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My 101 in 1001 Update!

Happy Wednesday folks! I know this was supposed to be posted two days ago, but things have been a bit cray, so here’s my update!

Sooooooo here’s the sad thing…some of the places/events on my list have closed. So I’ve had to modify some things in order to TRY to get close to 101!

I’m breaking out my planner and figuring out how to accomplish some of these items before the next check-in! Here’s how things are looking so far:

Visit the Best Zoos (2/10)

Plan: See the Bronx Zoo next Mother’s Day and possibly the Cincinnati Zoo sometime before then.

Eat the Best Pizza (0/10)

Substitution: Mother Dough in L.A. has closed, so it is being replaced by Bella Pizza in North East.

Plan: Snag some pizza from Bella Pizza next week, Pizzeria Beddia in Philly in June and Tavola next Mother’s Day.

Visit the Best Coffee Shops (3/10)

Substitution: Joule Coffee in Raleigh is closed, so it is being replaced by Bean Hollow in Ellicott City.

Plan: I don’t work too far from Ellicott City, so I should be able to try that out very soon!

Visit the Best Independent Bookstores (2/10)

Plan: I think we might have our babymoon near DC, so I should be able to check off Kramerbooks.

Visit 10 Castles in the U.S. (1/10)

Plan: Before getting Pizzeria Beddia, I’ll have to hit up Grey Towers Castle and Fonthills Castle.

Eat the Best Donuts (4/10)

Substitution: Verna’s Donut Shop has closed, so it is being replaced with Sugar Shack Donuts and Coffee in Alexandria.

Plan: Before June is over, I will have Sugar Shack Donuts!

Run the Most Fun Races (0/5)

Plan: Sigh…the category may be a wash…

See the Best Christmas Displays (1/10)

Plan: Definitely checking off at least two of these next Christmas!

Experience the Best of Baltimore (3/10)

Plan: I might need to grab some fries next week…

Complete the Best Crafts of Pinterest (0/5)

Plan: Once the nursery is more complete, I’ll spend some time on these this summer.

Have the Best Blog Possible (4/5)

Plan: Just keep bloggin!

Enjoy the Best in Live Entertainment (3/5)

Substitution: Since Fun Home closed on Broadway, I replaced it with Waitress, which I saw on Mother’s Day!

Visit Charleston (0/1)

My mother, daughter and I are going next Spring!

How is your list coming along?


My 101 in 1001: A Day Late!

Happy Tuesday all! I can’t believe how quickly time flies, and it’s another update of my 101 in 1001 list! I’m happily linking up with Macy and Emelia to share my progress!

Visit the Best Zoos: 2/10

No progress here, but maybe soon?

Eat the Best Pizza: 0/10

BUT I’m going to New York on Mother’s Day, and I’m going to have to insist that we check one off of this list.

Drink the Best Coffee 3/10

I guess I need to book a trip to CA to knock two off of this list.

Visit the Best Independent Bookstores 2/10

I’m going to grab my niece and get her to join me in a visit to Kramerbooks.

Visit 10 Castles in the U.S. 1/10

Clearly, I’m not meant for royalty…

Eat the Best Donuts 4/10

AHA! Finally checked another donut off the list in December! My mom and I went to a friend’s wedding in Chicago and had a DELICIOUS donut at Do-Rite Donuts. Federal Donuts in Philly is still number one so far, but there’s 6 to go…

Run the Most Fun Races 0/5

Can I walk these? I haven’t run in forever…

See the Best Christmas Displays 1/10

Well, there’s always next Christmas…

Experience the Best of Baltimore 3/10

Seriously, someone come with me to eat some pasta and fries!

Complete the Best Crafts on Pinterest 0/5

Go ahead, Jean Ralphio…


Have the Best Blog Possible 4/5

Still have a ways to go to 2,000 posts…

Enjoy the Best in Live Entertainment 2/5

Since both Fun Home and Disaster closed on Broadway, I decided to change those to any other two Broadway shows…and I saw Hamilton in January!!!!!! Talk about your life-changing amazing experiences. One of these days, I’ll sit down and write out a whole post about the magnificence of this show, but for now, it’s another one checked off my list!

