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Five on Friday

Happy Friday one and all! Time for another edition of Five on Friday!


1. Name Fail

Honestly, sometimes I wonder why celebrities feel that they need to gain more attention by given their children crazy names. OR in general, I find that people don’t think about their last names when they choose their children’s first names. Case in point: Nick Cannon’s new baby, Golden. The kid’s name is Golden Cannon.


2. Sweet Corn Chili

One of my favorite things about reading blogs is finding new recipes. I can’t thank Shay from Mix and Match Mama enough for her delicious sweet corn chili recipe. It was a HUGE hit at my house!

3. Struggling Through a Book

I’ve said time and again that if a book doesn’t keep my attention, then I won’t keep reading it. Life’s too short, ya know? But there’s a book I’m reading now, and I’m so close to being finished that I feel like I have to, even though it really should have ended ages ago. I’ll let you know more about it the next time I do a book review. In the meantime, is there anything else I should be reading?

4. Bachelor Thoughts

I’m now officially Team Raven. She’s adorable, and Vanessa has just been too draining for me. And, of course, she’s not flippin’ Corinne. Ughhhhhhh the worst.


5. Our New Quilt!

The best part about this week was getting this new quilt from my mom!

When we got our new bed, every other quilt we had suddenly became WAY too small. And the comforter we bought for the bed had me sweating at night. So now C and I have the most beautiful quilt, made by my mama! Are we lucky or what?

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Five on Friday: I’m Back, Baby!

Happy Friday all! I’m sorry for such a long blogging absence–it’s not you, it’s me!


But now it’s time for Five on Friday! Today I’m focusing on the world of pop culture because let’s be honest, it’s way more fun than real life!

Baby Clooneys!!!!


Yes, I was super jazzed about Beyonce’s twins, but I’ve gotta say, I’m even more THRILLED for George and Amal Clooney! They’re such a fascinating couple, and those two little kiddos are going to be both gorgeous and worldly!

All the Single Babies?

While her pregnancy may be temporarily overshadowed by the Clooneys, I’m still SUPER excited about Beyonce’s lullaby album! Ya gotta start your kids off loving Beyonce early.

American Revival?


Okay, there was a reason American Idol went by the wayside in the first place. No one was watching it!! Does NBC really think that people will start watching if it’s on their network? Also, isn’t Seacrest busy enough?

Oh, Corinne


Seriously, Nick, send Corinne packing. She went from super obnoxious to semi-entertaining, and now she’s back to just plain awful. Marry Vanessa or NICU-nurse Danielle and get it over with!

Timberlake + Walken


While many disagree, I think the best Superbowl commercial was the one starring Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken. Walken doing a dramatic reading of “Bye Bye Bye” made my former-college heart so happy!

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Five on Friday: Almost Christmas Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Did anyone else TOTALLY need today to be Friday???

Anyhoo, here’s 5 things going on in my world this week, as I link up for:

1. Date Night

Well, technically, it’ll be group date night. C and I are going to the movies with some of our friends tonight to see Rogue One. I’m pretty excited because we’ve haven’t had a movie date since Valentine’s Day, when we saw Zoolander 2 (clearly, we’re all about the romantic movies lol).

2. Falling Behind on Movies


Speaking of movies, I have yet to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. I’m pretty sure that I can’t allow myself to open presents on Christmas morning if I haven’t watched that movie.

3. Westworld anyone?


Is anyone else watching Westworld? My friends recommended it to me, and I’m hooked after the first two episodes. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it’s one of those shows that I have to watch really closely, so I don’t miss important things, which means that it’s not the type of show that I can watch while accomplishing other tasks.

4. Drunk History


And now speaking of television, do yourself a favor and watch the episode of Drunk History that features Lin-Manuel Miranda telling the story of Hamilton. I’ve watched it twice already because I love it so much. Also, if you are a fan of Parks and Rec and/or Arrested Development, then you’ll love the cameos!

5. Wrapping It Up!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to wrap gifts this weekend! I’m going to clear off my big ole desk and turn it into my gift-wrapping station. Christmas music will play, hot chocolate will be consumed, and if I’m lucky, the pups will not get into the scraps of paper too much.


Five on Friday: Top 5 Scrubs Episodes

Happy Friday everyone! Since the holidays are coming up, I’m going to try to avoid stress by watching some episodes of my favorite shows. Today, I’ll write about some of my favorite episodes of one of the greatest shows of all time: Scrubs. Linking up with some great ladies for Five on Friday!

“My Half-Acre”


This is by far my favorite episode. First of all, Turk, Ted, and the Janitor are in an “air band” together. Why on EARTH would four grown men form an air band? It doesn’t matter because it’s AMAZING. Also, this is the first of two episodes with Mandy Moore, and there’s just something so lovable about her. Oh, and you find out that JD has Les Mis trading cards.

My Best Friend’s Baby’s Baby


I love this episode. Carla and Turk are having their baby, and JD and Kim are deciding what to do about her pregnancy, and Dr. Cox and Jordan’s son has no filter, which is phenomenal.

