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What’s Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I’m excited to FINALLY be linking up with Mix and Match Mama, The Larson Lingo and Shaeffer Told Me To for What’s Up Wednesday! Here’s what going on with me:

What We’re Eating This Week…


This week, we’ve been a bit lazy so far. I was fortunate enough to have steamed crabs, corn on the cob and hamburgers with my parents and brother on Sunday, but since then we’ve been ordering in. Tonight, however, I will probably make some incredibly difficult spaghetti and meatballs 😉

What I’m Reminiscing About…

Past trips to the beach. I’ve been super jelly of all of my fellow bloggers’ vacation pics, and I can’t wait to be back on a beach next summer!

What I’m Loving…

Counting down to baby girl! 53 days to go!!!!!

What We’ve Been Up To…

Luckily, we haven’t been overrun with plans the past two weekends. The only unfortunate plan that I seem to keep having OVER and OVER again is bringing my Jeep back into the shop, since they just can’t seem to fix it completely (insert angry emoji face).

But other than that, we’ve been prepping for baby’s arrival, watching a ton of Parks and Recreation and playing Animal Crossing (adulting so hard).

What I’m Dreading…

The incredible task that is cleaning our house from top to bottom. Ughhhhhhh someone send Mary Poppins! I’ll take Julie Andrews or Emily Blunt!

What I’m Working On…

A special surprise for my baby shower guests! Shhhh! Not telling!

What I’m Excited About…

My baby shower on August 5th!!! It can’t get here soon enough!

What I’m Reading…


Approval Junkie: My Heartfelt (and Occasionally Inappropriate) Quest to Please Just About Everyone, and Ultimately Myself by Faith Salie. This book is GREAT so far, but I just need to actually find time to read it…

What I’m Listening To…

Rebroadcasts of Elliot in the Morning, the book Secrets of My Life by Caitlyn Jenner, and ALWAYS Hamilton!

What I’m Wearing…


My Cobian flip flops! Every dang day!

What I’m Doing This Weekend…

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning…and hopefully sleeping! And maaaaaaybe meeting my friends’ new baby if he/she makes her appearance!

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month…

Again, my baby shower and celebrating my brother-in-law’s 50th birthday!

What Else is New…

Well….I can’t tie my own shoes easily anymore and if I drop things they land on my belly!





Happy Monday everyone! Not only is it Monday, but it’s Opening Day for the O’s!! Who’s ready to hear a little about the fun that I had over the weekend?

Friday Night

Friday night, we celebrated C’s birthday at Red Lobster. The first year that C and I celebrated his birthday with his family, we all went to Red Lobster, so it was kind of nice to go back. I have been craving coconut shrimp, and C, well, he was clearly craving everything:


Saturday was the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival at the Timonium Fairgrounds!

No beer or bourbon for me, but I did have a delicious brisket sandwich and some hush puppies. C and our nephew chowed down on some Jar-B-Que:

And then at 4:00, we had tickets for the Founder’s Feast. Just check out this menu!


Early Sunday afternoon, I joined my niece, my mom and some other family members to see Beauty and the Beast again. It’s just as great the second time!

Saturday night (no judging), I watched Wrestlemania at home while C watched at a friend’s house. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last past 10, but I did last long enough to see my favorite Wrestlemania moment EVERRRRRR:


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What I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This is truly my favorite holiday of the year because I get to spend time with my family while eating delicious food. But more importantly, I think back of all of the things I have to be thankful for in my life.

My Husband

Y’all…I got MARRIED this year! I’ve waited my entire life to be a bride, and I’m lucky enough to be married to the man of my dreams. I’m especially thankful that C is such a loving husband whose kindness knows no bounds. He even brings me hot chocolate when I’m sick in bed.

My Mom

I’ve always been able to turn to my mom when I need her, and this year, she has been more needed than ever! She gave me the wedding of my dreams, perfect down to the last detail. And she’s been right by my side as I move into my new role as a wife, and hopefully soon, a mother. I could not possibly love her more, and I’m so thankful that she’s in my life.

My Family

When I was in my senior year of college, I could not fly home for Thanksgiving. 9/11 had just happened, and we were just too nervous about airports at the time. So I missed Thanksgiving with my family for a year and it was truly difficult. That’s why every year I sit around the table and look at the branches of my family tree, I’m so thankful for each and every one of them.

My Pups

I’m thankful for their devotion and their plain ole adorableness.

My Friends

I have the greatest friends in the world. I’m so lucky to know that I can count on them to listen to me gripe or cry, but also be at my side when it’s time to celebrate.

My Job

I love my new job. I finally feel as though I’ve found a place where I truly belong, and it helps that my coworkers are incredible, too!

What are you all thankful for this year?


Origami Day

Happy Origami Day folks! Oh, you didn’t know that was today? Yeah, me neither. It’s not exactly something that pops up in my planner, but when I was looking up special holidays and saw this, my husband was so excited! Origami has played a pivotal role in our relationship.

C creates amazing works of art through origami. Before we were dating, I saw this picture on his Facebook and was already impressed:

Then there were times when small Origami animals started appearing on my desk at work:

When we finally started dating, C made me a bookshelf with tiny Origami books for my birthday:

And, regular readers of this blog, you remember my favorite origami gift:

Have you ever tried Origami?