Here’s to experiencing more in life and to checking off to-do lists!


My 101 in 1001 Update: The Embarrassed Edition

To Travel & Beyond

Happy Monday everyone! Even though I was lucky enough to have a 3-day weekend, I spent most of it being sick 🙁 This cold will just NOT go away! Grrrr. But enough about that! Today I’m linking up with Macy for the 101 in 1001 update…and I’m horribly embarrassed. I have not crossed off a single new thing since last time.


I truly am the worst. Can I use the excuse that I was planning a wedding? Pretty please???

But I’ll give you the update as to where I am in each category and explain my plans for how to accomplish more before the next update.

Visit America’s Best Zoos–2 out of 10

My husband and I are hoping to get out to Colorado in the spring, so maybe I can hit up the Denver Zoo? It’s really unacceptable that I haven’t been to the Bronx Zoo yet, since my brother lives in New York, so I’m hoping to get to that one soon.

Eat the Best Pizza–0 out of 10

Again, my brother lives in New York, so Tavola needs to happen ASAP.

Visit the Best Coffee Shops–3 out of 10

If we end up going to Florida in January, then maybe we’ll take a detour through Raleigh and stop into Joule Coffee.

Visit the Best Independent Bookstores–2 out of 10

I absolutely will visit Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe in DC within the next couple of months.

Visit 10 Castles in the U.S.–1 out of 10

I think a trip to Philly might be in order (I need more Federal Donuts), so I can see two castles that way!

Eat the Best Donuts–3 out of 10

Aha! I will be back in Chicago at the beginning of December, so my mom better be ready to stop by two donuts shops while we’re there!

Run the Most Fun Races–0 out of 5

It’s winter, and I’m not up for the Christmas Story 5K this year. It’s going to have to wait til the spring.

See the Best Christmas Displays–1 out of 10

I think this will be worked into the trip to PA.

Experience the Best of Baltimore–3 out of 10

Seriously, I will have at LEAST two of these checked off by the next check in.

Finish 5 Crafts–0 out of 5

It’s almost winter, which means it’s crafting season! I’ll surely have one of these done by next time.

Have the Best Blog Possible–4 out of 5

It’ll still be a while until I reach 2,000 posts, but I’m working on it!

See the Best in Live Entertainment–1 out of 5

Okay, since a couple of these shows are no longer on Broadway, I’m making a change here:

  1. See She Loves Me on Broadway–check!
  2. See Hamilton–working on it!
  3. See Misty Copeland dance–hopefully soon…
  4. See Fun Home–it’s touring now, so maybe soon?
  5. See a live taping of The Tonight Show–c’mon Jimmy, you know you want to give me tickets!

Visit Charleston–0 out of 1

Maybe next Christmas?

How are you doing on your list?



Another 101 in 1001 Update!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekends and are ready to check in on my 101 in 1001 list! If you want to see the original list, you can find it here, and my other updates are here and here.

to travel and beyond

Visit America’s Best Zoos–2 out of 10

I checked off another zoo from my list last month: the Lincoln Park Zoo! It was the absolute opposite experience as visiting the Philadelphia Zoo, which was freezing, and our visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo was on a scorcher of a day. But I still got to see a baby camel, some alpacas, and very cute monkeys. If only I had known there was a red panda…still not over that one 🙁


Eat the Best Pizza–0 out of 10

Of all people, I should have demolished this list already, but sadly, I have not. I planned on eating at Capo’s Chicago Pizza and Fine Italian Dinners in Chicago…but it’s not in Chicago! It’s in California. Sigh.

Visit the Best Coffee Shops–3 out of 10

The last time I was in DC, I had a much needed iced latte from Peregrine Espresso! I highly recommend it!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.50.49 PM

Visit the Best Independent Bookstores–2 out of 10

Chicago proved to be a great trip for checking things off of this list! I visited Women and Children First in the Windy City!

Visit 10 Castles in the U.S.–1 out of 10

Nope. No new castles.

