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Guest Post from Meg of My Borrowed Heaven: 2016 runDisney Half Marathon Weekend Recap!

Good morning, Oh Hey! I Like That! readers.  My name is Meg, and I blog over at Borrowed Heaven.  I write about everything from my life in Charleston, SC to my favorite recipes, and of course, my crazy cats.  I am also a huge Disney fan!  Because two of Lauren’s 101 in 1001 are to run Disney races, I’m excited to share the recap of my most recent runDisney weekend: The Glass Slipper Challenge in Walt Disney World.  This time around, I completed a 10k and half marathon, but since one of Lauren’s 101 is also to complete a Disney 5k, here and here are my links to runDisney 5ks.  Thanks so much for having me today, Lauren – I hope you’re enjoying your vacation!

(The following post first appeared on Borrowed Heaven.)  

I loved looking through these photos over the last couple of days while writing this post!  Mike and I had a fantastic time during our whole trip to Disney (here’s the recap of the parks), but the Princess Half marathon weekend was definitely a high point.  I had never run this much in one weekend (19.3 miles) or had the opportunity to run with Mike (FYI – happy belated birthday to him – the big 3-0 yesterday!).

This was my 4th runDisney weekend; my previous races were the Walt Disney World Half in 2012, as well as the Tinker Bell Half and Wine and Dine Half for the Coast to Coast medal in 2013.  The Princess weekend had always been on my bucket list, so now living only a few short hours away, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to run another race.  Plus, training in Charleston over the winter was much easier than my previous trainings in New England!

Mike and I arrived to Disney World on Thursday afternoon and headed straight to the Wide World of Sports for the Expo.  Apparently we missed the whole first-morning rush and didn’t have to wait in a single line to print waivers (left ours on the printer at home – haha!), pick up race bibs, or even at merchandise check out (they had also replenished all the stock so nothing was sold out)!  I was good this time and didn’t buy a million things I didn’t need (like I’ve done in the past).  A 19.3 magnet, 19.3 headband, pair of favorite compression running shorts with the Princess Half logo, and pins for each 3 medals were my souvenirs of choice.  No, Mike did not buy that shirt, but we did get a kick out of it!

We spent the next two days at the parks, and before we knew it, it was time to wake up at 2:45am Saturday morning for the Enchanted 10k!  We donned our race gear (my shirt, my socks, Mike’s shirt) and headed to the buses.  If you ever run a Disney World race, I highly suggest staying at one of their resorts.  Many roads are closed throughout Walt Disney World on race mornings and parking is very scarce.  There was no line for the bus, and we got to Epcot with plenty of time to take a few photos with characters and dance around before heading to our corral.

At 5:30, the A corral began, and because they were super big corrals, we didn’t start until after 6:00.  We didn’t really have a race plan, but I told Mike I’d run or walk however much he wanted.  We set off out of Epcot and made a huge loop around their back lot.  We saw a couple of characters (the witch from Snow White as well as Pocahontas and Meeko) but didn’t stop.  We were on a roll and before we knew it, the race was half over at the 5k point.  Just after that, we entered Epcot through the Norway pavilion and headed around the world.  Here’s where we started seeing characters for which we wanted to stop.

I’m all about the “rare” characters: those you don’t see on a typical day visiting the parks.  We chose to stop for Jiminy Cricket (who I’d only ever seen once before on Earth Day) and Pinocchio in Italy then for Lumiere and Cogsworth in France.

After France, we turned left out of Epcot, towards the Boardwalk.  We kept running the whole Boardwalk loop (with only one stop to see Genie in his vacation garb – another character I hadn’t seen before) and headed back towards Spaceship Earth.  We did it! 6.1 miles of running with only three stops to see characters.  I was so proud of Mike!

After some quick showers, we headed over to Animal Kingdom for the day and went to bed early because the running wasn’t over yet!

The second day of 2:45am alarms seemed even earlier than the first.  I actually wore the same costume I wore for my Wine and Dine Half a couple of years ago, so getting ready was easy.  Once again, I boarded the bus to head back to Epcot.  This course was actually 100% the same as my very first half marathon, so I knew exactly what I expect.  What I also love about this course is that all of it is along the monorail (Magic Kingdom and Epcot), so Mike could (get a couple more hours of sleep than me,) take a bus to Epcot from the hotel, and ride the monorail back and forth to see me at 5 different spots throughout the race.
Well, before I knew it, I was 5:30 and time to start the race.  The corral starts went by much quicker than with the 10k, and because I got there early, I got to be in the front row for my corral.  After running the full 6 miles the day before, I wasn’t really sure how the half would go, but I figured I’d take off running and see what happened from there.
Miles 1-4 went by quickly, and I saw Mike at the transportation hub.  By mile 5, I was entering the Magic Kingdom and hadn’t yet stopped to see any characters so I was hoping for some good ones!

