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Thoughts for Thursday: Emmy Award Hopes!

Happy Thursday all! The Emmy Award nominations were announced last week, and I can’t wait til September 17th to see who wins. Okay, I actually also can’t wait because that’s the day the baby is due, but hopefully while I’m in labor, I can watch the show and see these faves of my take home awards!

Outstanding Choreography: Travis Wall


I distinctly remember loving him when he was a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, but as a choreographer, I love him all the more. He puts so much feeling and emotion into each dance, and I have been brought to tears more than once by his choreography.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Sterling K. Brown


Randall from This is Us is one of my absolute favorite characters on television right now. I swear that I cried for HOURS after watching the episode where he has an anxiety attack because his performance was so real and raw. If he doesn’t win, I may throw something at the television.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Ty Burrell


Honestly, who doesn’t love Phil Dunphy? I could watch episodes of Modern Family over and over just to hear his fabulous one-liners. He is hilarious in every single episode.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Samira Wiley


I used to be a big fan of Samira Wiley when I watched Orange is the New Black, but she blew me away in The Handmaid’s Tale. I am so excited to see what happens to her in Season 2 after all of her awesome exploits in Season 1.

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Because I definitely watched his opening over and over again…


Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series: Alexis Bledel


Man, this girl can do SO much more than Rory Gilmore. After watching the first couple of Handmaid’s Tale episodes, I tweeted that Alexis needed an Emmy nom FOR SURE. And sure enough, she got it. Will I throw things if she doesn’t win? Probably not outwardly, but I will be SORELY disappointed because she totally deserves it.

Do you have any Emmy predictions?


Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday folks! Does anyone else need the weekend like nobody’s business? Here are some of the thoughts that have been percolating in my brain this week:

Prime Time

Did anyone else enjoy Prime Day? Man, it’s totally the Wild Wild West up on that site during Prime Day, but I still managed to get this cool water bottle and a diaper bag backpack for C! And C…got us a Roomba!!! And this means that it’s only a matter of time until it turns into this…


The Better Dean


Those who are longtime readers of this blog know that I’m not the hugest fan of Dean from Gilmore Girls. I may have even referred to him as a “garbage boyfriend” from time to time (although he did redeem himself in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life), but I am loving the heck outta Dean on The Bachelorette. While I don’t necessarily think that he’s the best match for Rachel, I do think he’s adorable and will be snagged up VERY quickly after the show airs.

9 1/2 Weeks

Baby Girl is due to arrive in 9 1/2 weeks. I distinctly remember when I was only 9 1/2 weeks pregnant! The countdown is ON, folks!

What have you been thinking about this week?



Thursday Thoughts: Registries

Happy Thursday! It’s time for another edition of Thursday Thoughts, and today, I’m focusing on wedding and baby registries.

Earlier today, I was reading a post by one of my favorite bloggers, where she mentioned that almost nothing had been purchased from her registry. It made me start thinking about times when I have purchased items from a registry, and times when I haven’t, and I came upon these conclusions.

Wedding vs. Baby Registry

I very rarely buy people things off of their wedding registries, unless they’re really fun. Occasionally, I’ll buy one thing off of the registry and one thing that I’ve thought of myself, because I like my gifts to be memorable and creative. But that’s for WEDDINGS. For babies, I think it’s very different, especially if it’s someone’s first baby. If it’s someone’s first baby, this person really needs all of the things on his/her registry.

Example: if no one got me the pot holders I registered for from my wedding registry, it would have been fine, and I would have figured out another way to take hot pans out of the oven until I purchased them myself. However, if no one gets me the car seat on my registry, I will 100% have to purchase that myself because I can’t bring the baby home from the hospital without it.

Homemade vs. Store-Bought

My mom is an incredibly talented quilter, and two of her good friends make beautifully-knitted sweaters. I know that I would be so appreciative to receive a homemade gift from any of them. If you’re talented enough or know someone talented enough to make a homemade and personal gift, then that’s definitely worth giving over something on a registry.

The Price is Right

Before I got savvy about giving creative gifts, I used to avoid registries because of the price. Experts will always say to make sure there are gifts in a variety of price ranges on your registry because, honestly, if you’re only registered for table settings from Tiffany, there’s no way that you’re getting a full set.

Of course, these are just my opinions, and I’m so grateful of any gift that comes my way. And, obviously, the most amazing gift that my future little girl will receive is the love from all of the friends and family around her.

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Thoughts for Thursday: TV Thoughts

It’s that time again folks! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on some recent TV occurrences on Thoughts for Thursday!
Thoughts for Thursday

I’m going to warn you now, there WILL BE SPOILERS in this blog post, so if you’re not caught up on The Bachelor or Grey’s AnatomySTOP READING (but, ya know, come back tomorrow!)

