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Weekending: Last One in June

Happy Monday, folks! I hope you all had a great weekend! Today I’m linking up with Biana to tell you all about mine!


I worked from home on Friday because I had brought my car into the shop on Thursday night. The screen hasn’t been working properly, which means the GPS is all jacked up. This ticks me off, since one of the reasons I got this car was for the GPS. Anyway, after borrowing my mom’s car and dropping my car off Thursday night, I find out early Friday morning that they can’t fix it. It can only be fixed by an actual Jeep dealership. SERIOUSLY?!?!!?!


Sigh. So I had to wait until my mom was available to go and get my car back, and I made an appointment for July at an actual Jeep dealership to get things fixed. Oh, and I got stuck in traffic on my way home from the dealership. Grrrrr.

Friday night was definitely low-key. C and I ordered in some food and watched Parks and Rec.



Saturday morning, I was up early to meet one of my friends and her new baby boy for breakfast at Michael’s Cafe. I bought her an adorable lion onesie and a pair of matching shoes from Target for the little guy, and she bought me three books and a pacifier clip for Baby Girl.

After breakfast, my preggo self just had to make my way to the grand opening of Duck Donuts in White Marsh, Maryland.

I was there right when it opened was 35th in line. But y’all, it was totally worth it. I had a cinnamon sugar donut, and I bought C a glazed donut topped with bacon and salt caramel drizzle.

Saturday night, I made this recipe for barbecue chicken pizza for dinner (except we swapped out the pickled jalapenos for serrano chiles) and DANG was it delicious! Super spicy, but super delicious!


Yesterday, C, my mom and I went on a tour of the hospital where Baby Girl will make her entrance into the world! It was great to see the delivery rooms (which are HUGE) and the Mother/Baby rooms. And I feel very secure now that I know the whole check-in and triage process. It’s so hard to believe that the next time I’m there, C and I will become parents!

How was your weekend?


Weekending: Father’s Day Edition

Happy Monday folks! Well, I had a JAM-PACKED weekend, but managed to only take one picture (whoops). So I’ll have to fill in with other pics, but here’s how we celebrated Father’s Day all weekend long!

Friday Night

After a busy week at work, Friday night was spent at Harford Community College for NXT Live!

Yep, your girl went to her first wrestling match! Sure, it wasn’t WWE, but soon some of these folks that I watched Friday night could be taking the mainstage. It was really fun, and our seats were very close to the ring. One of the highlights, however, was the little kid sitting near me who was adding commentary to every match lol!


On Saturday afternoon, C and I met my father and stepmother for lunch at the Blue Moon Cafe. You may recognize this place from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, where Guy Fieri ate their famous Captain Crunch French Toast. None of us had the french toast, but my pancakes were just DELICIOUS!

After a much-needed nap, the Father’s Day celebrations continued with dinner at The Bayou in Havre de Grace. We were able to get the last of their strawberry pie, and Tom Haverford would have been proud of my dinner choice of chickey-chickey-parm-parm (chicken parmesan):



Even though our little girl doesn’t arrive until later this year, I still gave C a new multitool for Father’s Day. And of course, he needed a Father’s Day card from the pups, too 😉

Mid-afternoon, we headed to my parents’ house for crabs, shrimp and corn on the cob. There’s not much better on a summer day than a meal like that!

How was your weekend? Linking up with Biana for Weekending!



Weekending: The One Without the Pictures

Honestly, I deserve the blogger form of a Razzie for my lack of pictures this weekend! I did so much that was so fun…and yet, nothin on my camera. So try to imagine, while I try to paint a picture with words.

Friday Night

C and I have friends who have had 3 little ones in 3 years (champions of the world!), and since their youngest is a boy and they’re not having any more kids, they asked if I wanted their girls’ baby clothes. Of course, I jumped at the chance to get some cute outfits! Y’all…she had 13 bags of clothes for me. 13 BAGS!!!!