Eat the Best Donuts–3 out of 10

Seriously, if you’re in Chicago–go to the Doughnut Vault. Not only was their chocolate glazed donut OUT OF THIS WORLD, but they gave me a great idea for my wedding 😉


Run the Most Fun Races–0 out of 5

I’ve run more races, but they haven’t been the fun ones. I’ve got to get on the ball with this.

See the Best Christmas Displays–0 out of 10

Again, not Christmas. I’ll tackle this one hard in December…hopefully.

Experience the Best of Baltimore–3 out of 10

Nothing new on this front, but I’m hoping that one of my local blogger friends will want to grab some fries at Local Fry with me? Pretty please?

Finish 5 Crafts–0 out of 5

I am a failure at crafting these days. (hides in a corner in shame)

Have the Best Blog Possible–4 out of 5

I’m almost done with this category! WOOOO! I now have over 500 followers on Bloglovin, so all that’s left is to finish 2,000 posts!

See the Best in Live Entertainment–1 out of 5

Nothing new since last time, but I’m trying for those Hamilton tickets almost every day!

Visit Charleston–0 out of 1

It’ll happen eventually…

So that’s 5 more items, bringing my total so far to 19 out of 101. Man, I’d better hop to it, if I’m going to accomplish all of these items!



My 101 in 1001: Update #2!

Happy Monday, guys and gals!

It’s been 3 months since the last 101 in 1001 check in, and here we are in May! Time to update you on all that I’ve checked off my list since the last check-in!

Visit the Best Zoos (1/10)

No new zoos in the past three months. I had wanted to go to the Bronx Zoo when I was in NYC for Mother’s Day, but the weather had been so iffy that I thought it would be best to save it for another time.

Eat the Best Pizza (0/10)

For someone who is supposedly a pizza monster, I’m really falling down on the job here.

Drink the Best Coffee (2/10)

Checked one off of this list! In February, I had a delicious latte from Everyman Espresso in NYC!


Visit the Best Bookstores (1/10)

I got to visit Mercer Street Books and Records in NYC (right down the street from Everyman Espresso). Although the store was a bit cramped for my liking, I did marvel over a old illustrated copy of the works of Shakespeare and contemplated purchasing it. My shoulders, however, let me know that they would not put up with such a heavy load all day, and so it remained in the store.


Visit 10 Castles in the U.S. (1/10)

I just accomplished this one on Mother’s Day! My brother, my mom and I went to Belvedere Castle in Central Park! It had a beautiful view, but I was just so struck by there being a CASTLE in the middle of Central Park!

IMG_2479 IMG_2480

Eat the Best Donuts (2/10)

Scrumptious Creme Brulee Donut in Doughnut Plant–check!


Run the Best Races (0/5)

I’ve run a race, but it was not one of the best ones. In fact, it kind of sucked since the last mile was all uphill. Who plans that?!?!

See the Best Christmas Displays (1/10)

I mean, it’s not Christmas, so…

Experience the Best of Baltimore (3/10)

I knocked out two of these in one day! So first of all, I was supposed to have brunch at this one place in Baltimore, but then they temporarily canceled brunches, so I changed the Best Brunch to Food Market in Hampden. I had the most AMAZING French toast with Nutella. You may start drooling at any time.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.53.44 PM

I also got to visit the Best Vintage Store in Baltimore, Milk and Ice Vintage. It was pretty cool, but definitely not the best vintage store I’ve ever been to.

via Baltimore Magazine

Finish 5 Crafts (0/5)

My crafty hands have been busy with wedding planning, but I did start one of the 5 (finally).

Have the Best Blog (3/5)

I now have over 500 Twitter followers! I’m SO close to 500 Bloglovin followers, so hopefully I’ll check off that one by the next update!

See the Best in Live Entertainment (1/5)

Not only did I get to see She Loves Me on Broadway (which I wrote about here), but I got to see one of my celebrity crushes star in it! Sigh, oh Zachary Levi.


Visit Charleston (0/1)

One of these days, I’ll get there…

So I checked off 8 more things from my list! Hopefully I’ll check off at least another 8 before the next update!

How’s your lists coming along?


My 101 in 1001: First Update!

