What’s Hap-Pinning Wednesday

I’m finally taking the opportunity to link-up for What’s Hap-Pinning Wednesday! I’m excited to share some of the pins that I’ve been saving this week, and the reasoning behind each one!


Honestly, we received so many baking things for our wedding, and I have yet to make anything besides pull-apart chocolate chip cookies. So of course, I’m dreaming of other desserts that I can make, including this amazing looking S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake!

Crockpot Soups

Winter seems to be FINALLY coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that I need to give up on warm, yummy soups right? I’m excited to try this Southwest Chili with Beans and Corn:

And this Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup:

Future Birthday Parties

Sure, my little girl isn’t in this world yet, but of course I’m already planning her future birthday parties! How adorable is this tea party idea????

What have you been pinning this week?


March Recap

Time for another monthly recap with Macy and Emelia! Today, I’ll tell you about the exciting events in March!

Gender Reveal

On March 5th, my mom started frantically calling me early in the morning. I had my ringer off and didn’t notice (oops!), until I finally looked at the phone and called her back in a panic. I was sure that something was wrong, but instead she informed me that my doctor had called her with the results of my bloodwork (we had planned this so my mom could surprise us!). Not only was the baby totally healthy, but she knew the gender and asked if we could gather together that night to reveal it!

We made the arrangements and met at my in-laws house for the big reveal (and a spaghetti dinner). My mother-in-law and my mom did a fantastic job putting together an adorable gender reveal party!

When it was time to open the secret box, C and I were thrilled when this balloon popped out!

Telling Our Friends and Family

The following Tuesday, we had an ultrasound to doubly check that everything was healthy with our little girl (and it was!). Then I finally felt free to tell the world about our exciting news!

And some of the responses we received made me cry and laugh (like this one from my cousin):

Finally Some Snow!

Of course the big snow of the year comes in March (sigh, Mother Nature). But it was great because C and I worked from home together for two days and ate some deliciously prepared food in the crockpot! Most important, the pups got to play in the snow, and, well, at least the big one loved it 😉

Celebrating the Bride!

C’s cousin Michelle is getting married next month, and we toasted her at her tropical-themed Bridal Shower. Her family and bridesmaids created such an adorable atmosphere, and everyone had a great time!

Celebrating My Husband!

C’s birthday was the last week of March, so we celebrated his birthday with a few different occasions, including a pizza lunch (with flourless chocolate cake) at his parents’ house.

I got him a set of Moscow Mule mugs, since they seem to be his new favorite drink!

What I Watched

The People vs. OJ Simpson–dang that was a compelling mini-series (although I could have done without the romantic hinting between Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden…unless that really happened?). Seriously, though, Sarah Paulson was AMAZING as Marcia Clark!


This is Us–I blew threw the first season of this show like lightning! Honestly, it might be my new favorite show. Sorry, Game of Thrones, but Randall is just too amazing of a character! I now am soooooo ready for more episodes in the fall and have my concerns about some of the characters, and I really hope everything will turn out okay!


Grey’s Anatomy–Ya know, I’m kind of getting tired of this show. But I’ve stuck to it since the beginning, so I feel like I need to stick with it now…and it’s almost the finale, when all the good stuff happens, so hopefully this season finale won’t disappoint! Oh, and Jackson and April forever!


How was your March?



Happy Monday everyone! Not only is it Monday, but it’s Opening Day for the O’s!! Who’s ready to hear a little about the fun that I had over the weekend?

Friday Night

Friday night, we celebrated C’s birthday at Red Lobster. The first year that C and I celebrated his birthday with his family, we all went to Red Lobster, so it was kind of nice to go back. I have been craving coconut shrimp, and C, well, he was clearly craving everything:


Saturday was the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival at the Timonium Fairgrounds!

No beer or bourbon for me, but I did have a delicious brisket sandwich and some hush puppies. C and our nephew chowed down on some Jar-B-Que:

And then at 4:00, we had tickets for the Founder’s Feast. Just check out this menu!


Early Sunday afternoon, I joined my niece, my mom and some other family members to see Beauty and the Beast again. It’s just as great the second time!

Saturday night (no judging), I watched Wrestlemania at home while C watched at a friend’s house. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last past 10, but I did last long enough to see my favorite Wrestlemania moment EVERRRRRR:


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Five on Friday: 5 Blog Posts that Made My Week

Happy Friday one and all! Y’all know you were ready for this!

My favorite bloggers were just killin’ it this week with posts that were both helpful and fun to read! Here are five of my favorites!

1. “30 Miles in 30 Days” from Love, Fun and Football

I need all the motivation I can get to exercise these days, and regular readers of this blog know that I can’t resist a challenge. Can I get to 30 miles of walking in the next 30 days? I’m sure that I can with Erin’s support!

2. “Vivian Kate/Nursery Reveal” from Davis Duo

I have been anxiously awaiting Owen’s nursery reveal for her precious little girl–and she did not disappoint! All of the delicate touches that she added make Vivian’s nursery so gorgeous. It’s giving me inspiration for my own little girl’s nursery!