To say that we are thankful is the understatement of the century. I started going through the clothes on Friday night and finished up Sunday. Even with some that we are giving to Goodwill (with our friends’ blessing), we still have enough to keep our baby girl in fashion for her entire first year of life!


I started my Saturday with an appointment at the hair salon. I hadn’t gotten my hair cut or highlighted in 6 months, so I basically felt like a million bucks afterwards. Also, I wish I could hire the shampoo girl to live in my house and give me scalp massages everyday…

Next, I went to dinner with an old friend at Don Pablo’s and it was TACO TIME! Honestly, nothing makes my tummy happy like tacos and chips and salsa 🙂



Sunday was all about Easter!!! We went to C’s aunt’s house for the annual family Easter celebration. Most of the day was quite beautiful, which is perfect for the Boys vs. Girls Scavenger Hunt and just looking at the horses and all of the acres of farmland.

P.S. The boys won the hunt this year 🙁 Apparently, the girls missed one of the clues, but I’m still super proud of our efforts, and we still won some awesome candy prizes!

I ended the night with looking through more baby clothes while watching House Hunters and Modern Family.


How was your weekend? Linking up with Biana! And don’t forget the giveaway!

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Weekending: Mother’s Day in NYC!

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but my brother lives in New York, so most years on Mother’s Day, my mom and I go up to visit him. It’s a total win-win-win because my mom is happy that she gets to spend time with both of her children, my brother doesn’t have to travel, and I get to spend the day in New York!


Now, as I am an uber-planner, I requested that I plan the day. My brother definitely knows the ins and outs of New York City, but he’s more of a casual explorer, whereas I want to know exactly where we’re going. I did, however, leave some of the plans up to him, partially out of compromise, and (more honestly) partially out of being so slammed with wedding planning that I forgot to figure out where we were going to eat!

First off, my mom and I made it to NYC in what seemed like record time. I know that in actually it took almost three hours, but we laughed and chatted the whole way, so the trip seemed like a breeze!

We met my brother on the steps on the Metropolitan Museum of Art, at which point we realized that any brunch spot in Manhattan on MOTHER’S DAY was going to be completely mobbed, so we headed to get a bagel. Little did we know that we would find an adorable little place called the Lenox Hill Grill, which wasn’t busy at all and had a really yummy breakfast. Even though my brother’s Challah French Toast seemed scrumptious, I was happy with my eggs and bacon (proteins FTW!).


Our next stop was Central Park to visit the Belvedere Castle (one of the items to check off my 101 in 1001 list!). We were lucky that after days and days and DAYS of rain, the skies had brightened and we were able to see the park and the castle in all of their beauty!



We then hoofed it through the part and to Columbus Circle, where we caught the subway and headed to Chelsea. After seeing how much the Baltimore Blogger Babes had loved Chelsea Market, I knew that I wanted to give it a look-see. We weren’t there long, but we did poke our heads into an adorable sweet shop where we saw these gorgeous cupcakes and super cute cookies.

IMG_2487 IMG_2488

From Chelsea Market, we headed to the High Line. We all agreed that it is one of the smartest uses of space in NYC. It’s almost an oasis high above the streets of New York, and besides Central Park, it’s my favorite place to see a little greenery in a bustling city.

Finally, we stopped at Macy’s to look for a dress for my bridal shower. Yes, my shower is three months away, but I didn’t know when I’d get back to NYC, so I thought I might as well look. I ended up finding a really pretty dress that seems the perfect fit for the shower. And the amazing thing is that my brother didn’t seem to mind a little dress shopping!

Most importantly, my mom had a wonderful day, which made us truly happy!


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Weekending: Easter Edition

Happy Monday everyone!


This weekend just FLEW by, half because I was so ridiculously busy, and half because I wasn’t feeling all that great (viruses will get ya HARD). But I thought I’d fill you in on the weekend and then hopefully hear back about yours!