To Travel & Beyond
It’s so hard to believe that months have gone by since I joined up with Macy for the 101 in 1001! While I still have a TON to do, here’s an update on what I’ve accomplished so far!
Visit the Best Zoos 1/10
I can check one of these off the list because I visited the Philadelphia Zoo! It was a COLD day to be visiting the zoo, but at the same time, that meant that some of my favorite creatures who would normally escape the heat were out and about, including the Coldilocks the polar bear and my personal favorite, the red pandas!
polar bear
red panda
Eat the Best Pizza 0/10
Boyfriend’s niece and I had planned to visit Pizzeria Beddia in Philly, but when planning out the day, I noticed that it wouldn’t open until 5:30 and that people start lining up at 4:30. It was just too chilly to make this endeavor that day, but I am going to NYC in a few weeks and will definitely be visiting Tavola!
Drink the Best Coffee 1/10
Again, as part of the Philly trip, Molly and I had some Ultimo Coffee! I had one of their regular coffees (which was quite yummy), but Molly intelligently chose the pretty pretty latte.
ultimo coffee
Visit the Best Bookstores 0/10
Again, I plan to remedy that when I go to NYC, but I may also try to work in a trip to Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe in DC before then.
Visit 10 Castles in the US 0/10
I’ll tackle one of these in NYC, too. The one that I had planned to see outside of Philly would have added another hour to our road trip, and we had already accomplished enough for one day.
Eat the Best Donuts in the US 1/10
If you haven’t eaten Federal Donuts in Philly yet, then book a ticket, get on a plane and MAKE IT HAPPEN.
federal donuts
Run the Best Races 0/5
Yeahhhh, it’s been too cold for races right now, but I’ve still got them in my sights!
See the Best Christmas Displays 1/10
I was able to see some of the Historic Georgetown Christmas in DC, but unfortunately I had a virus that day that hit me hard and so I couldn’t stay too long. It really was beautiful though!
georgetown dc
Experience the Best of Baltimore 1/10
I had some of the baked good at Artifact Coffee–omg were those chocolate chip cookies delicious and the shop itself is adorable.
artifact coffee
Finish 5 Crafts 0/5
Technically I haven’t even STARTED any of the 5 crafts that I chose, but I’ll get to them!
Have the Best Blog 2/5
I hosted my first successful giveaway for an Etsy gift card, and I have a post with more than 100 views!!
See the Best in Live Entertainment 0/5
Okay, this will only be 0/5 for a couple more weeks because I have tickets to see She Loves Me on Broadway March 2nd! I can’t WAITTTT!!
Visit Charleston 0/1
I promise, beloved Charleston bloggers, I’ll be there soon!
How’s your list coming along?

Weekending: Philly in Phebruary!

Happy Monday one and all!

This weekend was the rescheduled day for Boyfriend’s niece Molly and I to go to Philly. We had planned to go a couple of weeks ago, but big ole scary blizzard Jonas kept us house-bound. My goal was to check off 5 things from my 101 in 1001 list. While I only managed to get to 3, it was still an incredible day.

We got on the road early, since Philadelphia is about 90 minutes from our houses (Molly and her family live right down the street from us). We made sure to grab some coffee so that we would be well-caffeinated for our drive to our first stop…a coffee shop.

According to The Daily Meal, one of the 50 best coffee shops in the country is Ultimo Coffee in Philadelphia. I will say that their coffee was quite yummy, but I should have gone Molly’s route and gotten one of their pretty lattes.

Now that we were full of caffeine, we were ready for one of The Daily Meals 25 best donuts in America. And it truly changed our lives…at least as far as donuts are concerned. After accidentally passing the small donut shop twice, Molly and I were able to have hot cinnamon sugar donuts from Federal Donuts. Honestly (and this is not an exaggeration), it was the best best best donut I have ever eaten in my life. We even considered going back for another donut because we didn’t want the deliciousness to end!

Before our next scheduled stop, we did have to pop into Barnes and Noble because it was a really pretty one in an old Philadelphia building. But then it was onto the zoo!