3. “Blogger Walls + Insta Photo Challenge” from Soup of the Day

Again, back to challenges and my obsession with them. I often forgot about Instagram, but then some of my bloggers friends like Megan come p with a great Insta Photo Challenge that gets me excited about snapping pictures!

4. “WHW (#86): My Pregnancy Essentials” from Going the Distance

As I get further along in this pregnancy (16 weeks on Sunday!), I love getting advice from other mamas-to-be. Jenn has suggested some awesome items that I am definitely going to use, especially the Hiccapop Wedge once my belly gets too big to sleep comfortably.

5. “12 Things I Didn’t Know About Babies…Until I Had One” from A Healthy Slice of Life

Yup, this has been a very baby-centric Five on Friday, but hey, I’ve got babies on the brain and can’t help it! I loved this post from Brittany, who has two adorable little girls. It’s such an honest post, and I was so happy to see what she said about the importance of learning to swaddle, since I definitely want to learn that before the little girl comes along. And I think she’s totally right about how the holidays will become so much more special once I’m sharing it with this little one.

What are some posts that you’ve loved this week?


Thursday Thoughts: Registries

Happy Thursday! It’s time for another edition of Thursday Thoughts, and today, I’m focusing on wedding and baby registries.

Earlier today, I was reading a post by one of my favorite bloggers, where she mentioned that almost nothing had been purchased from her registry. It made me start thinking about times when I have purchased items from a registry, and times when I haven’t, and I came upon these conclusions.

Wedding vs. Baby Registry

I very rarely buy people things off of their wedding registries, unless they’re really fun. Occasionally, I’ll buy one thing off of the registry and one thing that I’ve thought of myself, because I like my gifts to be memorable and creative. But that’s for WEDDINGS. For babies, I think it’s very different, especially if it’s someone’s first baby. If it’s someone’s first baby, this person really needs all of the things on his/her registry.

Example: if no one got me the pot holders I registered for from my wedding registry, it would have been fine, and I would have figured out another way to take hot pans out of the oven until I purchased them myself. However, if no one gets me the car seat on my registry, I will 100% have to purchase that myself because I can’t bring the baby home from the hospital without it.

Homemade vs. Store-Bought

My mom is an incredibly talented quilter, and two of her good friends make beautifully-knitted sweaters. I know that I would be so appreciative to receive a homemade gift from any of them. If you’re talented enough or know someone talented enough to make a homemade and personal gift, then that’s definitely worth giving over something on a registry.

The Price is Right

Before I got savvy about giving creative gifts, I used to avoid registries because of the price. Experts will always say to make sure there are gifts in a variety of price ranges on your registry because, honestly, if you’re only registered for table settings from Tiffany, there’s no way that you’re getting a full set.

Of course, these are just my opinions, and I’m so grateful of any gift that comes my way. And, obviously, the most amazing gift that my future little girl will receive is the love from all of the friends and family around her.

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Little Red Wagon Day

Happy Little Red Wagon Day everyone!

Do you remember being a kid and riding around in your wagon? Or maybe you’re a mom or dad now who pulls around your own kids in a wagon? Today is one of those days when I start getting REALLY excited about being a mom so that I can introduce some of the favorite toys of my youth.

Corn Popper


Why do kids love this toy so much? I have no idea. But dang, if I didn’t love it. The noise, the motion, the colors…totally used to crack me up.

Big Wheel



Sure, the tricycle will get you where you need to go, but the need for speed is definitely accomplished via big wheel! If they made adult versions, I’d still rather use that than a regular bicycle!

Candy Land


I think we all remember playing this as a kid and wishing that Candy Land were a real place. Although when you’re nearing the Swamp and then get knocked back to the Plum Tree…oooh that anger was REAL!

Chutes and Ladders


Like Candy Land, it’s a game of absolutely no skill, but I’m sure if I played it today, I would still get the same amount of anxiety as when playing a game of Jenga. Still, it was so much fun and a great way to teach kids about counting, too.

What were some of your favorite toys as a kid?



What I Cooked This Week

Happy Wednesday one and all! We’re halfway through the week, and I’m already getting tired, thinking about the busy weekend that I have ahead of me. If you read my post about Spring Goals yesterday, you saw that I’m trying to make a lot of new recipes this spring. Here are a few items that I cooked this past week, thanks to excellent recipes from fellow bloggers:

(Note: I was terrible about taking pictures, so the pics are actually from the bloggers’ own sites. If any of you mind, I’ll happily take them down!)

3 Ingredient Crockpot Beef Tacos from Frugal Foodie Mama


Remember that big ole snowstorm we had last week? Well, since it started on a Tuesday, it just made sense that we have a home version of Taco Tuesday! These tacos turned out to be SO delicious, and they were just the right mix of spicy and warm for our cold winter’s day!

Marinara Meat Sauce from Soup of the Day


Snow Day 2 meant another day of yummy smells coming from the crockpot! We made Megan’s marinara meat sauce on top of farfalle pasta (my personal favorite). Such a cozy way to wrap up my snow days at home!