Running down Main Street is my absolute favorite.  Spectators are cheering, the music is blasting, and every runner is just so happy to have made it this far.  The whole race experience could not have been better, but my only disappointment were the character photo-op choices.  Like I said before, I like the rare characters, and Buzz, Anastasia and Drizella (Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters), and Jesse and Woody (all who you can see any day in MK) were just not doing it for me.  I was hoping for Prince Mickey and Princess Mickey or a whole slew of villains!  Exiting the Magic Kingdom, we finally saw some princesses and their princes, but no joke, the line would have taken 20 minutes, so I kept going.

Back around the Grand Floridian and Polynesian, right after the 10k mark, I saw Mike again.  Well, he saw me.  Thanks to the tracking texts he was receiving, he knew each time I finished another 5k.  That gave me an extra push!  Now for the hard part, that long run back to Epcot between miles 8 and 11.  The sun was in my face, and I was feeling those 6 miles from Saturday.  I decided to finally stop for a character between miles 9 and 10 – the heroes!  As I was waiting in line, Heather yelled my name.  She was only a few people in front of me, so she dropped back so we could take a photo together!

We ran almost the whole rest of the race together, and come to find out, our significant others had also found each other, so they were cheering for us as we entered back into Epcot!  (I look like I’m so ready to be done in the photo below right at mile 12.)

Luckily, the last mile through Epcot went by like a breeze, and before I knew it, the gospel choir at mile 13 was welcoming us to the finish line!

I did it!  19.3 miles in 27 hours.  After breakfast in bed (thanks, Mike) and a nap, we headed to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate!  I’m so happy I ran the Princess weekend and came out with the Glass Slipper Challenge medal.  If you are a Disney lover, you should definitely give this race a try!  The weather is perfect this time of year and everyone at these events is always so happy.

While I had an absolute wonderful time at this race, I am happy to report that I am officially retired from half marathons.  However, that doesn’t mean I’m retired from runDisney.  Mike had such a fantastic time during the 10k that he, too, now has the running bug, and we are hoping to head back to Disney World next spring for the 10k portion of the Star Wars – Dark Side Half Marathon weekend as well as Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival!


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Weigh-In #12: The One With the Giveaway!

Well…I was pretty sure that I had gained some weight these past 2 weeks.

I wouldn’t have been surprised.  When you vacation in the South, it’s very difficult to stay away from the carbs.  I mean, North Carolina is ALL ABOUT THE BISCUITS!!!

But I guess I behaved myself on the days that I wasn’t in the south because….I lost 2 pounds!!!! That’s 20 overall!!!

20 pounds down–32 to go!  I’ve lost 10% of my starting body weight!


I ran a 5K over the weekend!  I ran the Turkey Trot 5K in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which benefitted kids with hemophilia.  My time wasn’t the best, but I only walked for less than a minute, and strong winds were blowing on me THE WHOLE TIME.

Bear hats are necessary for a cold race day!

And yesterday, I started training for a 10K.  I don’t know which one it’ll be yet, but hopefully I’ll know by next week!  All I know is that it WILL be in January and it WILL be in Florida.


Zucchini-Bell Pepper Pizza by Skinny Ms. (2 points per slice)

For Boyfriend’s sake, I added pepperonis to his half 😉
Slow Cooker Italian Chicken and Peppers by Budget Bytes (7 points her serving)

It was difficult to get a good picture in the crockpot, but trust me, it was DELICIOUS

Slow Cooker Enchilada Soup by Two Peas & Their Pod  (7 points per serving)

And now what you’ve all been waiting for–the giveaway!

Because you all have been so amazing and I know that you’ll do a great job of spreading the word about this blog, I’m having a giveaway for a $25 gift card to Etsy!  Let’s be honest, with Thanksgiving next week and the red cups in full swing, you’ve got to be thinking about holiday gifts.  I’m a huge supporter of small businesses, and so I want to support the artists who sell their crafts on Etsy!  Trust me, they make incredible things, and you’re loved ones are sure to appreciate a gift from there.  Or you know, you could always…

I’ll be picking at winner at random and will announce the winner on November 24th!

