Weekending: Last One in June

Happy Monday, folks! I hope you all had a great weekend! Today I’m linking up with Biana to tell you all about mine!


I worked from home on Friday because I had brought my car into the shop on Thursday night. The screen hasn’t been working properly, which means the GPS is all jacked up. This ticks me off, since one of the reasons I got this car was for the GPS. Anyway, after borrowing my mom’s car and dropping my car off Thursday night, I find out early Friday morning that they can’t fix it. It can only be fixed by an actual Jeep dealership. SERIOUSLY?!?!!?!


Sigh. So I had to wait until my mom was available to go and get my car back, and I made an appointment for July at an actual Jeep dealership to get things fixed. Oh, and I got stuck in traffic on my way home from the dealership. Grrrrr.

Friday night was definitely low-key. C and I ordered in some food and watched Parks and Rec.



Saturday morning, I was up early to meet one of my friends and her new baby boy for breakfast at Michael’s Cafe. I bought her an adorable lion onesie and a pair of matching shoes from Target for the little guy, and she bought me three books and a pacifier clip for Baby Girl.

After breakfast, my preggo self just had to make my way to the grand opening of Duck Donuts in White Marsh, Maryland.

I was there right when it opened was 35th in line. But y’all, it was totally worth it. I had a cinnamon sugar donut, and I bought C a glazed donut topped with bacon and salt caramel drizzle.

Saturday night, I made this recipe for barbecue chicken pizza for dinner (except we swapped out the pickled jalapenos for serrano chiles) and DANG was it delicious! Super spicy, but super delicious!


Yesterday, C, my mom and I went on a tour of the hospital where Baby Girl will make her entrance into the world! It was great to see the delivery rooms (which are HUGE) and the Mother/Baby rooms. And I feel very secure now that I know the whole check-in and triage process. It’s so hard to believe that the next time I’m there, C and I will become parents!

How was your weekend?


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