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I’m sadly a day late with this link-up, but hey, celebrating the 4th of July takes time!

Here’s what I’m currently up to:


All of the upcoming summer plans and doctors’ appointments that I have over the next few months. Is it just me, or is this summer busier than ever?!


Some of the things on my Before Baby Arrives To-Do List…although every time I think I’m making a dent, there are more things to add!


Rewatching Parks and Recreation with my husband. That show is ALWAYS hilarious!



I’m currently working on my books for the Book Challenge by Erin 7.0, so I’ve started listening to The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope, which is, um, interesting so far, and I’m hoping to start Approval Junkie today.


Oof, when there are so many plans this summer, that means buying a lot of gifts. And I’ve been having to purchase things for the baby’s room, and of course my car is in the shop. Sigh.

Linking up with Anne and Stephanie!