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Ready to Run! + #FallFunSwap

I want to be a great runner.  I reeeeeeeeallllllyyyyyy do.  But alas, I am not.  Not yet at least.

My first issue is speed…

When I use my MapMyRun app, I can’t help but compare myself to my other friends who are runners.  Their times astound me!  Seriously, you can run a mile in 8 minutes?!  Are you wearing rocket shoes?  
Finally, I realized that it’s not the time that really matters to me–it’s being able to run an entire course without stopping.  I was able to mostly do this at my first 5K but when the second one rolled around, it was crazy hot and humid outside, and I felt like I got a shin splint less than a mile in, so I’m sure that I walked at least 2 of the 3.1 miles.  In fact, the incredibly rude “helper” along the race route said to his colleague, “I guess this one isn’t trying for a record.”  Hey, thanks buddy.
After weeks of waffling over whether or not to try a different type of exercise, I put on my big girl pants and started training for a 5k again.  And I feel like I’m doing so much better than I have in the past!
On Thursday, my friend Brooke tagged me in a Facebook post, asking if I wanted to join her for a Virtual 5K for Every Boob Counts (supporting breast cancer research).  I took one look at that medal and thought, “How can I not run in this 5k?”  Plus, a big group of my friends will be doing it together which makes it even more fun.  Feeling like I was on a roll, I signed up for yet ANOTHER 5K that will be on November 14th.  
I know that 5Ks aren’t all that lengthy of races, and I know that my times probably won’t be fantastic–but as long as I finish, that’s all that matters!
Also, I know that this is a little late, but I want to thank Caitlin from It’s the Grad Life for my AMAZING gift as part of the #FallFunSwap!  Saturday I posted a photo of the adorable bundle on Instagram (@hope9680, in case you’d like to follow me!):
Polka-dot pumpkin, fuzzy socks and caramel apple Twizzlers!!!

Thank you again, Caitlin!  And thank you Colleen for including me in the #FallFunSwap!


What I Can’t Live Without This Week: Lauren on the Run Edition

Happy Thursday all!

I’m calling this week’s edition “Lauren on the Run” because not only am I back to training for my next 5K, but I am also crazy busy with a ton of plans before I leave for Boston on Sunday night.  Yep, work is sending me to Beantown for a few days, and they’ve scheduled a lot of fun stuff to do, so expect some pics next week!

Anyway, here are a few things that I have desperate needed this week:

Glee Covers

Hey now, don’t judge.  Sometimes you just need a little Glee in your life (no pun intended).  Anyway, I’ve been listening to their versions of “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” “The Scientist,” and my absolute favorite, “Teenage Dream” (oh the lovely voice of Darren Criss).

Strawberry Smoothies from Starbucks

Image via

I’m back on the healthier eating bandwagon, and this time I don’t plan to get off (unless there’s pizza…just kidding…hopefully).  Anyway, the nonfat milk version of the strawberry smoothie from Starbucks is not only delicious, but it also has tons of vitamins in it (not surprising, as there’s a whole banana in it).

My Running Shoes

Image via (mine look like this but are SUPER bright orange)
Even though I had my doubts, it was pretty awesome to step back into my running shoes this week.  Not only did I go on two runs and one really long walk, but I’ll need these shoes on Saturday when I do the March for Babies for the March of Dimes (if you’d like to donate to my walk, feel free to click here), and Sunday I’ll be walking around Philadelphia with my mom and brother for Mother’s Day.
What have you needed this week?
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Weekending: Less than 1 Week Til 5K Edition

Guys, get ready.  I’m serious.  My 5K is in less than one week!!!

Next Monday’s post will most certainly mention the 5K, but now for this weekend’s update.

Friday night started the weekend off right with the Food Truck Rally at the Baltimore Museum of Industry!  Boyfriend and I met up with some of our friends and chowed down in a not-so-healthy but oh-so-delicious way.  The lines were really really REALLY long, but we managed to hit up two of the many food trucks.  We went to the truck for the Crusin’ Cafe where I got the Crabby Patty (a burger with crab dip on top).  Sooooooo yummy.  Since it was a warm pre-summer night, I thought that ice cream was definitely in order, so I got a gummi bear sundae.  My brain was silently judging my lack of sticking to my diet, but come on–it was food truck night!