BBQ Apple Chicken Sandwiches from Mix and Match Mama


There’s nothing I like better than throwing some ingredients in a crockpot before work and then having everything good to go once I get home. On Monday, I knew that I would have a long day at work, followed by a workout with my mom, so I was so thankful for Shay’s recipe for these delicious sandwiches. I’m not gonna lie…I had two (eating for two, am I right?).

What recipes have you been loving lately?


Spring Goals 2017

Happy Tuesday all! Yesterday, I read Erin’s post about her Spring Goals, and I thought that I would share mine as well. This is going to be such a big year for my family, so a little organization will certainly help! Linking up for:

Life According to Steph


Paint the Nursery

Okay, so this isn’t a goal that I will be doing myself, but it is something that will hopefully be done in the next few weeks. My husband has graciously volunteered to paint our nursery a lovely shade of pink, while I go away for the weekend to escape the fumes. Once the walls are painted, I’ll really feel like I can start decorating! #itsnevertooearly

Work Out!

I’m trying to keep the pregnancy weight under control (and stay healthy in general), so I need to find more time to work out. My mom and I have a standing date every Monday to power walk, but I need to add more workout days into the mix. Tonight, for instance, I’m trying prenatal Pilates! Considering I’ve never even done REGULAR Pilates, I’m a little nervous, but I’m told that I’ll love it!

Clean and Organize

We have SO. MUCH. STUFF. Like ungodly amounts of stuff. And while I appreciate a good purge of unused items a few times a year, my husband is the exact opposite and wants to hang on to everything. So, I see a lot of crates, cubbies and organization happening this spring!

Redecorate the Living Room

Sound the trumpets! We’re finally getting rid of our sectional!


Y’all don’t even know–it’s pretty bad. We’re not the first household to own this couch, and it lived through years of my home being a pad for four bachelors before I moved in. My parents have two couches that they’re willing to give us (both in AWESOME condition), so we’re going to pick one and then get a really comfy recliner to go alongside it. But since neither of these couches fits the current color scheme of our living room, it’s time to redecorate! HomeGoods, here I come!

Try New Recipes

I’m slowly branching out when it comes to my cooking skills. My crockpot still holds my heart, and Megan’s 52 Weeks of Crockpot Recipes, including this one for marinara sauce have been fantastic. But I’m always looking for non-crockpot recipes, too, so send ’em my way!

What are some of your goals for the Spring?


Mama Monday: 14 Weeks!

Happy Monday everyone! It’s time for another edition of “Mama Monday!”

Baby Girl is the Size of a…


What’s Going On In There?

This week, Baby Girl is starting to grow hair (although C and I were both bald babies, so I don’t predict there will be much there), and she is starting to make facial expressions!

Any Cravings?

Spicy things always seem appealing! But no HUGE cravings this past week.

Anything Making Me Sick?

Add the smell of cabbage to my no-go list 🙁

How Am I Sleeping?

Still sleeping well! Except the night I went to see Beauty and the Beast…but that’s more because I insisted on seeing it opening night and got home late.

What Do I Miss?

Still coffee. And the luxury of just eating things without feeling like I have to Google them to find out if it’s okay. Sigh.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms?

Pregnancy brain is real, y’all. I went into stores twice over the weekend and got to the register before realizing that I didn’t have my purse.

One of the places I remembered to bring my purse this weekend was Carter’s, where they were having a sale! I bought Baby Girl this adorable top, which her camping fan of a dad loved, and this precious tunic and jeans set.


Thoughts for Thursday: The Bachelor Finale

Happy Thursday one and all! I’m finally making it out of the house today and into the cold, cold winter!


But before I turn into a complete icicle, let’s talk The Bachelor finale (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

So I had a lot to think about following the finale. At first, I was really upset and was sure that Nick made the wrong choice, even though Vanessa was my front-runner at the beginning of the show. But then I stopped and really thought about a few things which made me feel a lot better about his decision and their situation in general:

#1: Editing is Everything

The way that the episode was edited reminded me of when I watched the show Chopped. I can always tell who is getting “chopped” in each round, based on the amount of attention paid to a contestant and how cocky they are about winning. Because the episode of The Bachelor was SO focused on Vanessa’s doubts vs. Raven’s willingness, I was sure that Nick was going to choose Vanessa, even though it seemed like he and Raven were happier together.

We only got to see snippets of each date, and maybe Vanessa cheered up and they had a better time during the portions that the editors left on the cutting room floor? We’ll never know, but I certainly hope so.

#2: Did Vanessa Watch?

Someone on Twitter made a great observation regarding the supposed coldness between Vanessa and Nick on After the Final Rose.


She suggested that perhaps Vanessa had watched the final episode in her dressing room, and if I had seen myself look so gloomy and unsure of my future engagement, I’d be upset, too!

#3: That Proposal, Though


Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but I’ll tell ya, even though I was sad for Raven, I thought that Nick’s proposal to Vanessa was beautiful. When he was finally able to tell her that he loved her, I definitely got teary-eyed.

#4: Faking Me Out?

While I know that the majority of this show is staged, I would like in my Disney Princess-dreaming heart of hearts to believe that the feelings are real. Despite this fact, I did laugh when one of C’s friends saw what I was watching and called The Bachelor “WWE for women.”


Did you watch the finale? What did you think??