkers and I saw the musical Something Rotten at the Hippodrome, which made it the second time I have seen Adam Pascal sing live (sigh of happiness). The entire show was hilarious and so well done–I’d love to see it again!

Beer, Burgers and Donuts

Yet another beer-based event (C and his brother just love ’em), but this time, I could indulge in TWO of the three titled items…except that when we got to the restaurant, there were only two burgers left. It was fine with me though, and I told C and his brother to take them.

The Best Moment of the Month…

Seeing my baby girl in the anatomy ultrasound!

How was your month of April?



4 thoughts on “April 2017 Monthly Recap

  1. Awwww look at that little girl! Beer events are always so fun….even if you cant partake in the drinking part. I think I would pass on a burger on a donut. Haha. I like it on a bun just fine. Sounds like you had a fun month!

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