On Saturday, I started my day by attending the Bridal Shower of the beautiful Macy (blogger extraordinaire from To Travel and Beyond).  I’ve known Macy for over 10 years, so it was really touching to see her get excited and prepared to become a wife.  The decorations for the shower were gorgeous, but I don’t want to step on her toes since I’m sure she will write about it in her blog, so I’ll just show this one picture of my favorite simple touch.  There were bottles on the tables with pictures of Macy and Dave in them, and this was my favorite:

After the shower, I met up with my bff from college Leslie and her little boy at the Robinson Nature Center in Columbia, Maryland.

Image via

Luckily, Leslie convinced me to change out of my heels from the shower because the trails were a little more off-roady than I expected.  Still, it was great to catch up and see her little guy grow.

Sunday was about sleeping in, running and then chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool (but not shootin any bballs outside of the school teeheehee).  I wanted to get some quilting in, but after the busy schedules on Friday and Saturday, I was just too beat to do anything requiring fine motor skills.  I feel like there was something else…oh, of course, GAME OF THRONES!!! (more on that later this week).

How was YOUR weekend?

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What I Can’t Live Without This Week: Almost 5K Edition

Guess what folks?  It’s just over a week until my first 5K race!!

Image via
With the race coming up faster than a speeding bullet (yikes!), there have been a few things that I have DEFINITELY needed this week in order to prepare:
My iPhone 6

Image via

Last week, I was without my phone for about 12 hours.  TWELVE.  HOURS.  It was awful, and I felt like I had lost an arm.  I know, I know, it’s a complete first world problem, but considering my running playlist, my 5K trainer and my Map My Run app are all on my phone, it would have made my running experience feel much more difficult (and MUCH longer) without it.  Plus, come on, you know you missed texting me during those 12 hours 😉
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Theme Song

It’s a really short song, but the autotuned news broadcast about the fictional Kimmy Schmidt really puts a pep in my step.  How could I not run faster when I hear the words “Females are strong as hell”?
“Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon

Video via

One of my running mentors is my friend Aileen.  She is also a huge fan of this song (and the above dance routine to the song), so I made sure to put it on my running playlist.  Whenever the song comes on, I find myself speeding up because it’s almost like DJ Snake and Lil Jon infused Aileen shouting, “Run faster!!!” into the mix.
Eos Lip Balm

Image via
Only incredibly fair-skinned gals like myself get their lips sunburned when it’s barely spring.  Regardless, over the weekend, as I was running, my lips got sunburned and chapped.  Luckily, I had been given an Eos Lip Balm ball which has saved my sanity (and my lips) this week.  They really work, and it doesn’t hurt that they smell and taste good, too!  
What have you been enjoying this week?

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Suck It, Fun Run!

Growing up, I was not a huge fan of gym class.  Ooh, except for when we had the gymnastics unit or the trampoline unit because seriously, life is WAY more fun on a trampoline.

Image via
But I digress.  
The WORST day of the school year in gym class was the day of the Mile Run.  Depending on what school I’ve gone to, this was sometimes referred to as the “Fun Run.”  As someone who was not a natural runner (or runner at ALL), this run was far from fun.
Image via
I would start out running but I never made it even a quarter of a mile without having to walk.  I distinctly remember at least one gym teacher telling me to pick up the pace, but I wasn’t a runner and was now embarrassed on top of everything, so no, I would not and could not pick up the pace.
Yesterday, I had training for my 5K at the end of the month.  My C25K app told me that I would be doing a 5-minute warm up walk, then run for 20 minutes and finish up with a 5 minute cool down walk.  
Hold up–run for 20 minutes straight?!?!
I should point out that before I found out that day’s training requirements, I had decided to take advantage of the pretty weather and run in my hilly neighborhood.  Oh yeah, with wind blowing in my face.
Believe it or not, I did it!  I ran (okay, jogged) for 20 minutes straight with the exception of 10 seconds when I had to tie my shoe!!!  And at the end of the workout, I looked at my MapMyRun results, and it alerted me that I had run 1.89 miles.  What’s that?  You mean I completed the Fun Run and then some!
Well, then, in my most dulcet tones possible, I shall say, “SUCK IT, FUN RUN!  I OWN YOU!”

