Five on Friday

Happy Friday folks!


It’s my favorite time of  the week because I get to give some love to excellent blog posts! So without further ado, here we go:

#1–DIY Post-It Note Goal Board from My Borrowed Heaven


With baby’s arrival just around the corner, I am in desperate need of some organization. My to-do lists have gotten a little out of control (you should see my fridge). But I love this goal board that Meg made because it not only focuses on the immediate goals but the future goals as well. Don’t you want to add this to your kitchen or office?

#2–Summer Slow Cooker Recipes from Mix and Match Mama


Honestly, there are some days that I want to pack up, move to Texas and live with the Shull family. They’re completely adorable, and Shay knows how to cook like none other! Until they formally ask me to come and live with them, I’m going to try to incorporate some of these delicious slow cooker recipes into my meal plan.

#3–The Best Hashtags for Outdoor Lovers from To & Fro


In the summer, even when it’s really hot, I find myself outdoors much more than usual. And let’s be honest, there are substantially more Insta-worthy pics taken throughout the summer than when I’m stuck inside for the winter. Luckily, Mar shared a post with fantastic hashtags to use when you’re spending time outside!

#4–Best Fast Food Options While Traveling from I Am Teacher Fit


When you’re on a long road trip, the easiest move is to hit up a fast food joint. Sure, you’re usually super angry at yourself afterwards, but you don’t have to be! Jessica put together a list of popular fast food establishments and ways to eat healthier while you’re there. Then when you get to the beach, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll still fit into that bikini!

#5–At Home Date Night Ideas from Everyday Events


The hubs and I are homebodies FOR SURE. So the majority of our “date nights” include ordering in food and watching Parks and Recreation (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’m so thankful that Erin created this post that gives me some more great ideas for dates without having to leave our house!


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  1. I’m so right there with you. I won’t lie. I think I cried for 30 minutes earlier thinking about all that has to be done and how time is flying! I am working on a list now from order of importance and am already feeling better! I need that board!

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