Honeymoon Monday: Asheville’s Urban Trail

Happy Monday one and all! Today, we’re talking more about our time in Asheville. More specifically, I’ll tell you about the Urban Trail!


As a whole, Asheville is a very artsy city. Since the weather was so beautiful, I wanted to spend as much time as possible outside. This made the Urban Trail the perfect idea! It leads you around the city, telling Asheville’s history through pieces of art.

Here are a few of my favorite stops on the Urban Trail:

Stepping Out

C and I took a load off for a few moments, as we rested next to this dapper bronze top hat and cane.

Flat Iron Architecture


Being that it’s right outside of a yarn shop, this giant iron is often completely covered in crocheted work!

O. Henry


Remember reading “Gift of the Magi” when you were in school? The story that exemplifies irony just breaks my heart, but since O.Henry worked and is buried in Asheville, he is commemorated on the Urban Trail.

To download your own map of the Asheville Urban Trail, click here!


October Recap!

And just like that, it’s November!

Without a doubt, this October has been one of the best months of my entire life! If you follow along on the blog, it’s pretty obvious why, but for those of you who don’t know or who just wanted to hear more about it, here is my monthly recap!

Bachelorette Fun

My bridesmaids threw me an awesome bachelorette party on the first day of October! All I had ever wanted for my bachelorette was to have an old-school kind of sleep over, throwing it back to the early 90s when we would all get together, play board games, you way too much candy, and gossip all night. These girls totally pulled it off and I’m so lucky that they are my besties!

The Wedding

Yes, that’s right! I’m a married woman! My wedding day was truly the greatest day of my entire life. People say that their weddings are the best days of their lives, but I must be honest that I never truly believed them until I experienced it for myself. I can’t wait to let you all know about all of the inner workings of the wedding as the weeks go on.


For Christmas last year, my mom gave C and I a trip to Asheville as our big present. I’m now so glad that we held off on our trip so that we could use it for our honeymoon! We stayed at the Village Hotel at the Biltmore and it was absolutely amazing! Stay tuned for even more recaps on the Mondays to follow.

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Wedding Wednesday: We’re Married!

Happy Wedding Wednesday folks! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but we’re on our honeymoon!! Stayed tuned for new posts starting Monday and the first wedding recap on Wednesday!

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Five on Friday: So So Sleepy Edition

Happy Friday y’all! You know what starting a new job just a couple weeks before your wedding will do? It’ll make you SUPER sleepy. Because of this, I’m going to do my best to get out five fascinating-ish facts about this week, but please forgive me if they’re laden with spelling/grammatical errors.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee…No?

If you were ANYWHERE on social media this week, you saw that many coffee shops across the U.S. turned themselves into Luke’s Diners a la Gilmore Girls. As a SUPER GG fan, I was ready to line up and grab myself a cup of joe…except that the line was around the block! Because I knew I would be late for my training, I had to skip it, but I got to live vicariously through several of my fellow bloggers!

Rain Rain Stay Away

I’m thinking happy thoughts for anyone whose life has been rocked by Hurricane Matthew this week. Your blogger world loves you and is here for you!

Kept Up with the Kardashians

Now I’m not the HUGEST fan of the Kardashians (although I do kind of like Kendall, and I’m intrigued by Khloe’s book), but anyone who is saying bad things about Kim this week really just needs to stop. The woman was bound and gagged and put in a bathtub for goodness sake! No one should have to go through that, and she shouldn’t be ridiculed just because she’s a celebrity.


Did you know that today is World Smile Day? Put a great one out to the world!

One Week…

One week from today, I’ll be getting ready for my rehearsal dinner and the wedding day the next day!!

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Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Pics

Hi all! This week has been so insane, and I haven’t been able to blog, but I wanted to share a few pics from my awesome Bachelorette Party! I’ll have details next week, I promise!

And of course, I’m linking up with Macy and Nikki!


Looking to Bloggers for Suggestions

Happy Tuesday everyone! As a blogger, I love reading others’ blogs. I like hearing about the bloggers’ lives and seeing their awesome pictures. But most of all, I’ve found that bloggers make the best recommendations! Here are just a few that have truly steered me in the right direction!


Xtreme Glass Water Bottle from Carolina Charm


Earlier this year, Christina from Carolina Charm recommended an amazing water bottle that she bought for her sister. C had been wanting to drink more water, and I really liked how in addition to milliliters, this bottle measures how much water you should drink per hour! I got it for C for his birthday, and now he uses it everyday!

Garnier Whole Blends from Borrowed Heaven


Before we went on vacation in April (you know, that trip when I got engaged!), I read about Garnier Whole Blends shampoos and conditioners from Meg at Borrowed Heaven. So once we arrived at the Winn-Dixie in Crawfordville, Florida to stock up for the week, I immediately grabbed some of the Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures conditioner–and now I love it! I feel like it makes my hair smells so amazing, and a brush just slides through any potential tangles!

Diablo Doughnuts from Soup of the Day


I love me some donuts.

Because of this, when I read about Diablo Doughnuts from Megan at Soup of the Day, I knew that I needed to have them. And luckily for me, my bridesmaid made sure to include them at our engagement brunch!

Has a blogger influenced you to purchase something?

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