My Way Home


The first time this episode aired, I missed it because I was on the phone. The next day, my friend yelled at me for missing it because he said it was one of the best episodes ever. He was right. It has the perfect mix of magic and heart…and a Wizard of Oz theme.

My Musical


I was really skeptical of this episode at first, as I am when any mainstream television show decides to do a musical episode. But it was awesome. I still sing the “You’re Going to Be Okay” song in my head from time to time.

My Unicorn


You know how my most favorite show of all time is Friends? Well when a guest star on Scrubs was Chandler’s from Friends, it made the episode SO much better!

Do you watch Scrubs? Do you have a favorite episode?



Five on Friday: Five Things I Miss From the Old Days

Happy Friday! So today, I’m going to come across as pretty darn old. There are just some modern conveniences that don’t hold up to their outdated counterparts. Today I talk about five older items that I truly miss as I link up for Five on Friday!

1. Typewriters


Yep, I used to use a typewriter. In fact, I typed up a scholarship essay on one in my senior year of high school. Sure, it’s MUCH easier to clean up mistakes on a computer, but there is nothing more satisfying that hearing the pounding of the keys when you’re typing away on a typewriter. And that ding at the end of each line? That’s when you really knew you were cookin’!

2. Phones with Cords


Some people still have these, but it seems to be rarer and rarer. I remember for my tenth birthday, I got my own phone for my room. It was pink (OBVIOUSLY) and the keys lit up! As someone who paces when I’m on the phone, having a cell phone is clearly more conducive to my lifestyle, but pushing an “end” button to hang up on someone isn’t nearly as fulfilling as slamming down a receiver.

3. Cassette Tapes


Again, some people still have these, but do you remember back in the day when you would wait FOREVER for your favorite song to come on the radio so that you could hit “record” for your Super Awesome Songs Mix? Just me? Cuz I’m the oldest person ever? Okay, fine.

4. Be Kind, Rewind


VHS tapes were certainly a pain in their own right, but didn’t you always feel a little better about yourself when you would rewind the tape before bringing it back to the store?

5. Double Dare


Okay, this isn’t a object, but it’s something from the old days that I TRULY miss. I really and truly think that if Double Dare were still on television that I would watch it everyday. Trivia plus the intensity of beating an obstacle course at the end of the show??? Sign me up! Side note: we got the Double Dare board game for Christmas one year…it didn’t hold a candle to the show.

What do you miss from the old days?


Five on Friday: 5 Fabulous Fictional Dogs

Happy Friday all! This weekend, C is camping, so I’ll be spending some extra quality time with my two favorite pups, Linus and Emmy. And thinking of them made me start pondering the dogs of my youth, both real and fictional. So for today’s Five on Friday, I’ve reviewing five of my favorite fictional dogs!


Clifford the Big Red Dog


With the exception of a Labrador that we owned for a short while, most of our dogs growing up were very small. So by contrast, the thought of an enormous dog like Clifford was just incredible! Plus, any dog that can help get a little girl and her friends out of trouble was number one in my book.



Another childhood favorite, Spot from the book series by Eric Hill was a mischievous little pup. He would hide from his mother or sometimes be on the search for other objects. Either way, I would get to uncover flaps in the pop-up books, which endeared me even more to the character.



A mean old lady can’t keep Toto from his Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz! That sly little terrier hopped right out of that basket and ran all the way home. I’d like to believe that Emmy would do the same if she were taken from me…although she’s not the best jumper…



One of my favorite episodes of Full House is the one where Comet and his brothers and sisters are born in the Tanner household. And it always cracked me up that Michelle chooses the puppy that loves Uncle Jesse’s bed (reminds me of Linus SO much).



There’s nothing like some true words of wisdom, and sometimes I wish that I knew what dogs were thinking so that they could pass on that wisdom, much like Trusty from Lady and the Tramp. “As my grandpappy, Ole Reliable used to say…”

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Five on Friday: Five Shows I Want to Watch this Fall

Happy Friday! It’s that time again to link up with the lovely ladies for Five on Friday! And today, I’ll be chatting about 5 shows I’m excited to watch this Fall!


This is Us


When I first saw a commercial for his show, I thought, “Meh.” Looks okay, but it really isn’t grabbing me. But then people started calling it the “next Parenthood,” and I remembered how I thought Parenthood looked “Meh” until I started watching it. And loved it. Plus, as I continued to watch commercials for the show, I saw that Jess from Gilmore Girls and Mandy Moore are both part of the cast, and those two can sell me on pretty much anything.

Designated Survivor


I completely missed the entire 24 series (although I’m hoping to Netflix it one of these days). But this show looks very intriguing. I’m a little worried that it’ll peter out after a few episodes, but hey, the premise sounds intriguing. A “Designated Survivor” in case the President and Vice President are both killed? If anyone can do it, I believe Kiefer can. And not just because I loved him in The Three Musketeers.

The Good Place

  1. It’s Kristen Bell.
  2. Every time she tries to swear, it turns into something else completely adorable.
  3. There shouldn’t be any more reasons.