The Bachelor

First of all, one of my gals is gone 🙁 I mean, I knew that all 3 of my faves couldn’t win, but I was hoping that neonatal nurse Danielle would have lasted a little longer. But I think that she’s still not ready to be in a relationship, and if I had her past, I’d probably feel the same way.


Which leads me to the part of this post where I FLIP OUT! Y’all know where this is going…HE GOT RID OF KRISTINA AND KEPT THIS FOOL??????????!!!!!!!


I mean, I’m really really REALLY beginning to think that he may be the worst Bachelor yet. Sure, the producers probably want Corinne to stay around for ratings, but at a certain point, you have to let her go. On the other hand, I’m kind of jazzed about the thought of Nick meeting her nanny…

Grey’s Anatomy

The end of last week’s episode led me to a Hamilton quote, “I want to be in the room where it happens…”


Seriously, don’t you want to know what went down between Bailey and April???!!! April has tried to be a leader before, and it did NOT go well. Plus, she’s totally a trauma gal, not general surgery. It makes me think that Bailey threatened her job, and with an infant at home, I wouldn’t blame her for taking it.

Also, I loved me some Jackson this week…well, and every week.

AND I’m hoping that tonight’s episode starts off with Richard tearing Catherine a new one! The truth is going to come out!!


Any TV thoughts of your own this week?


Keep This in Mind

Happy Thursday folks! I know that it’s been an emotional week. Whether you’re happy about the outcome of the election or are very distraught, there’s no question that you have some feelings about the state of our country. But as I perused social media this week, I found some items that I will keep in mind…


For anyone who complained about the long lines, remember that even Taylor Swift has to stand in line to vote.



No matter how you were leaning in this election, this is just advice (from Les Miserables) that we should keep in mind. They always say that it’s darkest before the dawn, but I think that this fits how many people are feeling much better.


Not everyone voted for Hillary, but I think that all young girls should be encouraged to reach for their dreams and know what they’re worth.


And, as always, no one brings people together and encourages unity quite like Ellen.



Thoughts for Thursday: Almost Shower Edition

In truth, ALL I am thinking about is my bridal shower on Sunday! I’m so frickin’ excited! But I suppose there are a few other thoughts rattling around in my brain, so here are a few of them:


Nail Polish Attack!


So yesterday I was driving to work when I noticed that there was a huge green blob on my arm! I started to freak out, wondering what kind of fungus or flesh-eating bacteria had attacked me. It was neither. It was a huge piece of chipped-off nail polish.

Election Overload

Seriously, is it November yet? I mean, I don’t REALLY want it to be November because then I will have glossed right over the wedding, but I’m just done with election coverage. It was awesome during the Olympics because then the country could focus on that, but it seems like the minute the Closing Ceremonies were over–BAM! Back to politicians bad-mouthing each other. Le sigh.

Champion to Me…and the USA

In my former work life, I was an English teacher. One of my 8th grade English students was a girl named Tatyana McFadden. Shortly after she was my student, she began competing in the Paralympic Games…and winning medals for the USA! This year, she’ll compete in 7 events. I’m so proud to have taught her and am ready to watch her go for the gold!


Failing Decision

So one of the counties in Maryland has decided that teachers aren’t allowed to give kids grades below a 50% now. Seriously.


They also are saying that teachers shouldn’t grade homework or deduct points for late assignments. So this leads me to two anger-inducing thoughts. One is that I worry the students from that county are not going to be taken seriously by colleges and universities, since they’re basically being coddled. And the other is that students really have no reason to try anymore because they know that it’s very unlikely that they’ll fail. Thoughts?

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Check Out More Bloggers!

I had so much fun introducing all of you to some bloggers on Tuesday, so I thought I’d do it again! Here are some more bloggers that I absolutely adore!


Brittany from A Healthy Slice of Life

It seems like some of my favorite bloggers are also mothers of two! Brittany’s little girls are just the cutest things, and she always has the best stories about them. What I love about Brittany’s blog is that I always feel like I’m learning something new about motherhood: how to feed the kids (and adults) healthy and delicious things, how to start baby-led weaning, how to keep the kids entertained, and how to stay grounded through it all!

Healthy Breakfast Burritos for the Freezer

If I’m Being Honest

Meg from Borrowed Heaven

Meg lives in one of my dream cities: Charleston, SC. Seriously, I am just dying to go there! But Meg is always sharing the most fun recipes and awesome experiences on her blog! She’s someone who I feel like I could talk to forever, if we were to meet up in person–and hopefully I’ll get to soon!

Charleston Culinary Tours: Upper King Street

Chicken Parmesan Calzone

Kristin from Mama and Mou

Kristin is so unbelievably sweet. When I need a guest-blogger or a question answered for a post, she always responds right away! Her kids are incredibly precious, and when she was pregnant with baby Nolan, I must say that I stalked her Instagram hard, because I was so excited to meet the newest member of their clan! I hope to make my way to the Midwest and meet her in person in the near future!

