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TBB Asks!

Okay okay, so I’m a day behind with this, but can I blame it on pregnancy brain? I’ve got to keep using this excuse for as long as possible! Anyhoo, here are my answers to The Blended Blog’s summertime questions!

1. Pool, Lake or Ocean?

For swimming in: pool. For relaxing beside: lake or ocean.

2. Camping, Cottage or Hotel?

Hotel–I need my comfy sleep!

3. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Peanut butter cup!

4. PJ’s, Nightgown, T-Shirt and Shorts or Birthday Suit?

All of the above EXCEPT birthday suit (I am a lady, after all 😉 )

5. Favorite Summer Beverage?

Sweet tea! I can’t wait to dive into some of that post-pregnancy!

6. Would You Rather Be Hot or Cold?

Probably hot, but only if I could be holding a nice, cold beverage.

7. Sandals with Heels or Flats?

Flats for sure (I’m clumsy).

8. Shorts or Skirts?

Skirts! I feel like I look funny in shorts–not too proud of my thighs.

9. Sit in the Sun or in the Shade?

With how quickly I burn, I’ve gotta say shade.

10. Water, Tea or Soda?

If it’s sweet tea, then DEFINITELY tea!

11. Favorite Summer Fruit or Vegetable?


12. Sunrise or Sunset?

Sunset (who wants to be up for a sunrise?)

13. Bike Ride or Walk?

I had a bit of a traumatic fall off of a bike several years ago and haven’t been back on one since…so I would have to choose walking.

14. Winery or Brewery?

Neither really…but if I were to go and hang out with the hubs, then I’d say brewery.

15. Garden or No Garden?

Most years, I say GARDEN! But last year I was planning a wedding and this year I’ve been growing a baby, so the garden will have to wait until next summer.

16. Big Summer Concert or Music in the Park?

Hmmm…it depends on who it is…I’d probably have to go with big concert!

17. Fave Cookout Food?

Corn on the cob!

18. Dine Indoors or Patio?

As long as it’s not too buggy, I love eating on the patio!

19. Favorite Summer Destination?

Bethany Beach! Someone get me to some ocean PLEASE!

20. Big Theme Park or Local Carnival?

I’m a sucker for a big theme park (Disney all the way, baby!)

21. Drinks Blended or On the Rocks?

Not much of a drinker, but when I do, it’s on the rocks.

22. Popsicle Flavor of Choice?

Cherry or Grape!

23. Hot Dog or Hamburger?






Seeking Approval Throughout Life

Happy Monday all!

I’m sorry for the radio silence this past week. Prepping for baby is quite a bit more draining that I realized, but hopefully I’ll be back to a normal schedule soon.

Anyway, today I’m talking about seeking approval. I’ve always been one who wanted others to be proud of me. In fact, even today, when I think that I might disappoint someone, I go into a bit of a tailspin until I can make it right. Example: when I know people are coming over, I will stress out HARD about how my house looks and then apologize a zillion times once the guests arrive.

This is why I loved the book Approval Junkie: My Heartfelt (And Occasionally Inappropriate ) Quest to Please Just About Everyone, and Ultimately Myself. I originally was drawn to the book because of the author Faith Salie (my family are NPR fans), but as I read, I felt such a kinship with her and her wish to do things to make others happy, even when she didn’t realize she was making herself unhappy.

Reading about her first marriage was especially eye-opening, and it showed me how much I’ve grown as someone whose need for approval must be SLIGHTLY dwindling. Not only is she brave enough to admit to the times when she was being emotionally mistreated, but she does it in such a comedic way that she’s so personable.

Oh, and her chapter about being in a high school beauty pageant–HYSTERICAL!

I highly recommend this book to all of you, whether you’re approval junkies or not 😉

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.