Stranger Things


Everyone and their cousin has been telling me to watch this show. In fact, one of our friends came over wearing a Stranger Things shirt the other day and was flabbergasted that I didn’t understand its meaning. Don’t worry, I’ll start watching it soon.

Grey’s Anatomy


With all of these news shows, did you honestly think I’d give up my Grey’s? Even though I wasn’t a HUGE fan of last season, I’m still a forever fan of this show. And for those who watch: how much trouble do you think Karev is in?

What are you excited to watch this Fall?



Five on Friday: The Rest of the Chicago Pics!

Happy Friday all! Since it’s the last day of the week, I thought I would wrap-up my Chicago trip with pics in this post!

Five on Friday-Chicago Wrap-Up

1. Doughnut Vault

I checked off another donut shop from my 101 in 1001 list by visiting the Doughnut Vault. Not only was their decor just adorable, but the chocolate glazed donut was delicious! My mom got an old-fashioned donut and definitely enjoyed the chocolate one more, too 😉

IMG_2887 IMG_2888 IMG_2889 IMG_2892

2. The Bean!

As true Chicago tourists, Mom and I visited Millennium Park to see The Bean! It truly shows the skyline of the city in an incredible way. We probably took more pictures of The Bean than anything else.


3. The Flowers

Gorgeous flowers line Chicago’s streets and populate their gardens! One of our Uber drivers said that a portion of the city’s taxes definitely go to beautification, and that’s very clear! As C’s mother is a huge fan of flowers and gardens, I sent her quite a few pictures throughout the weekend.

IMG_2907 IMG_2946 IMG_2952

4. The Beach!

Was I the only person who didn’t know that Chicago had a beach? The water was so turquoise that I thought we were in the Caribbean! A beach in the middle of a fantastic city…you’re doing it right, Chicago.

IMG_2955 IMG_2956

5. Lincoln Park Zoo

If I’m on vacation and there is a nearby zoo, I’m absolutely going. It also helped that the Lincoln Park Zoo was on my 101 in 1001 list! The baby camel was just precious, and everyone laughed at the monkeys’ antics. I’m still getting over the fact that I didn’t know there were red pandas in the lion house, which we didn’t visit, since the lions were outside 🙁 🙁

IMG_2959 IMG_2962 IMG_2965 IMG_2966 IMG_2967

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Five on Friday: Mixed Bag

Happy Friday all!

This week has been a little crazy, so I thought that today’s post should reflect the same 😉 So here’s a mixed bag of posts, updates and a Parks and Rec quote to end your week!

1–“Florida to California PCS: The Road Trip” from We Took the Road Less Traveled

I know that I’ve mentioned this oodles of times, but I love me a planned trip. In fact, C and I are considering driving to our honeymoon destination in Asheville, NC instead of flying, which gives me the opportunity to research some fun road trip stops for us! Casey from We Took the Road Less Traveled is just as much of a travel planner as I am, so I love the heck out of this post!

2–I Love You…So Let’s Go to a Strip Club


SERIOUSLY Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa?! You’re about to get divorced, but you want to show the world you still have love for each other by hitting up a strip club. Sigh. I have no words. Except the previous words.

3–Full Calendar

How is it that I have 5 different plans this weekend and C has none? Sheesh.

4–Another Today Show baby!


I was able to work from home on Tuesday of this week and saw Savannah Guthrie announce that she and her husband are having a second baby! She looked incredibly happy, and I felt like a boss for hearing the news before my E! phone app sent me the news alert. Suck it, E! app! I already knew!

5–Some Ron Swanson to Start Your Weekend




Five on Friday: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Happy Friday everyone!


Can I just start by saying I don’t know when I’ve last been so happy for it to be Friday? Seriously, this has been a giant disaster of a week, so it’s going to be a CHORE trying to think of 5 positive things to mention, but I’ll do my very best and keep remembering that it’s a three-day weekend.

1. Bridesmaid Gift #1!


Last week, I got an email that one of my gifts for my bridesmaids had arrived at the store, so I took a rather lengthy drive on Sunday to fetch them. Totally worth the drive, however, because they’re adorable! I’d tell you more, but I know that at least one of my bridesmaids reads the blog regularly, so in her words, I “betta not.” 😉

2. Registry–Decided!

I was going back and forth for a while about where to register. I knew that I wanted to register at, but besides that I was torn. Finally, after a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond, I was sold! So when people want to buy me pretty pretty wedding gifts, they can do so from or Bed, Bath and Beyond!

3. Revisiting Archer


When I was home sick on Tuesday (part of my crappy crappy week), I started rewatching the series Archer. Through my fever and hacking coughs, I was laughing more than I had in a long time. That show totally holds up.

4. Winner Winner!

Our trivia team “Blue Steel” won this week! I was able to help with several questions, but seriously, did anyone else think that Dancing With the Stars was more popular than The Bachelor according to Nielsen ratings? Ridiculous.

5. Flower Power!

My flower girl’s dress came in this week! It’s so gorgeous, and I can’t wait to show it off in post-wedding recaps!

Linking up with my ladies, and Happy Memorial Day!