Fodor’s dubbed the Philadelphia Zoo as one of America’s 10 Best Zoos, so I knew I had to go there. We started out by seeing some small mammals, including a baby monkey that had just been born that day! Well, we could only see his feet and tail but the teeny-tiny feet and tail were ADORABLE.

The monkeys curled their tails together <3

Next we were on to the reptile house, where we definitely thought this guy was fake (he wasn’t).

We saw some brightly-colored flamingos.

Peacocks were EVERYWHERE!

Coldilocks (riiiiight??) the polar bear was so adorably huggable–and a little sassy 😉

But my favorite, of course, were the red pandas.

On our way home (still on a red panda high), Molly and I stopped for hot chocolate before realizing that we had only consumed caffeine and sugar that day. Oh well, that’s what weekends are for!

I linked up with Biana for Weekending!


November Recap!

Hey guys hey guys! Have you realized that December starts TOMORROW???
Before we officially get into the nuttiness of the month of December (the amount of plans that are piling up is ASTOUNDING but good for the blog lol), I thought I’d look back at all that happened in November!

I had an amazing vacation in Asheville!
I accomplished 3 items on my 101 in 1001 list! I hosted a successful giveaway, had a post reach 100 views and had the best baked goods in Baltimore from Artifact Coffee!
I finished the book The Cuckoo’s Calling (which was INCREDIBLE) and started This Summer (already totally hooked) for the Semi-Charmed Winter Book Challenge!
I ran another 5k–obviously in a bear hat 😉

I had two terrific Thanksgiving dinners–that’s right, I said TWO!  Oh man, tomorrow’s weigh-in is going to be ROUGH!
And since Thanksgiving is officially over, I let myself start to get into Christmas by singing along with Kelly Clarkson’s “My Grown-Up Christmas List” and watching Christmas television episodes, including the episode of Happy Endings with Hip-Hop Santa.
November has been wonderful, but don’t forget about all the Cyber Monday goodness of today (and let me know if you find anything great!), and tomorrow begins an awesome Instagram challenge from some of my favorite Baltimore blogging babes, Macy, Megan, Laura and Annie!  I’ll be joining in, and I hope you will, too!


101 in 1001–I’m Comin’ for Ya!

I love love love this idea!  As soon as I saw Macy‘s tweet about 101 in 1001, I started making my list right away (uber-planner strikes again).

When deciding upon my 101 things, my mind drifted to all of the things that I love.  All of a sudden it hit me–why not see and do the best of each??  This lead me to make lists of food, drinks, activities and locations that are absolutely and completely ME!

Here are the 101 things I have to do in the next 1001 days:

Visit America’s Best Zoos (according to Fodors)

