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Weigh-In #23

Happy Tuesday! I’m certainly happy because at this point I have lost…

27 pounds

Yup yup! 27 pounds are outta here! That means I’ve gotten over the middle hump and am officially heading down the hill towards my goal weight!

One of the items that has helped a great deal in these past two weeks has been snack-sized bags of pretzels and baked chips. I’m truly working on portion control, but it always helps when someone has already portioned things out for me 😉

In regards to portion control, though, I feel like I am getting back into the swing of things, after having blizzards and holidays throw me for a loop. As I was writing about in yesterday’s post, I definitely could have devoured a large container of sesame chicken (especially since it was spicier than usual–also like General Tso’s), but I stopped myself halfway and allowed Boyfriend to finish the rest.

I did, however, make a new meal this week! I made Abby of Winstead Wandering‘s Green Chile Baked Taquitos, and they were AMAZING! I thought that my roommate would scoff at the fact that they’re not deep fried, but he gobbled up five of them ridiculously quickly!


What has helped the most these past two weeks, however, has been yoga. With my neck FINALLY behaving itself (sort of) after my trip to the massage therapist, I felt like it was safe to venture back into the yoga waters. I’m so glad that I did, too, because if nothing else, it gives me half an hour to just focus on breathing and strengthening my body. Sure, I pulled a muscle in my knee by overdoing a lizard pose on Friday night, but I’m sure by mid-week, I’ll be back at it 😉

frog yoga

Here’s to more pounds gettin’ the heck off my body!


Weigh-In #22: Halfway There!

So some of you may be aware that the Super Bowl was on Sunday. And even though I saw a bajillion recipes for healthy Super Bowl party snacks, I knew that adding one of those to Boyfriend’s family’s party was not going to happen. So instead I made buffalo chicken dip and resigned myself to another week of a disappointing weight. However, there was a little voice in the back of my head that said, “Lauren, you’ve been counting points for the rest of the week AND exercising…you’re going to be okay.” Still, I was unsure until I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that so far I’ve lost…


To say that I’m thrilled would be an understatement. My goal has been to lose 52 pounds, and this is the halfway point! It’s taken a little longer than I expected, but hey, I’m here now! And the fact is, the last time I did Weight Watchers, I lost 26 pounds total, so I’m just glad that I’ve been able to do it again.

Home Cookin’

I’ll be honest–there wasn’t any healthy home cookin’ this week, BUT I did make an amazing buffalo chicken dip for the Super Bowl and managed to replace a lot of the ingredients with the low-fat versions.


I did a couple days worth of the Winter Shape Up and phew I was feeling the burn! I also continued on with my 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene–still loving it!


Here’s to another healthy week and losing some more pounds!


Weigh-In #21: Groundhog Day Edition

So, I gained a pound back 🙁 Definitely not the weight I wanted to see to start off February.

This week has not been the easiest, by any means. It started off great–I was working out using the Winter Shape-Up Program from The Fitnessista and had all kinds of healthy recipes planned out. But even though I had the best of intentions, illness and plans got in the way. For example, it is VERY difficult to go to an Italian restaurant and not get all carby. And then after eating said carby-meal, even though I planned on going home to do yoga, a headache struck on the drive home and all I wanted to do was go to bed.

But I am proud of the workouts I did work into my schedule and the couple of meals that I made. Funny enough, I think my proudest moment was NOT ordering the chocolate chip Belgian waffle that was offered at breakfast on Saturday morning. That was a HUGE test of willpower.

Home Cookin’

Baked Spaghetti from Winstead Wandering (8 SmartPoints per serving)

baked spaghetti

Chicken Taco Chili from Delectably Skinny (5 SmartPoints per serving)

chicken taco chili


As I mentioned above, I’ve been doing as much of the Winter Shape-Up as possible, which I was able to do for 3 days. This included some strength work and cardio, and just in case I need to do more snow shoveling this year, I’m glad that I’m getting some strength work in!

Hopefully next week will be more successful!




Weigh-In #20: And We’re Back!

You know what’s cruel and unusual punishment? Having your skinny skinny roommate ask you to pick him up a Venti Vanilla Bean Frappaccino with whipped cream. On the night before weigh-in.

As I drove back from Starbucks, I just stared at that drink and the tiny bit of whipped cream popping up through the top of the cup. Would he REALLY know if I just took off a little of that delectable whipped cream??

But no. I didn’t do it. I delivered his drink in its original state, and I’m glad that I did because…

I’m back baby! Back to the weight I was before Christmas!

celebration cat


The iffy thing is that I go on vacation at the end of this week, but the GOOD thing is that I’m going on vacay with my family, and since my mom is also on Weight Watchers, I think we’ll be good to go!

Home Cookin

To be fair, I haven’t done a whole lot of home cooking this week, but I did make some salsa chicken last night. There’s a great recipe from Gimme Some Oven here!


I’m still on the ball with my #100DaysofExercise! True, I did have to count doing some squats as my exercise one of the days, but all of the other days, I’ve done yoga or ran/walked at the gym (cuz baby, it’s cold outside)!

24  pounds down–28 to go!!! Almost halfway there!

The giveaway is ending soon–have you entered yet?

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Weigh-In #19: The First of 2016

pam the office eat


Annnnnnd, it’s not a great one. I didn’t weigh myself last week because I knew that I had gained weight over Christmas, but I thought that I would have gotten rid of all of the extra pounds by today. Nope. Still 2 pounds heavier than I was before the holidays.

I’m sure that part of this has to do with New Year’s and all of the goodies that went along with that holiday, too, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not beating myself up about it today.

However, all I can do is move forward and do my best to stick to diet and exercise this week!