Friday night, I was originally supposed to go to Boyfriend’s nephew’s birthday party. But halfway through the morning on Friday, I started to feel really sick, so I went home early, did as much work as I could, and then rested for the remainder of the day. I caught up on Grey’s Anatomy (glad to see more of Backbone April instead of Whiny April) and found an Australian show on Netflix called Dance Academy, which reminded me of a more teenager-ish Center Stage (one of my favorite movies).


Saturday, Boyfriend and I went to the wedding of one of his lifelong friends, Jared. The wedding was held at Jared’s sister’s house and was just perfect for the small, intimate wedding that the two wanted.


IMG_2164 IMG_2165 IMG_2167

On Sunday, it was Easter AND Boyfriend’s birthday! We started the day with a donut breakfast and gifts. And then we headed over to Boyfriend’s aunt’s house for the big family Easter gathering. But even though we were celebrating Easter, we didn’t forget a birthday cake. And if your birthday is on Easter, your cake is going to have marshmallow peeps and a bunny butt on it!


Oh, and the best part of the day: I got to hold a baby goat!!!!


And also….


I need bloggers to write some guest posts for me that will post the week of April 18th-22nd. If you’re interested, please email me at or comment below!

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Weekending: By the Numbers

Happy Monday everyone!

If you’re semi-awake (as I think my status is today), then enjoy reading about my weekend…in numbers style!

2: The number of minutes that passed between walking in the door Friday evening and insisting we order Chinese food. I was SOOOO hungry.


1/2: The amount of my sesame chicken that I consumed…although I probably could have demolished the whole thing.

24: The number of minutes I spent doing yoga on Friday night.

1: The number of steps I took in the middle of the night before realizing that I had pulled a muscle in my knee 🙁

3: The number of trips I took to Target over the weekend

5: The number of episodes of House that I watched while resting my knee

house quotes

2: The number of shows I caught up on (Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder–anyone want to discuss last week’s episodes????)

38: The age of Boyfriend’s brother (whose birthday we celebrated on Sunday)

3: The number of wrestling fans on my couch who were disappointed by the predictability of last night’s Triple Threat Match (yes, one of my guilty pleasures in WWE wrestling–it steps from my childhood and I just can’t help it)

wwe fastlane

1: The number of people on my couch who fell asleep holding a beer and subsequently spilling it on his shirt (hehehe, not me, don’t worry)

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Weekending: Philly in Phebruary!

Happy Monday one and all!

This weekend was the rescheduled day for Boyfriend’s niece Molly and I to go to Philly. We had planned to go a couple of weeks ago, but big ole scary blizzard Jonas kept us house-bound. My goal was to check off 5 things from my 101 in 1001 list. While I only managed to get to 3, it was still an incredible day.

We got on the road early, since Philadelphia is about 90 minutes from our houses (Molly and her family live right down the street from us). We made sure to grab some coffee so that we would be well-caffeinated for our drive to our first stop…a coffee shop.

According to The Daily Meal, one of the 50 best coffee shops in the country is Ultimo Coffee in Philadelphia. I will say that their coffee was quite yummy, but I should have gone Molly’s route and gotten one of their pretty lattes.

Now that we were full of caffeine, we were ready for one of The Daily Meals 25 best donuts in America. And it truly changed our lives…at least as far as donuts are concerned. After accidentally passing the small donut shop twice, Molly and I were able to have hot cinnamon sugar donuts from Federal Donuts. Honestly (and this is not an exaggeration), it was the best best best donut I have ever eaten in my life. We even considered going back for another donut because we didn’t want the deliciousness to end!

Before our next scheduled stop, we did have to pop into Barnes and Noble because it was a really pretty one in an old Philadelphia building. But then it was onto the zoo!

Fodor’s dubbed the Philadelphia Zoo as one of America’s 10 Best Zoos, so I knew I had to go there. We started out by seeing some small mammals, including a baby monkey that had just been born that day! Well, we could only see his feet and tail but the teeny-tiny feet and tail were ADORABLE.

The monkeys curled their tails together <3

Next we were on to the reptile house, where we definitely thought this guy was fake (he wasn’t).

We saw some brightly-colored flamingos.

Peacocks were EVERYWHERE!