  1. Memphis Zoo in Memphis, Tennessee
  2. St. Louis Zoo in St. Louis, Missouri
  3. Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois
  4. Houston Zoo in Houston, Texas
  5. Cincinnati Zoo in Cincinnati, Ohio
  6. San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California
  7. Zoo Miami in Miami, Florida
  8. Denver Zoo in Denver, Colorado
  9. Philadelphia Zoo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  10. Bronx Zoo in The Bronx, New York
Eat the Best Pizza (according to Gayot)
  1. Bollo Woodfired Pizza in Houston, Texas
  2. Capo’s Chicago Pizza and Fine Italian Dinners in Chicago, Illinois
  3. Cart-Driver in Denver, Colorado
  4. Full of Life Flatbread in Los Alamos, California
  5. Ken’s Artisan Pizza in Portland, Oregon
  6. Mother Dough in Los Angeles, California
  7. Pizza Domenica in New Orleans, Louisiana
  8. Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  9. Proof Pizza and Pasta in Miami, Florida
  10. Tavola in New York, New York
Visit the Best Coffee Shops (according to The Daily Meal)
  1. Everyman Espresso in New York, New York
  2. Go Get Em Tiger in Los Angeles, California
  3. Saint Frank’s in San Francisco, California
  4. Ultimo Coffee in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  5. Peregrine Espresso in Washington, D.C.
  6. Joule Coffee in Raleigh, North Carolina
  7. Milstead & Co. in Seattle, Washington
  8. Panther Coffee in Miami, Florida
  9. PT’s at College Hill in Topeka, Kansas
  10. Condesa Coffee in Atlanta, Georgia
Visit the Best Independent Bookstores (according to WhereTraveler and Thrillist)
  1. The Booksmith in San Francisco, California
  2. Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, Washington
  3. Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  4. Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe in Washington, DC
  5. Mercer Street Books and Records in New York, NY
  6. Powell’s in Portland, Oregon
  7. Skylight Books in Los Angeles, California
  8. Square Books in Oxford, Massachusetts
  9. Women and Children First in Chicago, Illinois
  10. Parnassus Books in Nashville, Tennessee
    Visit 10 Castles in the U.S. (according to AARP–don’t judge–and Trip to Discover)
    1. Boldt Castle in Thousand Islands, New York
    2. Belvedere Castle in Central Park, New York
    3. Lyndhurst Castle in Tarrytown, New York
    4. Grey Towers Castle in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    5. Fonthill Castle in Doylestown, Pennsylvania
    6. Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan
    7. Bishop’s Palace in Galveston, Texas
    8. Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California
    9. Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga, California
    10. Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough, New Hampshire
      Eat the Best Donuts (according to The Daily Meal)
      1. Plain Glazed at the Donut Vault in Chicago, Illinois
      2. Plain Glazed at Round Rock Doughnuts in Round Rock, Texas
      3. Peanut Butter and Banana with Chocolate Chips at Stan’s Donuts in Los Angeles, California
      4. Chocolate Honey-Dip at Verna’s Donut Shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts
      5. Cookies and Cream at Federal Donuts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      6. Plain Glazed at Britt’s Donuts in Carolina Beach, North Carolina
      7. Chocolate Glazed at Do-Rite Donuts and Coffee in Chicago, Illinois
      8. Creme Brulee at Doughnut Planet in New York, New York
      9. Portland Cream at Voodoo Donut in Portland, Oregon
      10. Plain Glazed at Dat Donut in Chicago, Illinois
      Run the Most Fun Races (according to Greatlist)–I’m going to need it after all that food
      1. Hot Chocolate 5K in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      2. A Christmas Story Run in Cleveland, Ohio
      3. runDisney 5K
      4. runDisney 10K
      5. Electric Run
      See the Best Christmas Displays (according to Fodors)
      1. Christmas Town, USA in McAdenville, North Carolina
      2. Koziar’s Christmas Village in Bernville, Pennsylvania
      3. Ogden’s Christmas Village in Ogden, Utah
      4. Nevada City Victorian Christmas in Nevada City, California
      5. Ozark Mountain Christmas in Branson, Missouri
      6. Historic Georgetown Christmas in Washington, DC
      7. Historic Zoar Village in Zoar, Ohio
      8. Wisconsin’s Elkhart Lake Christmas in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
      9. Genessee Country Village in Mumford, New York
      10. Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia
      Experience the Best of Baltimore (according to Baltimore Magazine)

      1. Best Baked Goods at Artifact 
      2. Best Fries at The Local Fry
      3. Best Pasta at Aggio
      4. Best Sushi at Azumi
      5. Best Boozy Brunch at Hersh’s
      6. Best Swanky Bar at B&O American Brasserie
      7. Best Vintage at Milk & Ice Vintage
      8. Best Bar Makeover at Jokers ‘N Thieves
      9. Best Karaoke at Max’s Taphouse
      10. Best Outdoor Film Series at Reel B.A.D. Film Nights
      Complete the Best Crafts on Pinterest
      1. Make this Christmas Tree quilt
      2. Knit this scarf
      3. Crochet this hat
      4. Make this Butterfly quilt
      5. Knit this hat
      Have the Best Blog Possible
      1. Have 500 followers on Bloglovin’
      2. Have 500 followers on Twitter
      3. Host a successful giveaway
      4. Have 2,000 posts
      5. Have a post with over 100 views

      Enjoy the Best in Live Entertainment

      1. See a live taping of The Tonight Show
      2. See Fun Home on Broadway
      3. See She Loves Me on Broadway
      4. See Disaster starring Adam Pascal
      5. See Misty Copeland dance
      And finally…visit Charleston!
      to travel and beyond