As I’m always one to jump onto the bandwagon of a challenge, I dove headfirst into the 100 Days of Exercise challenge, which I started on January 1st. I ran/walked three days, which was a total of 4.57 miles. And I got my yoga on twice, which would have been MUCH easier if Linus didn’t feel the need to join me for my workout.

Linus labradoodle


Home Cookin’ (once I started cooking healthy again)

Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup from Six Sisters Stuff (8 Smart Points per serving)

slow cooker chicken noodle soup

Pizza Bubbles from Pillsbury (3 Smart Points per serving)

pizza bubbles pillsbury


Any words of encouragement for this next week would be greatly appreciated!

I linked up with The Blush Blonde and The Fairy Princess Diaries for:

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Weigh-In # 17: Almost Halfway There!!

That’s right folks, you read the title correctly–I’m almost halfway to my goal of losing 52 pounds! In fact, as of this morning I have lost 24 pounds!!!

Now, in all honesty, I have been suffering from a bit of a stomach bug the past week, so part of this is definitely due to food just not wanting to stay in my system, but I must say I’m glad that I lost a little more this week with Christmas coming up (and all the yummy treats and goodies that go along with it!)
I know it’s a short one today, but come back tomorrow–that’s when the giveaway starts!!


Weigh-In #16: Back to Where We Started From

Another week, another weigh-in, and this one happily has me back to where I was before the dreaded (but delicious) Thanksgiving!

21 pounds down!  The exciting thing is that this week there aren’t any scheduled events that will encourage me to eat tons and tons of cookies (that’ll be next week), so hopefully I’ll be able to lose another pound before Christmas.

Last Wednesday, I went to a different Zumba class, in order to mix things up. Unfortunately, even though this Zumba class was probably more authentic, it was nearly as fun as the ones that I go to on Saturday mornings. I mean, she didn’t play any 80’s music–what the heck?!  Also, my decision to go to that class led to me being stuck in traffic for 3 hours and not getting home until after 10pm, so I’m just gonna go ahead and stick to my Saturday morning Zumba classes from now on.
Home Cookin’

Protip: Read all the directions ahead of time so that you don’t put in the noodles too early like I did. Still, it was delicious 🙂
Until our next time on the scale!


Weigh-In #15: What the @#$NSLF Happened????

Okay, so the rather exclamatory title does not refer to my weight this week.  I’m happy to say that I lost a pound last week, and so I’m officially back to a 20-pound weight loss so far!

No, the title refers to the fact that Weight Watchers has changed up their plan. Instead of PointsPlus, my numbers have been switched up, and I now have 30 Smart Points a day, 35 extras for the week and am expected to rack up 7 Fit Points throughout the week via exercise.  I was mightily confused and then had to do some research to figure out why my WW app looked so crazy.
It turns out that WW is trying to promote eating leaner meats, healthier foods and less sugar. Whereas they used to factor in the amount of fat, carbs, protein and fiber in certain foods, now they’re adding in the amount of calories, saturated fat and sugar. They believe that this will keep people on a healthier path through life and that those who lose weight are less likely to gain it back later. I hope this new program does work because it would be so frustrating to lose 20 pounds and then find that the new system doesn’t work as well…
Anyway, here’s my healthy recap of the week:

I was able to go to Zumba for the first time in many weeks last Saturday and LOVED it. Yes, it was a little tougher to get through, since it was my first time back, and my legs were aching for days afterwards, but I’m glad to be getting back into the swing of things (albeit slowly).
Healthy Foods at Home
Skinny Crockpot French Toast with Sugar Cookie Glaze from Divas Run for Bling (8 Points Plus–not sure what it would be in the new system)

If you have a crockpot, you HAVE to make this delicious meal. The french toast came out so perfectly, and the glaze was scrumptious! I love this picture because it shows my serving of the french toast on top, and Boyfriend’s serving with added chocolate chips and mini marshmallows on the bottom 😉
We’ll see how this new system affects my weight for next week!


Weigh-In #14: Womp Womp

Well, it had to happened eventually.  I gained some weight back 🙁

I know that I didn’t pay attention to points last week, and I ate more sesame chicken than sesame seeds. My portion sizes were WAY bigger than they have been the past few months, and with the holiday, I had no time to exercise, so honestly, I saw this coming.

As silly as this meme is, it’s actually true. I did gain back 2 pounds, which SUCKSSSSSSSS, but it’s put me back on track towards tackling the weight.  I started small–my boss brought in bagels today and I just had a half instead of a whole.  I got a sandwich for lunch instead of a big ole bowl of pasta. And I’ve decided that I will do some form of exercise every day this week, even if I don’t have time to go to the gym (that’s what YouTube is for!).

I was able to make one meal this week: Pumpkin Buttermilk Pancakes, courtesy of Krissy at Self Proclaimed Foodie.

But I’m excited to make more healthy foods later this week and this weekend!  And it helped that when I said, “I gained back two pounds,” Boyfriend replied me, “You had to attend two Thanksgiving dinners and you ONLY gained back two pounds? That’s impressive!” 😉

It’s a tough day for sure, and I’m a little blue about the weight gain, but I’m just going to work harder and remember this:


Weigh-In #13: The One with The Winner!

Happy Weigh-in Tuesday, folks!  It turns out that if my weight were an age, it would be legal for it to drink because I’ve lost 21 pounds!!!


I was able to go running 3 times in the past week, although the first time was more of a run/walk because I was running with someone else.  I really really REALLY wanted to go to Zumba class on Saturday, but I was having problems with a stupid flat tire and felt like it was a bad idea to forgo getting my car fixed just to be able to “dance it out.”

Home Cookin’

And now what you’ve all been waiting for–the winner of the $25 Gift Card to Etsy is….
Sarah Elizabeth!!!

Congratulations Sarah!  I’m emailing you the gift card this morning!
And thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway–a new one will be coming soon!