Three Things!

I have to thank my girl Jacqui from Drink the Day for the template for today’s post! I had so much fun reading hers the other day, and I just had to try it for myeslf! So, for your entertainment and enjoyment, here are some things you may or may not know about me, group into threes!

Three Things I’d Never Give Up

Pizza, Tacos, and Naps

Three Favorite Vegetables

Green peppers, pickles and cucumbers (which I know are just non-pickled pickles, but oh well!)

Three Shows I Watched Faithfully from Beginning to End

FriendsScrubsParks and Recreation! I also have watched ALMOST every episode of The Office, but I’ve never been able to get through the lice episode because it gives me the heebie jeebies.

Three Places I’d Like to Visit in the U.S.

Charleston, Austin and Las Vegas!

Three Places I’d Like to Visit Outside of the U.S.

Italy, Tokyo, and Paris

Three Things I Always Have with Me

My phone, my wallet and my foundation

Three Things That are (Almost) Always in My Car

An extra pair of shoes, my owner’s manual, receipts on the floor

My Three Most Recent Calls Were From

My mom, the vet and telemarketers

Three Things That Make Me Laugh

Elliot in the MorningParks and Recreation, and my mom 🙂

Three Things That Make Me Cry

This is Us (all the frickin time), Grey’s Anatomy (on occasion), and super random things because of pregnancy hormones!

Have a great Thursday!


8 thoughts on “Three Things!

  1. I am always crying during This is Us and Greys as well!!! And tacos for life!!! I used to say I would never give up naps, but then I had a kid and I haven’t had a nap since November of 2016. LOL. Nap when the baby naps is so not something that happens because that is the only time you have to get all the things done!

  2. I watched Scrubs too. I miss that show. Zach has a new series and it looks awesome. I also like to visit Paris, Tokyo and Italy! Beautiful places.

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