What I Can’t Live Without This Week: One Month Til 5K Edition

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Image via

It’s exactly one month until my first 5K!!!  In preparation for this (and in my serious attempt to get to a healthy weight), there are several things that have been SO needed this week:

Lose It! App

Image via

I have been using this app as a way to count the calories in order to lose weight.  Everyday I log in what I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Tons of foods are already in their database, so they already know how many calories are in the meal, but if not, you can create new foods and scan barcodes to other foods.  You can also add exercises, which will take away any burned calories so that you know that you’re allowed to eat a little more 😉  The app takes your age, gender and current weight into account when suggesting how many calories can be consumed in a day in order to lose weight.

Wii U Fit Meter

Image via

In addition to running, I also want to track how many calories I’m burning by walking so that I can log it into Lose It.  This meter tracks my steps and how many calories that I’ve burned, so on a day when I am not running, I can sync this up with my Wii U Fit to find out how many more calories I need to burn in a day in order to lose weight.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Image via
On days when I’m training on the treadmill, I need a distraction and Kimmy Schmidt is the best one possible!  She also taught me that anyone can endure something for ten seconds, and once you’ve endured that, just started the ten seconds over.  I now do that during tough parts of my run and it REALLY helps!
The Kane Show

Image via

On days when I’m running in my neighborhood, I listen to the podcasts of one of my favorite morning radio shows.  You can listen to replays of this hilarious and heartwarming show on IHeartRadio.
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Weekending: How to Make a Birthday Last a Week Edition

Happy Monday!  Wait, it’s already Monday?!

Here’s a recap of some of the smaller things that I did this weekend before I get to the focus of today’s post:

  • Since it snowed on Friday, I spent Friday night cuddled up with some Maryland crab soup and The Office
  • Saturday was a day for some chores and my first outdoor run of the season, which also marked my first run ever in my new neighborhood.  This also marked the occasion of me discovering how many hills are in my neighborhood, but oh well
And that brings us to Sunday, or the first day of Boyfriend’s Birthday Week.  Boyfriend’s family is really big on making sure everyone gets together to celebrate birthdays, and if they can’t all do it on the same day, it gets broken up into several different occasions.  Today was the celebration for his mom’s side of the family.  We ordered four different pizzas from a local pizza place.  I’m usually a plain pizza kind of a gal and will maybe get adventurous with some bacon or green peppers, but the four pizzas today were Hawaiian, BBQ chicken, buffalo chicken and meat/veggie lovers special.  I stuck with Hawaiian–seemed safest.
After we ate, there was ice cream birthday cake (seriously, this day has been murder on my diet, but hey, it’s Birthday Week):
After cake was a game of Uno…one that required 4 shuffles of the deck and a bending of the rules towards the end of the game so that Boyfriend’s cousin could get back to College Park for her spring semester.
How was your weekend?  
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“And I…was…RUN-NING!”

I have some friends who are AMAZING runners.  They run marathons, complete Ironmans (Ironmen?), and just basically are the objects of my total and complete awe.

Heck, even my big pup runs like the wind!

(okay, not so much running here, but look how cute!)
When I was dating a guy several years ago, he was a runner and got me to run with him.  However, I didn’t enjoy it at the time because it became a requirement and he always made me feel like I wasn’t doing well enough.  Oh, and then there was the day when he told me that we would go for a “quick run” and it ended up being 7 miles.  In the rain.  In November.
Since then, I’ve tried running off and on, but I haven’t truly committed in the way that I would like.  Finally, I sat myself down and said, “Lauren, it’s time for you to run a 5K.  If Michael Scott on The Office can do it, so can you!”

I downloaded the C25K (Couch to 5K) app on my phone and joined a local gym since it’s still pretty cold out there, and cold weather+running=a bad time.  I was really dedicated for a couple of weeks, but then, as per usual, my running slacked off.  I knew that I was tired of this pattern and I had to do something to keep myself on track.  This “something” happened yesterday.

I sat down with my Google Calendar and my C25K app.  I scheduled days on the calendar for each of my training sessions, lasting another month.  I figured that if it’s on the calendar, then it’s official and I will need to train.  Next, I went onto the interwebs and searched for just the right 5K.  I finally decided to do the Women by the Bay 5K on April 26th!  It’s not too far from my house and I’ll get to run along the water (beautiful!).  The final step was telling my mom, my boyfriend and one of my friends about it–once I had to be accountable for that date, I know that I’ll do it!

Today is my first calendar-appointed training day for the 5K.  I’m at Week 4, Day 1 of my training officially, but this will be the first day of my new more serious training regimen.

I’m really excited about this 5K and would love some words of encouragement!  Luckily, here’s my plan for how to be successful in the 5K: