Eat What You Want Day!

Happy Eat What You Want Day everyone! Oh, did you not know that this was a holiday? Honestly, neither did I, but I’m all for it. Of course, I won’t go crazy and literally eat whatever I want…but if I had the choice with no fat or caloric consequences, here’s how my day would look:


I’d start out my day in a sweet way with chocolate chip pancakes. I’d have to get my mom to make them, since she makes the best chocolate chip pancakes in the world. I’d have a side of bacon and one of the amazing lattes that I had on my honeymoon (hey, it’s my fantasty–they can ship lattes from North Carolina!).


When lunch came around, I’d have to head over to Pasta Mista for a few slices of my favorite pizza. Obviously, I’d get a side of fries, because why not?


For dinner, I would have to head back over to my mom’s for her famous tacos. We’d start with chips and salsa, of course, and then dive into all the taco goodness!

What would you eat if you could eat whatever you want?


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