Mama Monday: 29 Weeks!

Happy Monday folks! Believe it or not, I’m 29 weeks into my pregnancy! Only 11 weeks until we meet our baby girl! Here’s how things are going right now:

Baby Girl is the Size of a…

Hawaiian Pineapple!

What’s Going On In There?

This week, Baby Girl’s lungs are continuing to develop so that she’ll be able to breathe deeply when she arrives. I can still feel lots of movement, especially when I’m lying on my side.

Any Cravings?

Baby Girl still wants spicy food ALL. THE. TIME. But on the flip side, all I wanted the other night was Swedish fish. Luckily, my dear husband was willing to run up to the convenience store to get some with me.

Anything Weird Symptoms?

I’m still getting reflux, but not as much. I’ve also been getting some leg cramps, and when the little gal settles into my bladder, it’s time to GO.

How Am I Sleeping?

The problem with having more energy in the evening is that I’m more tired for my early wake-up time, but I’ve been trying to get more sleep for the baby. And I love love taking a weekend nap.

What Do I Miss?

Still miss coffee and the fancy pants coffee drinks from Starbucks.

The countdown is ON!!!


8 thoughts on “Mama Monday: 29 Weeks!

  1. So cool. Not a mama yet but love to read these. Also, I would really love to know how or where they come up with these size comparisons haha

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