What’s Hap-Pinning Wednesday: The Need to Organize

Happy Wednesday folks! Honestly, the nesting instinct for the mama-to-be is REAL. There have been so many things around our house that I’ve wanted to organize for so long, but I’ve kind of put them on the back burner. Now that Baby Girl is less than 100 days from making her appearance, I want these things organized, and it needs to be NOW!

Load Up the TV Cabinet

About a month ago, C and I brought my old TV cabinet from my parents’ house to our house. It’s beautiful, which is great aesthetically, but what’s even better is  that it has a ton of deep drawers. I seriously need to fill these up with some of the items in our home that just don’t seem to have their own place.

Figure Out the Laundry

Someone gave us an awesome 3 basket laundry cart for a wedding gift…but C and I had already bought one before the wedding. Now there are two large laundry carts taking up a lot of space in our narrow hallway. So either one of them has to go, or one needs to go into the basement where the actual washer and dryer are located. And most importantly, the laundry needs to stay off the floor, even though our little pup loves making the dirty clothes into a nest.

Soooooo Many Kitchen Things

Remember last week when I wanted to win the lottery so that I could have a bigger kitchen? Well, I didn’t win the lottery, so I need to figure out how to organize the many kitchen items that we have. C is putting up a pot rack, which should help a little, but other than that, we really need to find some nooks and crannies to fit 10,000 mugs.

Do you have any good organizing tips for me?


6 thoughts on “What’s Hap-Pinning Wednesday: The Need to Organize

  1. I’m a crazy person when it comes to laundry, I have several laundry baskets strategically placed all over the house because somehow the husband forgets we have them lol.

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