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My Personal Tony Awards

Happy Monday everyone! Tomorrow, the Tony Awards nominees will be announced, and I can’t wait to hear which fantastic shows and artists will be nominated. However, if I were to create my own Tony Awards for shows from the beginning of Broadway, then here would be my awards:

Sexiest Musical–Aida


In my opinion, there is no other musical with as much heat as Aida. During “Elaborate Lives,” the passion between Radames (Adam Pascal) and Aida (Heather Headley) is so incredibly intense. And let’s be honest, Adam Pascal is incredibly sexy in everything he does, but as Radames, he takes hotness to a new level.

Most Romantic Musical–West Side Story


Maybe it’s because I taught Romeo and Juliet for years, but I cannot get through a performance of West Side Story without bawling like a baby. “Somewhere” starts the tears, and they don’t end until Maria walks solemnly offstage. If done properly, the incredible amounts of love shown between Tony and Maria cannot be beat.

Most Heartbreaking Soliloquy–King Arthur in Camelot


When King Arthur finally figures out that a little something-something is going on between Guinevere and Lancelot, he delivers a monologue that just makes your heart ache. Weighing the pros and cons of approaching them versus letting them be happy is so incredibly sad. And if the King Arthur does it right, then you’re sure to cry.

Fastest Lyrics, Female–“Getting Married Today” from Company


Yes, Jayma Mays rocked this number on an episode of Glee, but seeing it live is so much more impressive. I have tried to sing along with this fast-paced tune, but I have yet to keep up with with lyrics. Those who play Amy onstage deserve a Tony Award and a standing ovation!

Fastest Lyrics, Male–“Guns and Ships” from Hamilton


You may remember that one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be able to keep up with Lafayette’s lyrics to “Guns and Ships,” and while I can do part of it, Daveed Diggs’ quick tongue is still leaving me in the dust!

Best Overall Musical–Hamilton


Let’s be real, you all know this is true. I’m pretty sure if Hamilton could win a Tony every year, it totally would. The music, the lyrics, the choreography, the voices, the acting…it is utter perfection. If you have not seen Hamilton, DO ANYTHING YOU CAN TO SEE IT!

Have you seen any of these musicals? What did you think?


She Loves Me: The Show That Stole My Heart

Last week, I wrote about my trip to NYC and mentioned that I saw the Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of She Loves MeI only breezed over it in last week’s post because I knew that a show of this beauty deserved more than a simple paragraph in a blog post…it deserved the attention of an entire post. In fact, if I could write an entire book on how much I loved this show I would, but for now, a blog post will have to do.

When I was originally making my 101 in 1001 list, I included that I wished to see She Loves Me on Broadway. When I first heard about the revival of the heartwarming musical, it was supposed to star Josh Radnor, of How I Met Your Mother fame, which intrigued me, but when he could no longer play the role of Georg, I was absolutely THRILLED to see that Zachary Levi would be taking over the role. I fell in love with Levi’s voice when watching the movie Tangled and have decided that when I do get married, I will walk down the aisle to “I See the Light.” Seeing Zachary Levi sing live is definitely one of the highlights of my musical-attending life! During his rendition of “Three Letters”, Levi’s voice was smooth and rich, and when he sang the first three lines of the finale, tears sprang to my eyes, due to both his amazing voice and the power of the final moments between him and Amalia, played by Laura Benanti.

zachary levi laura benanti
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Oh, Laura Benanti! I first discovered her voice when she beautifully sang “Grow Old with You” in the Broadway production of The Wedding Singer. While she was a great Julia Sullivan, she was born to play Amalia Bolish. She was absolutely adorable singing “Where’s My Shoe?” and due to her enchanting performance, I’ve been singing “Vanilla Ice Cream” for days!

jane krakowski
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If you’ve ever watched Ally McBeal30 Rock or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, then you adore Jane Krakowski. It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to adore this woman. And when she first steps on the stage in She Loves Me, the audience cheered…because we couldn’t help ourselves! Not only is she hilarious and has a fabulous voice made for Broadway, but this woman can DANCE! Seriously, she falls into the splits with the same ease as most people would sit in a chair!

While the acting, singing and dancing of the entire cast is marvelous, I have to mention the exquisite set design. I literally gasped when the outside scene of beautiful Maraczek’s Perfumerie opened to show the shimmering inside of the shop. It was just magical!

Speaking of magical…there’s really no other word to most adequately describe this show! When I stepped out of the theatre and onto the streets of New York, I felt as though I were walking in a dream–I could not shake the feeling of the classic and powerful romance between Georg and Amalia and just wanted to swim in the love expressed during the final moments of the musical!

My heart aches to see this show again, and I truly hope that I can find a way to do so before it closes! In the meantime, get up to NYC and see it yourself!


Reverse Bucket List

I read blogs written by very creative ladies. In recent weeks, I’ve gotten to read the Reverse Bucket Lists of Macy, Annie, and Megan (lists of extraordinary things they’ve accomplished) , so I thought, why not think back and reminisce of all the bucket list-ish items of my life?

Received My Masters Degree


After teaching in a public school for 4 years, I knew that I needed to get on track towards obtaining my Masters Degree. In Maryland, if you want to teach in public schools, you’re expected to have a Masters Degree within 10 years. I thought it over and realized that I would not be happy going to school in the evenings, so I took a leave of absence and went to graduate school full-time for a year and a half, earning my Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Funny enough, I never did return to the public school system, but hey, I’ve got the credentials!

Visited the Globe Theatre


I’ve always been a huge Shakespeare fan, so when I went to visit London in 2006, I knew that the Globe had to be on the itinerary. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take the tour, since the last group for the day had already left as we were arriving, but just being in the same home of the original performances of many of my favorite plays was enough for me!

Danced in The Lion King show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Okay, it’s not like I was hired to do it, but when I went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom several years ago, my family and I went to their musical Lion King performance. They wanted people to join them onstage to dance–and I was chosen!

Cruised the Caribbean Sea


While I was in graduate school, my family and I went on a cruise. We visited Nassau in The Bahamas and Key West, Florida. There was supposed to be another stop on the journey, but the water was too rough to get into port. I didn’t mind though–I loved lounging by the pool on the ship! I would love to go on a cruise again, maybe a Disney cruise?

Climbed a Volcano


If you’ve never been to Hawaii, start saving your pennies now. It is HANDS DOWN the most beautiful place I have ever been. That being said, if you do go to Hawaii, you need to see a sea turtle and you have to climb a volcano. This is easier said than done, however, when you have a rather crippling fear of heights. Oh yeah, and you see a helicopter flying alongside the volcano because someone was sick or something halfway up. Awesome. Regardless, with the encouragement of my friend Julie, I made it to the top of Diamondhead!

Choreographed My Favorite Musical


My favorite musical of all time is West Side Story. When I was teaching, I spent two summers working at a theatre camp for teenagers. The first summer, I was the assistant director for the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Since it was such a blast, I went back the next summer, where I was supposed to be the assistant director for West Side Story (cue excessive cheering). The first day of camp, however, I found out that the jerk director wanted his BFF to be the assistant director instead. I was about to start FUMING, but then he said that I could be the choreographer. Cha-ching! Okay, there wasn’t any extra money involved, BUT it meant that I was able to create beautiful dances to some of my favorite songs in the history of musical theatre.

What would be some of the things on your reverse bucket list?