Nolan’s Nursery 

Advanced Motherhood

Megan from Soup of the Day

I finally got to meet Megan yesterday, and she’s just as great in person as she is on her blog! I must admit that over the years, I had begun to get disenchanted with Baltimore, but she has taught me to love the city again! Plus, she includes dairy-free recipes on her blog, which really helps, since C is lactose-intolerant. Oh, and her pup is the cutest thing everrrrrrr.

Blogtember: Baltimore Coffee Shops

SOTD Eats: Dairy-Free Shepherd’s Pie

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Thoughts for Thursday: Happy Things


Ever had one of those weeks that are just particularly frustrating? I mean, there isn’t exactly ONE thing that ticks you off, but a bunch of little things? That’s this week for me. Luckily, I had a number of resources stockpiled in order to cheer myself up when things get too “I’m gonna punch something in the face”-ish:

Sami Zayn Entrance Music

I’ve mentioned before that C and I gather friends together for major WWE events. Hey, it’s fun and nostalgic, since my brother and I used to watch together as kids. Anyway, one of the wrestlers, Sami Zayn, enters to the most upbeat music, and I can’t help but smile when I hear it.

“Life’s a Happy Song” from The Muppets

My obsession with the Muppets is well-known. This song from Jason Segal’s Muppet reboot is just chock-full of happiness. The word happy is in the name, for goodness sake!

Olde Book Purse


C sent me a link to this purse a couple weeks ago, and I just LOVED it! He then hinted that something similar to that may be arriving at our house in the near future…and that’s enough to put a smile on my face!

Colbian Flip Flops


When my mom and I were walking around Chicago a few weeks ago, I kept getting shooting pains in my ankle. They only lasted a few seconds, but after a while, my mom said, “Wear my flip flops. They’re like walking on a cloud.” They totally and completely ARE! I am in current ownership of the pair above, but I’ve already ordered a second pair because I haven’t had a single ankle pain since wearing these. And if walking on clouds can’t make me happy, then I don’t know what will!

What do you do when you need cheering up?

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Giordano’s Pizza: The Pizza that Ruined Me Forever


People call me “The Pizza Monster.” It’s true. It’s sad, but it’s true. This is because if given the option to have any food on the planet, I will choose pizza almost every time. Trying to fit pizza into a healthier has been difficult, but hey, it’s my favorite food, so I still eat it when I can.

When Mom and I were in Chicago over the weekend, my brother gave us one order, “Have stuffed pizza at Giordano’s.” Now, as a Chicago-pizza neophyte, I assumed he meant “stuffed crust.” I was super duper wrong! It was not stuffed crust–it was stuffed pizza!

First of all, it was deep dish pizza, as it needed in Chicago. I ordered plain cheese, as I am a traditionalist. My mom ordered veggie because that is her favorite. The pizza came out with the veggies and cheese inside and the sauce on top!


As the Pizza Monster, I can say with the utmost certainty that this pizza is the very best pizza I have ever eaten. In fact, I do not know if any other pizza will ever be good enough for me. I already want to see if Giordano’s can deliver pizza to my house. Do they deliver by drone, or maybe by private jet?


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Thoughts for Thursday: Random City

Y’all, this week has been just too much. There have been a ton of fun events, which I’ll share in my monthly recap next week, but I’m just so tired and am ready to be on vacation (a week from tomorrow for 3 days!). Until then, here are my Thoughts for Thursday, but be warned: they are completely random!


Sorry, Dave

For those of you who don’t know, I work with Macy from To Travel and Beyond and her husband, Dave. Yesterday, Dave was apparently locked out of our office and was banging on the door handle, trying to get it to open. I heard this, but I assumed that it was just MORE construction being done to our building. So I didn’t help lol. Luckily, Dave is resourceful and figured it out, but sorry, Davey.

I’m Still a Kid

C was asking me about our weekend plans and wanted to see if I would be interested in going to a carnival on Saturday with another couple. I said, “A carnival??? That sounds so fun!!!!” He tried to calm me down and say that it was just a little carnival in the next town, but it was too late: I was already dreaming of funnel cake and skeeball.

Family Tradition

Jenn, the wife of one of C’s friends has become a really good friend of mine. Last year, when their baby girl was about 8 months old, they came to the 4th of July at C’s parents’ house with us, and we all had a great time. C wanted me to ask them if they were coming this year, and Jenn said, “Of course! It’s now a tradition!” I love the thought of us getting together every year on the 4th of July, even as we get older and our families change.

Cue the Tears

I can’t watch wedding videos anymore without crying. Cleary “Almost a Bride Syndrome” has stepped in. I start boo-hooing at even the shortest clip of an engagement or wedding video. I can only imagine how I’ll handle watching my own!

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