Coldilocks (riiiiight??) the polar bear was so adorably huggable–and a little sassy 😉

But my favorite, of course, were the red pandas.

On our way home (still on a red panda high), Molly and I stopped for hot chocolate before realizing that we had only consumed caffeine and sugar that day. Oh well, that’s what weekends are for!

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Weekending: Candlelight Tour Edition!

Happy Monday everyone!

I can’t believe that Christmas is next week! It really felt like it was time to get into the holiday season this past weekend when I joined the women of Boyfriend’s family to go on a Candlelight Tour of Homes in Havre de Grace, Maryland.
We started out at the Lockhouse, which is one of the most known buildings in Havre de Grace. I loved all of the wreaths in the window, and they hosted an adorable craft boutique inside with gems like these: 

Next we moved onto the Decoy Museum. I didn’t know how they could make an entire museum out of decoys of ducks and geese, but it really was interesting. And their tree had the most beautiful view in the background:
We were able to visit most of the stops on the tour, seeing the beautiful decorations inside of people’s houses. I must say that one of my favorite houses boasted having a “surprise” at the end–and it was a fake snowfall! Since it was unseasonably warm this past weekend, having snow (even if it was really bubbles) made it feel a lot more like Christmas 🙂

How was your weekend? Did you see any holiday decor?
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Weekending by the Numbers!

Hey hey it’s Monday!

Of course I’m linking up with Biana for Weekending, but last week, I saw a post by Life with Lolo, where she described her weekend by using numbers, and I thought, “That’s so fun!  I want to give it a try!”
16–Number of times I laughed while watching the Friends episode “The One with the Bullies”
1–Number of times I cried during Grey’s Anatomy

3–Number of cliffhangers on Grey’s that I have to wait until February to have resolved
4–Number of times I had to put air in my tire Saturday morning 🙁
3–Number of Pretty Little Liars episodes that I watched
2–Number of Chestnut Praline Lattes I consumed
4–Number of cures we needed to win the game Pandemic at Game Afternoon
1–Number of days I would have liked tacked on to the weekend
How was your weekend??
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Weekending: The Owl Edition

Yup, it’s that Monday again.

When I got home from dinner last night, I had to stop and think, “Seriously?  The weekend is already OVER?!”  But there was a lot of fun involved, so I can’t really complain 🙂  
Friday started out with our annual Halloween movie marathon at work.  Everyone wears costumes, and in the past, I’ve tried to put in a little more effort, but when Target had pajamas that were also Halloween costumes, I thought, “Hey, why not be comfortable and festive at the same time?”  
So I was an owl.

Macy from To Travel and Beyond and me
Saturday was all about little monsters.  No, not the Lady Gaga kind 😉
Boyfriend and I attended the first birthday party of the daughter of one of his friends, and all of the toddlers were in their Halloween costumes.  It was so unbelievable cute, and I was in Baby Heaven, since I got to hold my friends’ 3 week-old baby for almost an hour (snuggletastic!!!)
The thing that blew my mind about the party was this cake, made by the birthday girl’s grandmother!
And since it was Halloween, Boyfriend and I put a miserable Emmy in a Pikachu costume.
On Sunday, the ladies of Boyfriend’s family attended a brunch, where an Eleanor Roosevelt impersonator talked about the First Lady’s life.  It was pretty fantastic, and I feel as though I learned quite a bit about her life.  Oh, and I now have a new word for a loose woman–“Trifle!”

(P.S. The five of us were far and away the youngest gals there…but we didn’t mind!)
The weekend wrapped up with a birthday dinner for Boyfriend’s father…which happened to be at the same restaurant where we had seen Eleanor Roosevelt a few hours before.  When dinner was over, we headed back to Boyfriends’ parents house, where I took many pictures of their adorable dog Harvey and his best friend, Pizza.
Oh and did I forget to mention that the RAVENS WON????!!!!  Free Dunkin Donuts coffee for everyone!!!
How was your weekend?  How was your Halloween?
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