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Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This is going to be a busy weekend for sure, so let’s start it off with one of my favorite link-ups!

1. John Cena


Does anyone else have dreams about John Cena? No? Just me? Okay…

2. Yummy Drinks

Bloggers have been ON POINT these past couple of weeks with delicious looking drinks! Meg from My Borrowed Heaven is making me crave all the sweet things with her Easter Candy Milkshake and S’Mores Iced Coffee, and Megan from Soup of the Day is hitting my nostalgic side and my sweet tooth at the same time with her Cereal Milkshake!

3. Weight Watchers Restaurant Guide

Without any sort of sponsorship, I’m proud to say that Weight Watchers truly helped me to lose weight. Last week, Dash of Herbs featured a blog post that gave suggestions on how to eat out at fast food restaurants using WW points! I’m really excited to start using this when I need to lose the baby weight!

4. Free Coffee Day? Not So Much.


I got REALLY excited yesterday when I saw a billboard for free coffee all day at Wawa! That is, I was excited until I realized that I gave up caffeine until I have the baby. Totally worth it, but still…

5. Don’t Forget the Giveaway!

Don’t forget about the giveaway to win 3 gifts cards in honor of my 3rd blogiversary! Just complete the rafflecopter below!

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Third Blogiversary Celebration!

Happy Wednesday folks…and happy 3rd blogiversary to me!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 years since I started this little blog, trying to bring some joy into internet world!

I’ve Chronicled Some Awesome Trips

I Celebrated Some Huge Life Events

I’ve also had the opportunity to make some new blogger friends, got tons of book and wedding recommendations, and have often been so relieved to read that there are others going through the same things that I am. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to write this blog, and I want to thank all of you for reading with a chance to win some prizes!

I’ve giving away 3 $10 gift cards: one to Amazon, one to Starbucks and one to Dunkin Donuts! You can win by completing the Rafflecopter below! Good luck, and as always, thanks for being a loyal reader!

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Celebrating Your Bestie’s Birthday…With a Giveaway!


There are some friends that when you think of them, the first words that come to mind are “Oh, I’ve known her my whole life.” Well, that’s how I feel about Macy.


When I was in college, my parents moved to Macy’s neighborhood. When I would come home from college in the summers, and for a few summers after college, I worked at a nearby kayaking, windsurfing and sailing center called Ultimate Watersports. Eventually, as I was getting ready for graduate school, I knew that I couldn’t use my summer breaks for manning the front desk at UW anymore, and that’s when Macy took over. Right away, I knew that I liked her. She was 11 years younger than I am, but I knew that she was smart as a whip and would have no trouble in taking over for me.


Fast forward several years to when I started working for a tech start-up in Baltimore. I was started in the data department and was told that there would be another girl starting soon after me. I was thrilled when Macy walked through the door.

Despite our age difference, I consider Macy to be one of my closest friends. She is always ready to listen when I’m having a rough time and celebrates with me at the joyous times. We trust each other with our secrets and are never hesitant to bare our souls to one another. Most importantly, she became my inspiration to begin blogging! I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

Annnnnnd in honor of her age hitting the quarter-century mark, a bunch of us are hosting a giveaway! By participating in the Rafflecopter giveaway, you have a chance to win a Firework Box and $120 in Paypal cash!


So what are you waiting for? Help to celebrate Macy’s birthday with a chance to win something for yourself!

birthday giveaway

To Travel & Beyond // Portland Grace // Soup Of The Day

Love The Here And Now // Vivian Bishop xo // Oh Hey! I Like That

Charm City Ciemny // The Free And Wild Blog // Route Bliss // Always, Al

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Currently…and There’s a Giveaway!!!

Guys guys guys GUYSSSS! Christmas celebrations start today!!!!

Before I get all kinds of crazy busy, I thought I’d give you a little insight on what’s going on in my world.
Watching–All kinds of Christmas stuff. Last night, we watched A Muppet Christmas Carol (my absolute favorite), and I’ve been catching up on my favorite Christmas episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Friends.  Like this one:
and this one:
Reading–Oprah by Kitty Kelley. I’m reading it for the book challenge, and it’s actually pretty fascinating. And seriously, don’t we all in our heart of hearts want to be a little like Oprah?
Listening to–Christmas music (duh), “Hello” by Adele (still lovin’ it), and Oprah on audiobook.
Eating–More now that I’m not sick! Bring on the Christmas cookies (but not too many, as my scale will judge me)
Envying–My friends who are spending the week before Christmas in snowy Austria.  I mean, how perfect is THAT?!
Wanting–To start giving our Christmas gifts!  I can’t wait to see how folks like them! And weirdly, I want to start running again, now that I’m feeling better.
Talking About–Season 2 of Serial. What do y’all think? Honestly, I’m a little underwhelmed so far.
Wearing–My Ugg boots. ALL. THE. TIME.
Feeling–Relieved that my sickness has peaced out in time for me to spend the weekend with my friends and family. And happy that my girl Macy returns to work today after visiting her husband’s family for the past week.
Oh, did I say something about a giveaway? 😉 It starts at noon today (so if you’re reading this early, bookmark it and come back)!

design (31).jpg
Prize: $500 Amazon Gift Card or Cash (via Paypal) – winner’s choice
Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!
Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 1/20 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.
Are you a blogger who wants to participate in giveaways like these to grow your blog? Click here to find out how you can join a totally awesome group of bloggers!

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Weigh-In #12: The One With the Giveaway!

Well…I was pretty sure that I had gained some weight these past 2 weeks.

I wouldn’t have been surprised.  When you vacation in the South, it’s very difficult to stay away from the carbs.  I mean, North Carolina is ALL ABOUT THE BISCUITS!!!

But I guess I behaved myself on the days that I wasn’t in the south because….I lost 2 pounds!!!! That’s 20 overall!!!

20 pounds down–32 to go!  I’ve lost 10% of my starting body weight!


I ran a 5K over the weekend!  I ran the Turkey Trot 5K in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which benefitted kids with hemophilia.  My time wasn’t the best, but I only walked for less than a minute, and strong winds were blowing on me THE WHOLE TIME.

Bear hats are necessary for a cold race day!

And yesterday, I started training for a 10K.  I don’t know which one it’ll be yet, but hopefully I’ll know by next week!  All I know is that it WILL be in January and it WILL be in Florida.


Zucchini-Bell Pepper Pizza by Skinny Ms. (2 points per slice)

For Boyfriend’s sake, I added pepperonis to his half 😉
Slow Cooker Italian Chicken and Peppers by Budget Bytes (7 points her serving)

It was difficult to get a good picture in the crockpot, but trust me, it was DELICIOUS

Slow Cooker Enchilada Soup by Two Peas & Their Pod  (7 points per serving)

And now what you’ve all been waiting for–the giveaway!

Because you all have been so amazing and I know that you’ll do a great job of spreading the word about this blog, I’m having a giveaway for a $25 gift card to Etsy!  Let’s be honest, with Thanksgiving next week and the red cups in full swing, you’ve got to be thinking about holiday gifts.  I’m a huge supporter of small businesses, and so I want to support the artists who sell their crafts on Etsy!  Trust me, they make incredible things, and you’re loved ones are sure to appreciate a gift from there.  Or you know, you could always…

I’ll be picking at winner at random and will announce the winner on November 24th!

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